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 Lets Go Brandon Wackiness

My niece and her husband went to play trivia at the local Catholic church parish center last night. It is a fundraiser for the grammar school. I think they have teams of 4 people each, they play trivia for a few hours, and in the end the winning team wins a couple hundred bucks or something like that, and the rest of the proceeds goes to the school. 

So my niece , her husband, and another couple made up their team and they went into the hall and were asked the name of their team, and they said our team name is "Lets Go Brandon". So while everyone was standing around waiting to start, another team came in and said their name was "Lets Go Brandon" . The people running the thing said that since the other team was a regular participant in  these things and my niece and her husband were playing for the first time, the name Lets Go Brandon would go to the regulars.  Then I guess an argument broke out about who should get to use Lets Go Brandon as their name. After heated words back and forth it was decided that one would be lets Go Brandon and the other would be Lets Go Brandon Again. 

A little later the parish priest, the pastor, came into the hall to mingle with the crowd and join the party. However, when he saw the Lets Go Brandon names on the scoreboard he came over to my nieces table and told them that he didnt appreciate such behavior as disrespecting the president occurring on Church property, and that the parish did not condone it. 

My niece claims her pastor was drunk as they had seen him drinking a couple glasses of wine. Anyway, she says her husband told the other couple that was with them that if his wife wasnt present he would have taken the pastor who objected to Lets Go Brandon out to the alley and beat his ass. 

Aren't Trumpsters wonderful ? 


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Fun and games in Trumpland. 

Everything Trumpism touches turns idiotic. 

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So  Biden must wear a let’s go Brandon shirt…

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Seems you missed the news. Joe is a pedophile of the incestuous variety.

He must wear a shirt, hat, pants, and have specially made banners.

Thank you for walking into that one. The left never stops amazing me with their complete disregard for reality.

"Let's go Brandon" is an even more fitting than ever before in regards to Biden.

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4  Buzz of the Orient    6 months ago

Seems to me America has become the land of the slogans.  Too bad it isn't also the land of the slow guns.

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We all can't be China.

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When it comes to guns, being like Canada would be good enough.  In a few minutes I will be posting an article about gun violence in America.


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