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US weekly jobless claims double to 6.6 million

US weekly jobless claims double to 6.6 million

Via: Vic Eldred  •  38 comments  •  3 minutes ago
The torrent of Americans filing for unemployment insurance continued last week as more than 6.6 million new claims were filed, the Labor Department reported Thursday. That brings to 10 million the total Americans who filed over the past two weeks. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones estimated 3.1 million, a week after 3.3 million filings in the first wave of what has been a...
Apr 02 10:23am @2.1.9 "..." Your thought processes about Trump jumped the shark a long time ago. 
Apr 02 10:02am @1.2.4 Well XDM, we know your plan for the future sucks, since it includes a second Trump presidency. 
Apr 02 10:00am @2.1.4 "..." Trump and his toadies have SPECIFICALLY blamed the Democrats for the fact he wasnt paying attention in the beginning (impeachment).  He politicizes this issue virtually every day, if not...
Apr 02 9:58am @2.1.3 "..." You actually believe Trump is the one who got the stimulus to include social security recipients?    Thats rich. 
Apr 02 9:55am @2.2.1 Lady In Black, the bs'ing and gaslighting and lying from the right is reaching frenzied new heights.  Trump isnt helping them with his hour and a half long rallies, er I mean coronavirus...
Apr 02 9:53am @2.3 "..." In other words we need a new president and administration. 
5 reasons Democrats fear Trump's coronavirus briefings

5 reasons Democrats fear Trump's coronavirus briefings

Via: Vic Eldred  •  24 comments  •  14 minutes ago
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says  President Trump ’s daily coronavirus briefings are “dangerous.”  He was especially offended , he explained, because at a recent forum “you have the MyPillow guy getting up there talking about reading the Bible.”  It wasn’t clear whether it was MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s enthusiasm for Donald Trump that so alarmed the cable TV host, or the unwelcome mention...
Apr 02 10:20am @2.2.1 "..." I dont spend a lot of time countering blatant propaganda.  
Apr 02 9:44am @2 I looked up Liz Peek. To say that she is a constant cheerleader for Trump would be putting it mildly.  - The Hill took a poll a few days ago.  Only 29% of all Americans strongly approve of what...
Barbara Corcoran says majority of her Shark Tank companies won’t make it through coronavirus

Barbara Corcoran says majority of her Shark Tank companies won’t make it through coronavirus

Via: Krishna  •  5 comments  •  27 minutes ago
And in the near future things are going to get much, much worse.
Apr 02 10:12am @4 Yeah, a lot of people wont be able to afford or want a lobster delivery service anymore.  Many of the Shark Tank products are fun , and I give the entrepreneurs credit for trying to strike it big,...
Wuhan doctor who was among the first to alert other medics to the spread of coronavirus 'goes missing'

Wuhan doctor who was among the first to alert other medics to the spread of coronavirus 'goes missing'

Via: Vic Eldred  •  14 comments  •  20 minutes ago
A Wuhan doctor who was among the first to alert other medics to the spread of coronavirus has disappeared sparking concerns that she has been detained, reports suggest.  Dr Ai Fen said she faced 'unprecedented, extremely harsh reprimanded' by officials at Wuhan Central Hospital after she shared a picture of a patient report labelled 'SARS coronavirus'.  The image was widely...
Apr 02 9:20am @2.1.3 I think there is certainly some news value in what China is doing, and if what they are doing is bad, that certainly is news.  What I am talking about is multiple seeds on NT every day about...
Apr 02 9:03am @2 It is fascinating to watch right wing extremists zero in on China.  In fact, I seeded an article on my group that largely deals with this phenomenon.  The obsession with China is shared by some of...
'Patriot' Paranoia: Right-Wing Militiamen Push Back Against Social Distancing Measures

'Patriot' Paranoia: Right-Wing Militiamen Push Back Against Social Distancing Measures

