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Florida man charged with driving van into GOP voter tent said he dislikes Trump and had to 'take a stand,' police say

Florida man charged with driving van into GOP voter tent said he dislikes Trump and had to 'take a stand,' police say

Via: KDMichigan  •  30 comments  •  3 hours ago
A Jacksonville, Florida, man jailed after allegedly crashing a minivan through a tent of Republican volunteers in a Walmart parking lot told investigators he does not like President Donald Trump and felt "someone had to take a stand," according to his arrest report.  Gregory William Loel Timm, 27,  was jailed on $500,000 bail on two counts of aggravated assault on a person 65 years old or...
Feb 16 11:51am @2.3 "..." It doesn't fit the left-wing media's propaganda that "Trumpsters" are the violent ones, so they all basically ignored it.
Feb 16 11:50am @1.2.1 "..." In the first days after this story broke, only one of the 3 major TV stations - ABC, CBS, NBC - which are all left-wing, gave it a whopping 25 seconds of attention. The other two gave it...
Vote For Bloomberg! This Article Was Definitely Not Paid For By Mike Bloomberg (He’s The Best)

Vote For Bloomberg! This Article Was Definitely Not Paid For By Mike Bloomberg (He’s The Best)

Via: KDMichigan  •  12 comments  •  yesterday
We are proud to announce that we are placing all of our support behind Mike Bloomberg for president in the 2020 election. He’s the only candidate that can save our country and look cool while doing it! Sure, he’ll hand out pallets of cash to anyone that so much as looks in his general direction, but we’re not influenced by that. We respect a man of his stature and frankly, all the other...
Feb 15 3:06pm @3 "..."
AOC lowers expectations on Medicare for All, admitting Sanders 'can't wave a magic wand' to pass it

AOC lowers expectations on Medicare for All, admitting Sanders 'can't wave a magic wand' to pass it

Via: It Is ME  •  21 comments  •  yesterday
Her "Foot-in-mouth" disease is funny to see/hear. “FYI, I speak for myself as a member of Congress- if I were speaking on behalf of a campaign, I’d say so!” And here I thought she was out Stumping " FOR ", "FOR", "FOR"   Bernie all this time ! Maybe NOT ? Bernie must be disappointed ? Vote Bernie, for at least Trying a "Fools Errand" (See AOC comments) !
Feb 15 2:40pm @6.3 "..." "..." Since you said that "Trump didn't get that memo", I look forward to reading your detailed list of the legislation Trump passed.  
Feb 15 2:04pm @3.1.2
Feb 15 12:33pm @7 “A president can’t wave a magic wand and pass any legislation they want,” Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told HuffPost this week. AOC,who graduated from BU "with honors", still doesn't understand the...
Feb 15 12:15pm @3.1
Feb 15 11:33am @4 "..." The bartender is laying the foundation for a presidential run ... when she's old enough!
Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

Via: Tessylo  •  73 comments  •  yesterday
Politics Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York By Kyle Cheney Politico February 13, 2020, 3:52 PM EST President Donald Trump appeared Thursday to link his administration's policies toward New York to a demand that the state drop investigations and lawsuits related to his administration...
Feb 14 10:50am @7 "..." Good grief ... chuckleheads have such an obsession over quid quo pro/Trump and don't realize that many US presidents and congresspeople have used the same tactic!...
Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student's 'last few dollars' for her campaign

Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student's 'last few dollars' for her campaign

Via: KDMichigan  •  106 comments  •  2 days ago
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is facing backlash over a story she told where she said she accepted a campaign contribution from a college student who only had "$6" in her bank account. Appearing on MSNBC following her devastating fourth-place primary finish in her neighboring state of New Hampshire on Tuesday, she was asked about whether she was confident that there would be "some kind of...
Feb 13 4:45pm @7 Liz Warren, I'm just like you, in 2019 ... "..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiSg7og4Cy8 But, she brags about taking 1/2 of a college student's "savings" in 2020? 
Feb 13 3:44pm @6 "..." Inquiring minds want to know -- How much does Lizzie charge her supporters for the "honor" of being able to take a selfie with her?
21 Best Valentine's Day Movies Ever: From Classics To Rom Coms

