Who Do You Like In The Baseball Playoffs?

By:  johnrussell  •  2 years ago  •  11 comments

Who Do You Like In The Baseball Playoffs?


Major League Baseball playoffs continue Friday with the final four of the LCS.  Winners to go to the World Series.

In the American League the Houston Astros are a slight favorite to defeat the Boston Red Sox.

In the National League the Los Angeles Dodgers are a slight favorite  to beat the upstart Milwaukee Brewers. 

Going by the bookmaker odds, it seems that anyone of the four teams is capable of winning it all.

Here are the latest betting lines:

  • Houston Astros: 2/1

  • Boston Red Sox: 9/4

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 3/1

  • Milwaukee Brewers: 4/1


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1  author  JohnRussell    2 years ago

I am going for Milwaukee. They have an exciting young team. Give the small markets some love. 

1.1  MUVA  replied to  JohnRussell @1    2 years ago

My cousin played for the Brewers I will back them too.

Sparty On
1.2  Sparty On  replied to  JohnRussell @1    2 years ago

Yep they are easy to root for but i'm afraid it may be a bridge too far ..... that said, i'll pulling for them.

Buzz of the Orient
2  Buzz of the Orient    2 years ago

The ones I would back are the Blue Jays , the Cubs or the Cleveland Indians. My son lives in Milwaukee, and although I know he continues to be a Maple Leafs hockey fan, I don't know if he's disowned the Blue Jays and now roots for the Brewers, but if he does, since they're in the running I'll go along with John.

It Is ME
3  It Is ME    2 years ago


4  luther28    2 years ago

Going to be tough for them but have to hang with the Red Sox, it's kind of a genetic thing for me :)

The People's Fish
5  The People's Fish    2 years ago

I hate the playoffs......

In the sixth grade I played on a team that went to the State championship game. It was the 9th inning with 2 outs and yes I struck out and we lost. I moved on to different sports after that. 

Years later my own mother told my wife it was hard to watch me play baseball because i wasn't very good at it.


Sparty On
6  Sparty On    2 years ago

Astros because my boy JV pitches for them now.

I predict a Astros - Dodgers WS and Astros in six.

Sean Treacy
7  Sean Treacy    2 years ago

Go Brew Crew. 

8  TᵢG    2 years ago

Astros are an outstanding and exciting team.  Love to watch them play.   Ideally I would like to see the Astros vs. Brewers in the world series.   Astros are recent superstars and the Brewers are currently hot and hungry.

Robert in Ohio
9  Robert in Ohio    2 years ago

I a huge Milwaukee fan so that is what my heart scream out, but my mind tells me that Houston is the best team 9pitching and hitting combined) and the Red Sox have the ability to score runs like crazy so if there pitching holds up …...

I am going to root for the Brewers and avoid placing any significant bets

Go Brewers!  



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