Via: JohnRussell  •  18 comments  •  an hour ago
These "patriots" can’t seem to decide whether to oppose social distancing and quarantine orders coming from state and local governments as another form of “tyranny,” or heed the measures and blame the Chinese government. - The anti-government “Patriot”/militia movement is at a kind of crossroads thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The movement has been suffering from cognitive...
Apr 02 8:49am @5.1.3 "..." Someone flagged this comment for "no value" .  Comments (opinions) about public figures are allowed. Since the comment refers to the past it cannot be construed as death wishing....
Apr 01 8:19pm @3.1.3 MSNBC finally woke up and dumped him after an hour and a half.  Trump talks for over an hour just about every day. He has about 20 minutes of real news to which he adds twice as much bullshit. 
Apr 01 7:35pm @3.2.1 "..." No one actually believes that. 
Apr 01 7:22pm @5.1 You are correct bbl-1 . 
Apr 01 6:00pm @3 MSNBC stopped showing Trump's press briefing today when he used the coronavirus briefing to talk about something else. Good for them.  The media needs to stop acting like Trump's lap dog. 
Apr 01 5:58pm @2 "..."
Apr 01 5:56pm @1 I said yesterday, without seeing this article, that the right wing outrage against China was coming from the people who inhabit the fringe and are obsessed with "socialism" and communism.  Lo and...
Oregon Man, Believed to Be One of the Oldest Coronavirus Survivors in the World, Turns 104

Oregon Man, Believed to Be One of the Oldest Coronavirus Survivors in the World, Turns 104

Via: JohnRussell  •  2 comments  •  2 hours ago
Bill Lapschies is a survivor. The Oregonian, born in 1916, has survived the 1918 flu pandemic, World War II and now, the  novel coronavirus  (COVID-19). Lapschies celebrated his 104th birthday on Wednesday, 19 days after he had a fever and more than 25 days after first showing symptoms of the contagious respiratory virus, Oregon Public Broadcasting  reported . Lapschies...
Apr 02 7:43am @1
Mike Lindell, Not Yamiche Alcindor, Is the Hero

Mike Lindell, Not Yamiche Alcindor, Is the Hero

Via: Vic Eldred  •  148 comments  •  14 hours ago  •  LOCKED
M yPillow  CEO Michael Lindell, a self-made former crack addict, is going to transform 75 percent of his manufacturing capacity to make 10,000 cotton face masks per day by the end of the week, ramping up production to 50,000 a day in a month. That sounds like a patriotic act to me, especially given that Lindell is undertaking the effort without being forced to do so by a federal agency. I...
Apr 01 8:38pm @7.2.13 I've never claimed to be politically correct. 
Apr 01 8:02pm @7.2.11 Dont you know you all look alike? 
Apr 01 7:57pm @9.1.5 "..." So then, you laughed at the ineptness of your own meme?  Thats good to know. 
Apr 01 7:54pm @7.2.7 You're right. I apologize. [removed]
Apr 01 7:39pm @7.2.5 He asked why no one answered his dumb question. I told him. 
Apr 01 7:20pm @6.1.12 "..." BF, this is not a fake news site.  Remember when you posted an article from an insane defrocked Canadian priest who said he was bring the Pope up before an imaginary tribunal on the charge...
Apr 01 7:10pm @9.1.3 Epstein killed himself.  Ask William Barr. 
Apr 01 7:09pm @7.2.3 "..." Loki, everyone is ignoring you. 
Apr 01 7:01pm @7.1.9 Donald Trump has said more stupid things than the other 43 presidents put together. 
Apr 01 6:08pm @7.1.6 Do you have a point?  I have no idea what it is. 
Apr 01 2:35pm @9.1 "..." whats the word for that again? 3 letter word, starts with L and ends with E. 
Apr 01 1:59pm @6.1.8 Prove that he does.  The only thing we really know about Trump's religious endeavors is that he didnt know how to describe a bible passage, " Two Corinthians" , which suggests he had never quoted...
Apr 01 1:43pm @7.1.3 [Removed]
Apr 01 1:34pm @7.1.1 I love the fact that after 4 years all you can come up with is irrelevancies about Trumps opponent.  Trump said "generator" twice the other day when he was supposed to be saying "ventilator". How...
Apr 01 1:32pm @6.1.6 No, that not what it was. He said that by Gods grace Trump was chosen president in order to bring religion back into the society.  It was a blatant endorsement of Trump and a suggestion that...
Apr 01 1:29pm @1.2.2 Misleading advertising puts him in Trumps good graces. Misleading advertising was one of the staples of trumps business model. 
Apr 01 1:17pm @1.1.23 I will give you ONE example, although there are countless more.  Donald Trump led a racist conspiracy theory against the then sitting president of the United States.  That makes him unfit to EVER...
Apr 01 12:47pm @6.1.3 A briefing about a national health emergency is not a Trump rally. It was totally inappropriate. 
Apr 01 12:35pm @6.1 "..."   Utter nonsense. Why would a news organization "congratulate" someone who says  God chose Donald trump to be president?     Besides being absurd as a premise it goes against separation of...
Apr 01 12:29pm @3.1.2 Why are you showing us pictures from the parking lot at a Trump rally? 
Apr 01 12:28pm @5.1 Why would he be embarrassed? Has he said something about Trump that is wrong?  The hint of embarrassment should belong with trump and his supporters. That has been obvious for years. 
Apr 01 12:27pm @4.2 This whole Trump presidency has forced America see that there are a lot of people in our midst who dont care about tradition, standards, protocol, or honesty and decency, and yes, keeping the 10...
Apr 01 11:29am @1.1.18 "..." Donald Trump has not, for one minute, been fit for office as president of the United States. Did you really think people were going to wait four years to say so? 
Apr 01 10:26am @1.1.10 There is no such thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome, any more than there is such a thing as Bernie Madoff Derangement Syndrome or Harvey Weinstein Derangement Syndrome. 
Apr 01 10:24am @1.1.9 I hope you didnt post that drivel to impress me. 
Apr 01 9:31am @1.1.4 Can I explain something to you?  I dont care what Trumpsters think about this. They dont have a clear perspective.  There was a time when everyone would ridicule someone who took advantage of a...
Apr 01 9:19am @1.1.2 "..." Your comment would seem to be the height of sweeping generalization.  I hope the moderators take notice.  There was a time in America when someone who stood up before a national television...
China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says