21 Best Valentine's Day Movies Ever: From Classics To Rom Coms

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  9 comments  •  4 days ago
Brought to you by the Everyone Loves Movies - Classic to Current group.
Feb 12 4:27pm @1.1 "..." You opened a floodgate for me. There are so many wonderful romance movies. "Lady and the Tramp" "Roman Holiday" "Bonnie and Clyde" "Splendor in the Grass" "Gone with the Wind" "It...
Feb 12 9:31am @2 "Dr. Zhivago" "West Side Story" "Wuthering Heights" "The Shop around the Corner" "Brief Encounter" "Now, Voyager" "All This, and Heaven Too"
Transforming America

Transforming America

By: Vic Eldred  •  70 comments  •  6 days ago  •  LOCKED
Progressives still fight every day to stir the nation to the left, be it through activist judges who have tried to obstruct the President or the leftist media which has led the resistance. Most egregious of all has been the actions of the democrat controlled House of Representatives. While trying to impeach the President the more radical members, who basically run the House, have been...
Feb 09 4:25pm @5.1.1 "..." That's been one of the typical ploys used by the Left. The other is "undocumented immigrant". In this bill, however, they came closer to the truth by using "alien", although it still omits...
Feb 07 1:40pm @9.1.1 "..." Hey, it's not easy to multiply 100 x 100, even with that new thingie called a "calculator"! 
Feb 07 11:59am @7.2 "..." I've commented on the topic. But, I also made a couple of off-topic comments in response to someone, and I apologize for taking the bait. Please read comment 6.1.6 .
Feb 07 11:26am @6.1.6 So far you've diverted to Trump, WH press briefings, and Greta Thunberg when the topic is H.R.5383 - New Way Forward Act. I shall now stop playing your "off-topic" game. Have a good weekend.
Feb 07 10:58am @6.1.4 I'll never forget his 2012 debate with Obama when Obama ridiculed Romney's comment about Russia being a geopolitical threat. Even Slate, CNN, and The New Republic agreed that Romney was correct and...
Feb 07 10:43am @6.2.4 There's no rule or law stating that WH press conferences must be held. But, maybe you haven't noticed that Trump answers press questions on the grounds of the WH very often. "..." Nah, I'm very...
Feb 07 10:39am @6.1.2 "..." Give me a documented example showing that he did.
Feb 07 10:35am @6.2.1 "..." What tradition did Trump throw out? That he didn't invite an illegal alien to his SOTU like Obama did?
Feb 07 10:32am @6.1 She and her pals still don't understand that Trump never throws the first punch, but when somebody punches him - in this case, the Democrats - he'll definitely punch back. When Romney punched this...
Feb 07 10:27am @5 "..." H.R.5383 is sponsored by anti-American Rep. Jesus Garcia (D-IL). Here's a list of his anti-American co-sponsors:...
The Complete John Grisham Book List

The Complete John Grisham Book List

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  19 comments  •  one week ago
Feb 09 2:41pm @4 I've greatly enjoyed the Grisham books that I've read. They're the first six novels that you listed.
The Biden Reality Check

The Biden Reality Check

By: Vic Eldred  •  23 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
I'm sure many have forgotten when I said that Joe Biden wouldn't last long as the front runner in the democratic presidential race. The national polls kept showing that he was out in front at all times. Even the democrats in the House who used their unique brand of progressive reasoning, surmised that the President was trying to dig up dirt on what was obviously his chief rival (as they...
Feb 08 2:47pm @2.1.6 "..." Biden never served in the military. He had student deferments, just like Clinton had. He also had medical deferments, just like Trump had. Biden played sports in high school, college, and...
Feb 08 1:59pm @4.1 "..." I still want to know why he went home to DE and left Jill to fend for herself in NH before a mega-crowd of around  20 people this week!
Feb 08 1:16pm @2.1.4 "..." There are very real differences between a draft dodger and someone who gets a military deferment. Clinton and Trump had military deferments; therefore, neither were "draft dodgers".
Feb 08 1:01pm @1.3 "..." Biden can't help himself. He forced the audience to give Mr. Vindman, who is known as insubordinate and a leaker, a standing ovation. He also said that killing Soleimani, an Islamic...
Feb 08 12:56pm @2.1.2 "..." If Trump is, as you claim, a "draft dodger", so is Bill Clinton.


