Is it wrong to make fun of a "sitting" president, but, OK, for a standing one?

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Is it wrong to make fun of a "sitting" president, but, OK, for a standing one?
"Stop making fun of me. It hurts my golf game!" - Donald J. Trump

As the newly, self-appointed, "Arbitrator of Good Taste on Social Media", here, at Eat The Press - Do Not Read It, our readers want to know what you think.

We don't, but, they do.

So, please, take our short meaningless, SENSELESS SURVEY, right now, Brothers & Sistas of the Corn Hole Degeneration, while you are upset, hot, lathered. That is when raw emotions take over and we get the best responses. Of course, everything we do here is PRIVATE, so, private, even we do not know what is going on.

Go on, now, you know you want to do it. Let your hair down, let it rip, vent, rail, let it all out, except, you know, the barn door thing. It is good for the soul, even for Republicans, who don't have one.


1. Do you believe that it is "OK" to make fun of President Trump, a "sitting president", but, not a standing one?

2. Do you think that Congress should pass a law prohibiting anyone from "Making Fun of our POTUS, but, not the POS in the WH?

3. Do you subscribe to the concept that making fun of the Commander-In-Chief would interfere with his limited ability to concentrate?

4. What do you think would be going too far in satirizing a "sitting president"?

Please, place your answers in a "hermetically sealed Mason Jar", and, send, pre-paid to Eat The Press - Do Not Wipe Your Bun With It, Mildew, Ohio, "Where There Are No Jobs - Not Even Blow Jobs".

Remember to include $25 in cash. No checks, credit cards, etc, we don't cotton to no "Socialism", in any "veiled" form.

Or, you could post your "snarky comments", here, FREE, for all to see, including the authorities.

                                                        Thanking you, in Advance!
                                                        Jonathan Livingston Pigeon-Poo, "Doctored"

                (If you don't think I am "Doctored", just look in my Medicine Cabinet. Only, one dollar per peek).


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Eat The Press Do Not Read It
1  author  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    3 days ago

I, personally, think that this so-called "Article" is a piece of trash! The author should be "horsewhipped" for flagrantly "DISRESPECTING" OUR "illegally" installed POTUS. 

Trump was appointed by GOD, not the voters!  - Pat Robertson, or, someone using that name

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
2  author  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 days ago

I know that today is the Dumpster's birthday, so many conscientious objectors, are not posting anything about the POS in the WH, but, I have a question.

How does one communicate directly to Perrie Halpern, R.A.  I have two "LOCKED" articles that my Legion of Fans are clamoring to read, but, cannot because of a minor infraction that I may have committed inadvertently.

Is there a Court of Appeals when someone your "piece" is unacceptable.  I have been able to edit both, put, the "bad seed" that I am, has also got Me METAFIED. That is a "first draft" that I saved by publishing, because, I can figure out how to save in on site, without losing it.

I would appreciate any help that anyone on this planet might provide me. After all, I am a dithering old senior on his last leg and may go at any moment. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
3  author  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    16 hours ago

Wow, I just can't believe so many of you commented on this post on Trump's Birthday, June 14, 2019, then, recanted and deleted them due to their pledge to remain silent on that Soiled Day.

Well, Trump's Birthday is over. What did you do to celebrate His High Azz's B/day? I spent the day reading my Favorite magazine ads, "Ex-soldier looking for high paying assignments".

Those ads are filled with so many promising concepts, that by Night Fall, and I calmed down, rested and ready to turn in for the Night.

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
4  author  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    16 hours ago

It isn't that I HATE Trump. I just don't think that we should elevate known criminals, child sex-predators, cheaters and liars to the highest office in the land. They should stay in Congress.

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
5  author  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    16 hours ago

Just because your teeth decayed doesn't mean your mind should, too.


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