Ohio governor calls for state GOP house speaker to resign following bribery charges


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By:   Tim O'Donnell, The Week

Ohio governor calls for state GOP house speaker to resign following bribery charges

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The Week

Ohio governor calls for state GOP house speaker to resign following bribery charges

Tim O'Donnell

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There   have been rumors   that Ohio's House Speaker Larry Householder was planning a GOP primary challenge against the state's Republican Gov. Mike DeWine in 2022. But on Tuesday, DeWine was calling for Householder's resignation after he was arrested amid a major bribery scandal.

Because of the nature of these charges, it will be impossible for Speaker Householder to effectively lead the Ohio House of Representatives; therefore, I am calling on Speaker Householder to resign immediately. This is a sad day for Ohio.

— Governor Mike DeWine (@GovMikeDeWine)   July 21, 2020

Householder was one of five men, including former Ohio Republican Party chair Matthew Borges, who was charged following a $60 million racketeering and bribery investigation Tuesday.   Per   The Cincinnati Enquirer , which broke the story, prosecutors described the scandal as one of the largest public corruption cases in Ohio history, and the investigation reportedly isn't over yet.

The speaker, who   is considered   one of the more ambitious politicians in the state, has been accused of creating an enterprise, Generation Now (which was charged in the case as a corporation), to collect money for him and others involved in the conspiracy to advocate for the bailout of nuclear plants,   the   Enquirer   reports . "This was bribery, plain and simple," said U.S. Attorney David DeVillers. "This was a quid pro quo. This was pay to play." Read more at   The Cincinnati Enquirer .


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1  seeder  Tessylo    2 weeks ago

What gop/republican ISN'T corrupt?

1.1  FLYNAVY1  replied to  Tessylo @1    2 weeks ago

It's on both sides of the aisles Tessy...... We need to get money out of politics.

1.1.1  seeder  Tessylo  replied to  FLYNAVY1 @1.1    2 weeks ago

All this corruption I'm seeing for a while now has been largely on the 'right' 

Robert in Ohio
2  Robert in Ohio    2 weeks ago

There were many, many people in Ohio who opined that someone (or multiple someones) in Columbus was getting rich when the company which the nuclear power plants in Ohio was bailed out with tax payer money, but they were shouted down by those opposed to coal fired energy plants and many other groups. 

Now we know who was getting paid, I guess

It will be interesting to see the entire trail of where the money came from

3  freepress    2 weeks ago

Corruption that is far reaching that has gerrymandered Ohio into falsely being a "red" state. When the truth is that Republicans work hard to suppress votes and have done since Rove and both Bush elections in Ohio.

Greg Jones
3.1  Greg Jones  replied to  freepress @3    2 weeks ago

Got proof?


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