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HapPY MotHerS Day, My Lovelies!!!

By:  CB  •  Celebration  •  8 months ago  •  20 comments

HapPY MotHerS Day, My Lovelies!!!


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1  author  CB    8 months ago

Happy Mother's Day, my dear lovelies!

It is you that make our everyday possible.

  We love you all.

Every single one of you. Period!

2  MrFrost    8 months ago

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there. 

Lost my mom 10 years ago, I think about her every day. She was an amazing woman. 

2.1  author  CB  replied to  MrFrost @2    8 months ago

Howdy, Mr. Frost! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and reflections. Feel free to post your favorite song(s) to the mother you loved! My own dear mother is here with me and I love her beyond words!!

3  author  CB    8 months ago

The Intruders

I'll Always Love My Mama

Raven Wing
4  Raven Wing    8 months ago

My Beloved Mother walked on in 2005, and I have held her dearly in my heart, and in my thoughts each day. My Mother was an epitome of Motherhood, and I have tried to make her proud to be my Mother.

For her, and all other Mother's here on NT:


4.1  author  CB  replied to  Raven Wing @4    8 months ago

So stellar lovely!

5  CometRider    8 months ago

5.1  author  CB  replied to  CometRider @5    8 months ago

So preciously wonderful!

5.2  author  CB  replied to  CometRider @5    8 months ago

"I've read this card over and over again."

Image result for image: music notes A sigh of joy!
6  LynneA    8 months ago

Thank you Calbab!  Blessed to spend this weekend with my step-daughter and my granddaughter in Chicago.  Treated like a queen...two plays, dinners out along with love and laughter.

To all the other NT mothers, hoping your day was beautiful...just like all of you are!

6.1  author  CB  replied to  LynneA @6    8 months ago

Such superb outings!

charger 383
7  charger 383    8 months ago

Got up way too early this morning and helped cook Mothers Day breakfast at the Legion.  Mothers ate free and got a flower.

7.1  author  CB  replied to  charger 383 @7    8 months ago

A joyous investment!

Raven Wing
7.2  Raven Wing  replied to  charger 383 @7    8 months ago

Big hugs

Trout Giggles
9  Trout Giggles    8 months ago

Thank-you, Cal.

My mother passed away in 2010, a few short months after my father passed. I miss her a lot.

Mr Giggles bought me a camper and my daughter and son-in-law treated us to dinner. I also got breakfast from Mr. G. Then I napped with my best buddy on Sunday afternoon. It was a good  mother's day weekend

9.1  author  CB  replied to  Trout Giggles @9    8 months ago

How marvelous a day!

You are well-appreciated, my dear TG!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
10  Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 months ago

Thanks Cal! 

Sorry I missed this. So sweet of you to post this for the mom's of NT. 

10.1  author  CB  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @10    8 months ago

Lady Perrie, I was euphoric all day over this space. It is the most transporting of songs shared by PJ above which, for me, became the celebration centerpiece!

Mothers ROCK!

10.1.1  MonsterMash  replied to  CB @10.1    8 months ago

" Then she calls on the phone and the first thing she says is I've read this card over and over again"

My mom passed away in 2003 the day after labor day. Her birthday ( 12 May) was always within a few days of Mothers day.

I'm one of the people that scrippled a note on a last-minute card. I know in my heart I could have done better.

Like the song says she always called me to say " Thank you for the beautiful card, I've read it over and over again"

Those words hit home PJ, thanks for sharing this beautiful song.

10.1.2  author  CB  replied to  MonsterMash @10.1.1    8 months ago

Those words hit home PJ. . . .

Me too, Monstermash! A million titanic times.