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The Trump disaster

By XXJefferson#51, 2015-08-09
This whole Trump thing could be an impending disaster. Just like 1992 and 1996. Trump too like Perot is pig headed and full of himself. Like Perot, he's setting the table for a Clinton. If he doesn't win the GOP nomination, it doesn't matter who wins it, he's going 3rd party as Hillary's stooge. Personally, I will vote Constitution or Libertarian Party if he does somehow win our nomination. The Tea Party, libertarians, and the GOP establishment need to find common ground and pick someone agreeable to all. Then we need to politically destroy trump even though he's a billionaire so that he's to weak to run third party and too damaged by gaffes like debate and post debate to even be considered by more than a 1% fringe. Thursday night was a great start.
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Front Page Wars

By XXJefferson#51, 2015-07-15
The front page is way over emphasized and fought over here on NT. It would almost be better if it didn't exist. Seriously. At the top of the site are all the categories that one can seed an article under from news and politics to art, photography, religion, business, sports, basket weaving, or watching grass grow. If people have an interest in articles on certain things, it doesn't take much effort or intellectual power to click on a topic of interest and read away whatever is seeded there. The format with everything seeded going through the front page and only twenty seeds on the front page is a recipe for argument. Some act as if the front page is all there is on NT and don't bother to look for what they want under the category they want to deal with. Some complain about too much news...
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America, the home of many of us is a great nation. The greatest and most exceptional in Human history and founded against long odds by divine providence. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are inspired and inspiring documents that no one has been able to top. We are a nation blessed by God to be a shining city on a hill, a beacon of light and freedom to the rest of the world. People from every nation on earth have come here to improve their and their families lives, to experience freedom, to worship as they please, to be united as a common people by the rule of law, limited government, personal and economic freedom, our declaration, constitution, and language to be assimilated out of many one. We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. So...
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