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DECISION 2024 #2

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DECISION 2024  #2
Why?   Most likely (actually certainly) because a new poll showed Kennedy Jr taking more votes from himself than Biden. If the polls shift again Trump's view of Kennedy will shift again.

Given time off to campaign , as he said was an urgent need he was deprived of by his NY "hush money trial, Trump instead decided to , wait for it, go golfing. 

Didnt he meet Stormy Daniels at a golf event ?  (It may have been one of the other porn stars or playmates has been entangled with, Karen McDougal). 



anti-MAGA Republicans are having revulsion at the news that South Dakota governor Kristi Noem shot and killed her 14 month old hunting dog.

a sample 

"When I saw tweets about Kristi Noem murdering her puppy, I thought to myself, 'Damn, one of the other VP contenders' teams found some oppo,' until I realized SHE wrote about it in HER book. I'm not sure why anyone would brag about this unless they're sick and twisted," Sarah Matthews who served as the deputy White House press secretary in the Trump administration, posted to X.

The Lincoln Project, a group comprised of anti-Trump Republicans, posted to X, "Kristi Noem can now add 'puppy killer' to her long resume of degenerate behavior. Everyday that there's darkness permeating from MAGA world, we must fight it w/ the best weapon we have in our arsenal - optimism."

Rick Wilson, a co-founder of   The Lincoln Project , wrote, "Not every dog is for the field, but 99.9% of them are trainable or re-homeable. We have one now who was never going in the field, but I didn't kill her. She's sleeping on the couch. You down old dogs, hurt dogs, and sick dogs humanely, not by shooting them and tossing them in a gravel pit."

Republicans Slam Kristi Noem for Killing a Puppy (newsweek.com)

I would hate to think that her admission to being a puppy killer upped her MAGA cred in her quest to be Trump's running mate, but who knows? Stranger things have happened in the Trumpian universe. 


from the great All Hat No Cattle



 "it’s the first time I know of in modern history where someone basically tried to take over the
government and you’re seeing it in everything that came out during the January 6 hearings now you can’t just put blinders on and pay attention to  what you want to hear I will never vote  for Donald Trump in this election coming  up or any election because I feel he is  a danger to the Democracy of our country"


Former President Donald Trump  is speaking out aggressively against independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who he claims is a Democratic Party "plant."

Trump made the accusations on Friday night via his proprietary social media platform, Truth Social.

"RFK Jr. is a Democrat "Plant," a Radical Left Liberal who’s been put in place in order to help Crooked Joe Biden, the Worst President in the History of the United States, get Re-Elected," Trump wrote.

Trump accuses RFK of being a 'Democrat plant' and 'wasted protest vote' | Fox News


Why?   Most likely (actually certainly) because a new poll showed Kennedy Jr taking more votes from himself than Biden. If the polls shift again Trump's view of Kennedy will shift again. Maybe he will neuter Kennedy by offering him the post of "Secretary Of Vaccine Denial" in a new Trump administration (please God ! forbid it) .


A Supreme Court Justice Gave Us Alarming New Evidence That He’s Living in MAGA World

Dahlia Lithwick: Justice Alito trotted out this theme that was kind of bone-chilling: He said “we all want” a “stable democratic society,” and nothing could be worse for democracy than holding a president to account, because that will “lead us into a cycle that destabilizes the functioning of our country as a democracy.” As if democracy requires giving immunity to criminal presidents because otherwise they won’t leave office. This was when I went through the looking glass—it literally felt like “don’t make me hit you again” democracy.

Supreme Court immunity arguments: Trump has convinced one justice he faces an illegal prosecution. (slate.com)


Has our Supreme Court sold us down the river ? 

Initially on Thursday the justices seemed highly skeptical of the Trump lawyers argument for immunity, spurring a momentray belief that the J6 trial could happen in the next few months, but then when the Special Counsel's advocate began, the right wing plot began to emerge. They were even more skeptical of Jack Smith's position. 