By: JohnRussell  •  258 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
With tears in his eyes, Mitt Romney announced moments ago that he will vote to convict President Trump of Abuse Of Power.  It is the first time in history a senator has voted to convict an impeached president of his own party.  In effect, Romney implied the evidence was overwhelming. 
Feb 06 4:58pm @2.2.4 "..." They also repeatedly said that there were 17 witnesses when there are 18. Schiff still hasn't released the basement testimony of his 18th witness, Michael Atkinson....
Feb 06 4:48pm @2.1.23 "..." It was around 10 years ago that many on the left including left wing media called Romney's religion (Mormonism) a  "polygamist cult" and insisted that he wore "magic underwear". They also...
Feb 05 3:41pm @5.1.7 "..." I deliberately gave you another option in comment 5.1.3  but you ignored it. Oh, well!
Feb 05 3:27pm @5.1.3 "..." Why? Is he running for an elected office? Or, better yet, does he hold an elected or appointed office?
Feb 05 3:22pm @2.1.7 "..." He was also a misogynist and dog abuser. Oh, and don't forget how they mocked his religion and "magic underwear".  "..." Of course. Hypocrites.
Nancy Pelosi should resign

Nancy Pelosi should resign

Via: JohnRussell  •  149 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Nancy Pelosi should resign The House has its share of infamies, great and small, real and symbolic, and has been the scene of personal infamies from brawls to canings. But the conduct of Speaker  Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union address this week will go down as a day of infamy for the chamber as an institution. It has long been a tradition for House...
Feb 06 2:52pm @2.2.13 "..." It's clear that we have different standards for "brilliant", so we shall have to agree to disagree.
Feb 06 1:51pm @2.2.11 "..." You'll have to ask the person who posted comment 2, because I was replying to his comment. 
Feb 06 12:27pm @2.2.5 "..." Thanks for offering a cyber bet, but I'll pass. Whoever they choose to vote for in November is their business, not mine. 
Feb 06 12:13pm @2.2.3 Pelosi's petty, childish behavior at the 2020 SOTU address was a national embarrassment and disgrace:  facial/mouth grimaces, smirking, not acknowledging/applauding for honored guests, and ending...
Feb 06 10:46am @2.2 "..." You can say it all you want, but it won't change the documented facts that neither man voted for Trump. 
Not Guilty!

Not Guilty!

By: Vic Eldred  •  128 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
"Back in June, Speaker Pelosi promised the House would build an ironclad case. Never mind that she was basically promising impeachment months, months before the Ukraine events, but that’s a separate matter. She promised an ironclad case. And in March, Speaker Pelosi said this: 'Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and...
Feb 05 5:46pm @5.5.4 "..." But ... but ... Mueller Report! RUSSIA! Collusion! Bribery! Whistleblower! Quid pro quo!  "Ample evidence in plain sight"! Ukraine! (Did I omit any of Schiff's fantasies of "high crimes...
Feb 05 5:22pm @9 "..." "..." https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/what-s-the-difference-between-acquittal-guilty-verdict.html
Feb 05 5:18pm @8 "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." vindicate https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/acquit
Feb 05 5:11pm @5.6 "..." The Senate did its constitutional duty by trying the "impeachment" case based upon the "evidence" provided by the House. Period. End of story.  If anything, the Left should be pissed off...
A Memorable State of the Union Address

A Memorable State of the Union Address

By: Vic Eldred  •  266 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Last night President Donald Trump delivered a memorable State of the Union Address. Truly one of the best Iv'e heard. In highlighting his first term achievements and moving on to second term priorities, I heard the President reach out beyond his base of support.The first portion of his speech dealt with the prosperous economy, correctly pointed out that the unemployment rate was the lowest...
Feb 05 3:47pm @9.3.5 Oh, so your TV and WaPo speak for you? In comment 9.3 , I asked YOU to support your claims - not your TV or WaPo, remember? If not ... "..." I welcome your list that holds facts, sources, and...
Feb 05 3:36pm @3.2.2 "..." Schumer's yammering right now on the Senate floor about RUSSIA!! ... collusion!! ... "proven" quid pro quo!! ... blackmailing a foreign country!!  He's definitely off his meds.
Feb 05 2:53pm @1.3.7 Glad to see this article back up. 
Feb 05 12:09pm @9.3 "..." Pelosi has touted herself as a devout Roman Catholic who doesn't hate anyone and claimed that she prays for the POTUS every day. Were her facial expressions and behavior last night that of...
Look how this sonofabitch disrespects the national anthem

