Magic Hour, Magical Place …

By:  a-macarthur  •  9 months ago  •  19 comments

Magic Hour, Magical Place …

Sometimes I will add a few "touches" to a picture that was acceptable to begin with, but which needed just one more thing to nail it!


Grand Canyon Sunset

© A. Mac/A.G.


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A. Macarthur
1  author  A. Macarthur    9 months ago

To a child with a hammer …

… everything looks like a nail … 

… consequently, I hammer with discretion.

A. Macarthur
2  author  A. Macarthur    9 months ago

Not much magic happenin' yet.

A. Macarthur
3  author  A. Macarthur    9 months ago

Thanks for the music, Buzz!

Buzz of the Orient
4  Buzz of the Orient    9 months ago

You want magic?  Here's magic.  I took this photo, and did a little editing.

Feb 3 4.jpg

Buzz of the Orient
4.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4    9 months ago

Actually that was fun. I think I'll do more of those, maybe an article about it.

Did you want to see the original photo?

4.1.1  nightwalker  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.1    9 months ago

How do you take a picture like THAT, hanging upside down by one foot from a tree while someone spins you around  and use a really long shutter speed?

I've heard of people suffering for their art, but never anybody vomiting for a picture.

A. Macarthur
4.1.2  author  A. Macarthur  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.1    9 months ago

Yes, let's see it!

Buzz of the Orient
4.1.3  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  nightwalker @4.1.1    9 months ago

Read my lips. It was the EDITING of the picture that was taken that made it look like that. 

Although here is a picture I took of the ceiling of a pagoda that was NOT edited, and I was not hanging upside down or vomiting at the time.

ceiling 1.jpg

and here is another unedited pagoda ceiling...

ceiling 2.jpg

And here is an unedited photo I took inside a cave...


No suffering required to take those photos.

Buzz of the Orient
4.1.4  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  A. Macarthur @4.1.2    9 months ago

Here is the original photo that I edited to come up with that creation.

Feb 3 4.jpg

4.1.5  igknorantzrulz  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.1.4    9 months ago

Are they the caldrons you brewed the magical mushroom tea in ?

4.1.6  nightwalker  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.1.3    9 months ago

Good pics. I wonder how long it takes to design much less gather the materials and build a pagoda ceiling? Any clues.

4.1.7  nightwalker  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.1.3    9 months ago

J/k, Buzz. A friend of mine did something similar, by making a cradle of shoe strings (with a dense board on the back of the camera to stablelize  the spin,) wind it up in the cradle, set the shutter speed and focus, and a automatic shutter that let it click through the whole roll of film if it spun that long and he'd stack up flat-ish colorful objects on the ground.

His pictures looked sorta like that one, though not in the same league.

He did that same thing for three years, couldn't get it just right, gave it all up and sold his camera. They didn't have the editing software then they have now.

Buzz of the Orient
4.1.8  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  nightwalker @4.1.6    9 months ago

I have no idea.

5  Kavika     9 months ago

Great photo Mac. 

Buzz your photo is interesting to say the least.

5.1  igknorantzrulz  replied to  Kavika @5    9 months ago

Macs floating, what is it, a Hawk silhouette, to me, makes it not just another photo.


Buzz's "photo", looks like something I tripped over, while basically, taking acid  

A. Macarthur
5.1.1  author  A. Macarthur  replied to  igknorantzrulz @5.1    9 months ago

The silhouette is that of an Eagle. (Might be Nick Foles).

6  Spikegary    9 months ago

Nice photo up top A. Mac.  Buzz:  Interesting editing into a cyclone of colors.....looks like something straight outof the 60s.

Sorry I'm late to the party, just got back from a trip to Northern New Hampshire-snowmobiling, of course.......I discovered I need a GoPro for my helmet.  The kind of beauty I saw up there was worthy of sharing-snowed every day and was out on Virgin Trail (that I took great pleasure in deflowering as the lead rider a few times).  The problem is, we were busy riding, leaving little time to take photos........


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