I doubt if any of this was the result of the lawyers presentations on the day. 

This outcome (stalling) was predetermined by the conservative justices before this hearing even happened. 


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Professor Principal
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Professor Principal
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Trumpster : "I dont need to hear it every single year for a whole month"

(oh, and he of course complained that there is no "white history month")

Professor Principal
2.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  JohnRussell @2    3 months ago

Most of these are half formed thoughts. 

Professor Principal
2.2  Tessylo  replied to  JohnRussell @2    3 months ago

''When I was in school we learned"

Obviously not.

The infamous "I have a lot of black friends"


Freshman Quiet
3  Igknorantzruls    3 months ago

the Trump cult continues a way too slow revolt, asz the need to throw the monkey a wrench, to loosen a bolt, as it has become a pane in the neck, for US making out without that hickey, thats gonna leave a mark, and the pane is transparent, and we know how the 'right' feels about Trans Parents, asz frightened by anything different or change that is inevitable, they only sea shallow, asz they callow to the Orange whom they would hold up as a leader, as via courts, the cheater moves further along, as we are setback, asz a nation under attack, buy iggnorance bought, with monies well spent n continue to rack, up and down our back, with a frontal assault peppering those that do not a thought, lack,

For as i witness the guilt assembled by the busy B workers, I await Americas A game, but see not one played, only a country, fluttering in flight against a fight I could have never envisioned

guess I need an I exam, cause the examination of so many blinded, hasn't seemed to help enough of the others, to find it 

perhaps, instead of glasses, more Contacts needed, and no amount of friction shall deter, 

from it, what you will, Infer ....

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4  Sparty On    3 months ago

This is going to be fun watching the melt down from my friends on the left this time.

Really, really fun.

Thanks in advance!

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no one knows what you are talking about

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Not surprising considering the lack of intellect of many here.

Professor Principal
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meh, no worries, the most willfully ignorant get themselves suspended pretty regularly ...

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Yawn …. A badge of honor here in Oceania 

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do you really want to brag about being sucked into a cult..?

To each his own, i guess. Sorry, i had given you too much credit before, as didn't think you would be one of the gullible followers, but as you lead from behind, your ass will follow, for as stubborn as a mule, Trumps BS you do swallow, and though it may possibly be cruel, I still must state, i find you the fool, 

for like that partridge in a pear tree, Trump is the emperor, whose clothes you do, imaginarily see.

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4.2.1  Texan1211  replied to  Igknorantzruls @4.2    3 months ago
I still must state, i find you the fool, 


Freshman Quiet
4.2.2  Igknorantzruls  replied to  Texan1211 @4.2.1    3 months ago


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Professor Guide
5  GregTx    3 months ago
Let’s start with his polling. Gallup on Friday averaged other polling that has shown just how unpopular the president is. Biden has dropped to a 68-year presidential low, 38.7% approval. That is nearly 10 points below where former President Jimmy Carter was at this point in his presidency, and we remember what happened in his reelection bid.
That dismal approval rating puts Biden exactly 10 points below the bare historical minimum he needs to secure reelection, according to Gallup.

Biden drives his approval rating into a ditch

Professor Principal
5.1  Texan1211  replied to  GregTx @5    3 months ago
Biden drives his approval rating into a ditch

Exactly where it so richly deserves to sit.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
6  Vic Eldred    3 months ago

It was all so informative.

For the American people:

We have two real choices. They were both presidents. You only need look at what they did and make your choice.

Professor Guide
6.1  MrFrost  replied to  Vic Eldred @6    3 months ago
You only need look at what they did and make your choice.

512 512

Well, that was easy. 

Trout Giggles
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6.1.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  MrFrost @6.1    3 months ago

Character doesn't matter to these people, despite them all quoting MLK, Jr. at various times in their lives

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6.2  Thomas  replied to  Vic Eldred @6    3 months ago

Joe Biden tries to help the country. 

Donald Trump tries to help himself to the country. 

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Thread 4 was locked to prevent things from getting worse