This Place ROCKS, Dudes and Dudesses!

By:  @community, last year
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Truly … totally rocks!



Did I tell it the way it is or not!

© A. Mac/A.G.

Best View at this Link

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A. Macarthur
link 06/29/16 12:34:15PM @a-macarthur:

Hey yo!, Adrian … it's Rocky …

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Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
link 06/29/16 08:37:49PM @peter-asks-for-no-more-cheetolini-would-like-a-revote:

We actually live about 3 or 4 hours from there. Last visited a couple years ago. Aweosme place.

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link 06/29/16 09:08:04PM @dowser:


Glad to see you!!!

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Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
link 06/29/16 09:28:56PM @peter-asks-for-no-more-cheetolini-would-like-a-revote:

Glad to see you as well!

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link 06/29/16 10:28:31PM @dowser:

You have been missed, dear friend...  Please come back to see us more often!  Big hugs

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link 06/29/16 12:43:45PM @enoch:

Dear Friend A. Mac: Moabites One, Flatlands Zero.


P.S. Ruth was a Moabite Woman.

Give her a Gruss (Say hi for me).



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A. Macarthur
link 06/29/16 12:51:55PM @a-macarthur:


Interesting … the biblical origin … the Native American name origin essentially means "mosquito".

NOTE: We are still in a legal battle over the wind turbines in the Poconos; hopefully it will be resolved and the we can plan the autumn hiking, fishing, photography get together.

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link 06/29/16 01:21:39PM @kavika:

Another beauty, Mac.

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Larry Hampton
link 06/29/16 01:32:08PM @larry-hampton:

So Cool, thanks A Mac!

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Buzz of the Orient
link 06/29/16 02:38:21PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

It would be interesting to know what people see when looking at that rock "sculpture" - sort of a Roasarch (sp?) test.

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A. Macarthur
link 06/29/16 02:44:35PM @a-macarthur:

The term applied for the perception of various ideas and images people may see in a work of art or, in this case, a rock formation, is POLY-REFERENTIAL.

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link 06/29/16 06:37:07PM @dowser:

OH my!  You know how much I love rocks...  This one is fantastic!  Amazing what wind and sand can do...  Your pictures are so good, I feel as if I were there-- and thank you!  (If it is up to me to drive out there, I'll never see it...)

You know, what amazes me, is that there are hard places and softer places in the same rock...  Differential lithology, maybe differences in the interstitial materials...  Truly fascinating!

GREAT picture and thanks!!!

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Nowhere Man
link 06/29/16 07:43:13PM @nowhere-man:

Natures cathedrals are much much more beautiful and testamental than any stone building man can create....

Truly a great creators handiwork there...

Wonderful image brother...

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link 06/29/16 10:37:17PM @pj:

I'm jealous of those tiny little people making their way up to it's awesomeness.  Makes me what to take a "ROAD TRIP".  I probably have that on my mind because of Lady Dowser's recent adventure.  Wonderfully inspiring - thanks Mac!

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