People Are So Bored During Quarantine That They're Building Cardboard Tanks For Their Cats (30 Pics)


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By:   Bored Panda

People Are So Bored During Quarantine That They're Building Cardboard Tanks For Their Cats (30 Pics)
We're seeing some cat owners pass the time during the quarantine by building cardboard tanks for their adorable cats. Some of these are incredibly detailed and show a lot of love for crafting!

Peoples' pets be like "WHEN THE FECK ARE YOU GOING BACK TO WORK !"

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JGrinevicius__30.jpg5b890690a6e9f__30.jpg Jonas Grineviius and
Mindaugas Baliauskas

One thing that the coronavirus has shown us for sure is that there are lots of creative people out there who just needed some free time (and a bit of boredom) to get their hands dirty doing some DIY projects.

We're seeing some cat owners pass the time during the quarantine by building cardboard tanks for their adorable cats. Some of these are incredibly detailed and show a lot of love for crafting! To brighten up your day and inspire you for some DIY projects, Bored Panda has collected the very best cat tank pics. Scroll down, enjoy, and don't forget to upvote your fave photos.

Bored Panda spoke with two people who built cardboard tanks for their cats: Garry Stevenson who owns Mittens and Anna B., the owner of Topsy and Turvy. Scroll down for both interviews.

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Lieutenants catto reporting for duty! Target acquired! Proceed!

instacats_and_co Report

default-user-profile-image.png POST54a19cb1f3fac__30.jpg MagicalUnicornMagicalUnicorn Community Member • pointspostscommentsupvotesFollowUnfollow16 hours ago

that's damn impressive construction

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luciiilfer Report

default-user-profile-image.png POST56eccea039239__30.jpg David WongDavid Wong Community Member • pointspostscommentsupvotesFollowUnfollow13 hours ago

Please Make it fits for two kitties.

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Took me all afternoon but I regret nothing!

huh_wat_huh Report

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This is a Purrrrrrrrrrfect design for my plan to rule the internet

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"Someone in my Facebook newsfeed had shared a picture of a cat in a tank a while back," Garry revealed. The idea had been stuck in his head for a while and he was planning to build a tank for his cat once he had the time. It took him around 3 hours to craft "at a leisurely pace" and Garry pointed out that his cat loves boxes and cardboard.

Garry told us that his cat is a 2-year-old female named Mittens. "She is mostly calm and collected, apart from when we all go to bed, then she runs about the house like a maniac," he told Bored Panda. "She also takes a toy to the top of the stairs around 1 AM every night and howls which is both annoying and cute."

We also wanted to know how the quarantine has affected Garry and his family. "I work from home anyway as a graphic designer, my wife is a carer with a Scottish charity, so it's business as usual for us. We do have two kids around all day every day, but they're pretty good at amusing themselves and can video chat with their friends. Overall, we can't complain, others aren't so lucky."



We built our cat a tank out of leftover cardboard. Report

default-user-profile-image.png POST8862c1e9e-png__30.jpg MsMMsM Community Member • pointspostscommentsupvotesFollowUnfollow14 hours ago

This guy has that LOOK. You know the one. When they attack your feet in a minute.

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I've reached the "built a tank for the cat" stage of quarantine.




jrDiscussion - desc
pat wilson
Professor Guide
1  seeder  pat wilson    2 years ago

Here's one kitty that HAS HAD ENOUGH ! lol


Raven Wing
Professor Expert
1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  pat wilson @1    2 years ago

OMG......those 'tanks' are really the cat's meow! That is some imagination in there! jrSmiley_86_smiley_image.gif

And that kitty has had it with the fake fist how it jumps on the couch and bats away at the head of the perp!jrSmiley_10_smiley_image.gif

My gawd that dis too laugh I've had in days.

Thanks Pat!! jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

Professor Participates
1.2  Freefaller  replied to  pat wilson @1    2 years ago

LMAO love it

Sophomore Guide
2  Thomas    2 years ago

Thank You for the laughs!

pat wilson
Professor Guide
2.1  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  Thomas @2    2 years ago

You're very welcome.