Look how this sonofabitch disrespects the national anthem

Via: JohnRussell  •  216 comments  •  one week ago
Feb 04 6:58pm @13.3.26 Correct, Buzz. The videos show them smiling and standing with their hands at their sides.
Feb 04 5:50pm @13.3.22 Did you know that at several of their inaugural events/balls, JFK and Jackie didn't place their right hands over their hearts while the national anthem was played? Videos proving this fact are...
Feb 04 5:06pm @13.3.20 "..." So, you believe a blurry video taken by an anonymous "Russian-American" that shows several people with their left hands over their hearts. The Iowa caucus debacle is more entertaining!
Feb 04 5:00pm @13.3.18 "..." Yes, Tessy. Trump has never goofed around during our national anthem.
Feb 04 4:42pm @13.3.13 "..." The other thing that ain't right is Trump allegedly goofing around like that even if it wasn't the national anthem. It's totally out of character for him.
Feb 04 3:58pm @13.3.11 I've now carefully watched 2 different videos multiple times, and I have some observations, questions, and even suspicions as to whether or not this is photoshopped/altered. Both are posted to You...
Feb 04 2:45pm @10.2.14 "..."
Feb 04 1:48pm @13.3.8 "..." Since he wasn't present at the venue, he did not "disrespect" the national anthem. This is the 2nd time that I've directed you to the US Flag Code as it pertains to the national anthem. See...
Feb 04 11:02am @13.3.3 "..." Not when one is attending a live performance of the US National Anthem. Please see comment 10.2.9.
Feb 04 10:56am @10.2.12 "..." I sure have.
Feb 04 10:33am @10.2.9 "..." That's because it's not a US Flag Code requirement. There's nothing in 36 U.S. Code § 301 regarding behavior during our national anthem when we view it on TV or from any other remote...
Trumps put a "Spell" on Democrats !

Trumps put a "Spell" on Democrats !

By: It Is ME  •  47 comments  •  one week ago
Trump just "Grates" on Democrats, day in and day out ! He Tweets, and Democrats run for the "Squirrels" he sets out for them ! He "Speaks", Dems stay seated, even when Good things are happening in this country ! He speaks out against "Politicians".....ALL POLITICIANS.....and Dems have a nervous breakdown (even though most Citizens say the same thing about Politicians),...
Feb 04 5:22pm @8.1
Democrats botch Iowa tally

Democrats botch Iowa tally

By: Vic Eldred  •  75 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
It would be an understatement to say that the DNC is off to a rocky start in the nominating process, as a dozen hours after the Iowa Caucus vote there are still no results. People were left struggling to even log in or download the new app the DNC wanted used. Not only was there frustration with trying to use the new system but there was suspicion of the DNC. A few candidates even proclaimed...
Feb 04 12:15pm @1.2.1 "..." Yep ... there aren't enough Democrats in Silicon Valley who could create/test an app and ensure that it would be reliable. /sarc
Feb 04 11:55am @6.1.7 "..." Nevada might be following Iowa's footsteps ... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nevada-dems-planning-to-use-similar-app-linked-to-iowa-caucus-mess
Feb 04 11:27am @5.1.18 "..." I wonder why? "..." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/app-used-in-iowa-democratic-caucus-fiasco-linked-to-former-clinton-campaign "..."...
Feb 04 11:19am @2.2.1 "..." And he won't in the future if he keeps yelling at his constituents when they ask a question he doesn't like!
Mike Bloomberg's Super Bowl Gun Control Ad Criticized Over 'Misleading' Child Deaths Claim

Mike Bloomberg's Super Bowl Gun Control Ad Criticized Over 'Misleading' Child Deaths Claim

Via: KDMichigan  •  30 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Mike Bloomberg aired one of the most talked about ads of this year's Super Bowl, one that drew widespread criticism from Conservative media and other organizations which accused the New York billionaire and 2020 presidential hopeful of using misleading gun crime figures to push his message. Bloomberg's $11 million ad featured Calandrian Simpson Kemp, the bereaved mother of 20-year-old...
Feb 03 11:18am @3.1 "..." We already have "sensible gun control" laws. Just look at Chicago and Baltimore, which have very strict gun control laws, for proof!
Feb 03 11:16am @2.2 "..." He doesn't. But, I also don't believe that his entering the race was to win the presidency for himself; it was to detract from Sanders and prop up Biden.
When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran’s Defenders

