Musical Number: "Colonoscopy"


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Musical Number: "Colonoscopy"

Briefly, my wife and I (both nurses) own a small (and very part-time) production company called Too Live Nurse. Our troupe is hired by healthcare organizations for conventions and special events. Our goal is to provide a little humor for our fellow nurses and healthcare professionals.The following YouTube video is a number that we perform during our shows. It's titled, "Colonoscopy". Enjoy!!Grin.gif


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link   Dowser    7 years ago

That was very cute and professionally done! Great job! Smile.gif

Debra Sams (aka Life Traveler)
link   Debra Sams (aka Life Traveler)    7 years ago

I literally screamed out loud with laughter when I watched the video. Thank you for sharing.

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

I'm glad that you enjoyed the video. I do wish that it had the look as if done by a professional! LOL! But it was fun to edit. We had fun that night performing to that student-nurse organization. More importantly, the audience seemed to have fun watching us.

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

Before putting it up here, I haven't watched that particular video since I put it up on Youtube a few years ago. I chuckled when I watched it again. You have to know my friend who sings the song. He LOOKS dapper and would seem to be quite "proper" and straight-laced in character. His sense of humor, though, is crazy-funny! He is also a joy to work with!

Thanks for watching the video. :)

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

Well, that's too bad that you weren't able to hear the sound. I hope it will work for you at a later time. Thank you for taking the time to try to hear it, though.

I didn't know that about Dowser. Reading her posts from NV was the reason that I decided to check out this bulletin board. I will seek her help for sure. I'm a "learn as you go" kind of guy. Sometimes I even read the manual on how to do things! This is especially true for videography! LOL!

Cheers. . .Smile.gif

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it!Grin.gif

Larry Hampton
link   Larry Hampton    7 years ago

Great stuff Edward!

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    7 years ago

And I'm due for one. Plus a scope into my stomach I won't allow them to doboth the same day. Bet you can guess why.

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

Actually, if you receive enough drugs, you probably wouldn't even know that they "did both" if you permitted them to! LOL! midazolam is a WONDERFUL drug! LOL! I'm due for a colonoscopy too. The actual procedure is not anissue, thanks to my good friend midazolam. The prep, though, really, really sucks! 112.gif

Edward Fiebke
link   seeder  Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

Glad you like it! Smile.gif

Split Personality
link   Split Personality    4 months ago

Well done.

Enjoyed bigly

link   Forearry    2 weeks ago
You have done well job and keep it 

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