Sophomore Guide
2.1.1  Thomas  replied to  pat wilson @2.1    2 years ago

Some of the cats in the pictures looked like they were slightly annoyed at being made to pose... and I love how that cat in the gif is just tagging on that girl, "Oh yeah?! Watch this!"

pat wilson
Professor Guide
2.1.2  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  Thomas @2.1.1    2 years ago

That cat was done with her ! lol

Professor Expert
3  Kathleen    2 years ago

That cats is paw batting at her... lol

The tanks are great!

pat wilson
Professor Guide
3.1  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  Kathleen @3    2 years ago
That cats is paw batting at her

Cracks me up 1

Raven Wing
Professor Expert
3.1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  pat wilson @3.1    2 years ago

Watching that cat batting away in rapid fire on that girls head had me rolling. I could just hear it saying "Hey! How do you like that! Huh?" (bat bat bat bat bat bat) jrSmiley_10_smiley_image.gif

Professor Expert
3.2  Kathleen  replied to  Kathleen @3    2 years ago

Let me take that 'is' out of there,,, it as late at night.. lol

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
4  Buzz of the Orient    2 years ago

Fantastic - very creative and obviously good to prevent boredom among the felines.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
Professor Principal
5  Perrie Halpern R.A.    2 years ago

OMG that is too funny...

And some of these cats look like they are in for the deal.... all stealth-like. 

Professor Principal
6  Kavika     2 years ago

LOL, good one my laugh for the day.

Professor Principal
7  sandy-2021492    2 years ago

These are hilarious!  And the cats look happy in their new cubbyholes.

pat wilson
Professor Guide
7.1  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  sandy-2021492 @7    2 years ago

Cats love boxes, almost more than tuna.

Professor Principal
7.1.1  sandy-2021492  replied to  pat wilson @7.1    2 years ago

Heaven for a cat would probably be a never-ending supply of tuna, and a box to hide in while eating it.  Some catnip and an ear scratch now and then.

pat wilson
Professor Guide
7.1.2  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  sandy-2021492 @7.1.1    2 years ago

yep, lol

Professor Principal
7.1.3  devangelical  replied to  pat wilson @7.1    2 years ago

my little sister adopted a stray kitten, scooter, that became attached to a shoe box. eventually he grew larger and blew out a corner or two, so she tossed it. the cat was very vocal about his missing box. she ended up digging it out of the trash and repairing it with tape. after a few years the exterior of the box was basically duct tape and the cat was huge. watching scooter get into his box for a nap was very entertaining, as it defied mass versus space. once he was in, it looked like a box of fur. cat nap - tail out of box moving, deep sleep - tail in box with cat. it was very possessive of that box and got combative when the other cats tried to use it. she had that box scooter's entire life and the used it to keep the other cats toys in.

Raven Wing
Professor Expert
7.1.4  Raven Wing  replied to  pat wilson @7.1    2 years ago
almost more than tuna.

I was totally surprised to find out that my Yoda Girl does not like Tuna. Bur, she does like the smell of lemon that I put on my Tuna. She reacts to the smell of lemon, and bleach, the same as many cats do catnip, which she does not like either. She rolls around on the floor, acting like she is high on something. Weird......jrSmiley_74_smiley_image.gif

pat wilson
Professor Guide
7.1.5  seeder  pat wilson  replied to  Raven Wing @7.1.4    2 years ago

My daughter's cat is the same with bleach. Weird.

Professor Expert
8  Tacos!    2 years ago

So cute. We’re totally going to do this.

Professor Participates
8.1  Freefaller  replied to  Tacos! @8    2 years ago

Lol post a pic when you do

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
10  Trout Giggles    2 years ago

My son-in-law built a truck out of cardboard boxes for my daughter's cat. Zelda loved it...then she chewed it up.

These are great, Pat! Thanks for the cute photos

Junior Silent
11  zuksam    2 years ago

I guess we're going to be facing Tape shortages soon.

Professor Principal
11.1  sandy-2021492  replied to  zuksam @11    2 years ago

I saw that one person used toilet paper as wheels on their tank.  What riches!


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