When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran’s Defenders

Via: Jasper2529  •  41 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Feb 03 10:53am @3.2.2 "..." Who knows? Buttegieg wasn't included in the polling options. The Des Moines Register can't determine if it was an isolated instance.  "..."...
Feb 02 6:22pm @1.1.5 "..." Indeed we all do. I acknowledged yours in comment 1.1.3.
Feb 02 4:48pm @3.1.3 "..." Bernie was the odd  socialist horse in the 2016 race, but the Democratic Party's 2020 candidates have swung so far to the socialist radical left that he's just one of the crowd with their...
Feb 02 4:13pm @1.1.3 So, you had an opinion and knew the answer before you asked me the question in comment 1.1. Interesting.
Feb 02 2:02pm @4.3.9 "..." While Bernie was "held hostage" due to the Senate "impeachment trial", he sent AOC out as his campaign spokesperson and representative.  
Feb 02 12:33pm @4.2.5 "..." Actually, many open-minded Americans on all sides of politics don't want to see the DNC/Clinton/Bloomberg pull another stunt against Bernie Sanders like they did in 2016. The DNC seems to...
Feb 02 11:29am @1.1.1 The answer to your question can easily be found in the seeded article:  "..."
Feb 01 3:36pm @4.2.2 I saw that! Tlaib endorses Bernie, publicly boos Hillary and laughs about it, but then has to walk it back. These people have a habit of shooting off their mouths and then making excuses.
Feb 01 3:13pm @4.2 "..." Even Hillary chimed in and attacked Bernie ... again.
Feb 01 11:47am @2 "..."
Feb 01 11:45am @1 "..."
Sean Hannity previews President Trump Super Bowl interview

Sean Hannity previews President Trump Super Bowl interview

Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  22 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Trump is a great American President. Soon to be rightly acquitted against the lying farce impeachment. Soon to give the State of the Union address and talk of accomplishments, promises kept, and morning in America. Then comes the landslide vs little Bloomberg or corrupt Biden or gulag commie Sanders. A great interview
Feb 02 4:35pm @2.1 "..." Only a portion of Hannity's interview with POTUS was shown. "..."...
Chuck Schumer scolds Kamala Harris for laughing with Sherrod Brown at impeachment presser, goes viral

Chuck Schumer scolds Kamala Harris for laughing with Sherrod Brown at impeachment presser, goes viral

Via: KDMichigan  •  24 comments  •  2 weeks ago
An awkward exchange between Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., became a viral sensation on Friday amid the ongoing Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Schumer, joined by Harris, Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., held a press conference on Friday as Democrats continued to pressure Senate Republicans to allow...
Feb 02 11:58am @5.4.2 "..." This isn't the first time that Kamala showed that she's not ready for prime time. She giggled during an interview about having illegally used pot, but she forgot that as a prosecutor she...
Feb 01 1:17pm @5.2 "..." There's nothing for "the right" to defend. The Democrats made themselves the clowns with their unconstitutional "impeachment". "..." It seems more like people are simply having some...
Feb 01 12:45pm @3 "..." Prayerful and solemn!  Just like Pelosi's crowd. Too funny! 
 Kayla Gowdy: Dems' 10 biggest lies in Trump's Senate impeachment trial Op/Ed

Kayla Gowdy: Dems' 10 biggest lies in Trump's Senate impeachment trial Op/Ed

Via: Vic Eldred  •  61 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Americans know the  Democrats ’ plan to impeach President Trump did not begin in September 2019. Rather, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., admitted herself, it has been going on for over two and a half years. Unable to wrap their head around the idea that 60 million Americans disagreed with the socialist agenda propagated by the Democratic Party, Rep Adam  Schiff , D-Calif.,...
Feb 01 4:42pm @3.1 "..." Well, according to Pelosi and others, Trump will be "impeached forever". They apparently cannot understand that history books will state that Trump was "acquitted forever" by the US Senate...
Feb 01 3:48pm @1.1 Well done, Vic. I read this article this morning, and it's spot on. Congressional Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for assuming that the American public is stupid.