China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says

Via: Vic Eldred  •  25 comments  •  48 minutes ago  •  LOCKED
China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials. The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret, and they declined to detail its contents. But...
Apr 01 8:37pm @2 How many lives in the US will all this hand wringing about China save? 
Is there any reason why corporations cant pay for their own parties and meals? 

Is there any reason why corporations cant pay for their own parties and meals? 

By: JohnRussell  •  40 comments  •  55 minutes ago
President* Trump just made an announcement at his daily briefing. He wants to return the practice of tax deductions for restaurant bills for meals and parties ordered by corporations.  Trump says this is the only way to rebuild the restaurant business. In other words have the taxpayer subsidize the food and drink of large corporations and companies as they schmooze clients and reward...
Apr 01 8:27pm @3.4.9 Well, the government does give meals to hungry poor and near poor kids, through the public schools.  Is that what you are complaining about? 
Apr 01 8:26pm @3.4.8 Who do you think writes the laws that regulate business expenses?  Do people from the working class write those laws?  Who writes the laws that regulate labor? The working class doesnt write those...
Apr 01 8:04pm @3.3.6 LOL. 
Apr 01 8:01pm @3.4.4 "..." I will ask again, why cant businesses pay for their own meals?  Isnt subsidizing meals socialism? 
Apr 01 7:52pm @3.3.4 Trump didnt confine his plan to small businesses. 
Apr 01 7:51pm @3.4.2 "..." They will? What if they dont own a business? 
Apr 01 7:44pm @3.3.2 Yep. 
Apr 01 7:44pm @3.2.2 Well I dont expect you to be impressed by evidence you were wrong, but one or two other people might be. 
Apr 01 7:32pm @3.4 If Trump wants to help restaurants get back on their feet, how about he has the government buy free meals for middle class and lower class Americans at their neighborhood restaurants.  We'd have...
Apr 01 7:29pm @3.3 "..." You're wrong again. 
Apr 01 7:29pm @3.2 "..."
Apr 01 7:13pm @2.2 "..." Greed? 
Apr 01 7:13pm @2.1 Well, I completely agree with you , but it is the issue in this instance. Trump is proudly anti-socialist but wants the taxpayer to subsidize meals and parties at restaurants for big business. 
Apr 01 6:38pm @1 Let's have the corporations pay for their own meals and take the cost out of stock dividends. 
Netanyahu reportedly mistook a Hallmark series clip for proof of an Iranian coronavirus coverup

Netanyahu reportedly mistook a Hallmark series clip for proof of an Iranian coronavirus coverup

Via: JohnRussell  •  1 comments  •  14 hours ago
Everyone gets duped now and then. That goes for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well. Netanyahu recently showed his cabinet a video he claimed was evidence Iran was engineering a novel coronavirus coverup,   Axios   reports . Tehran   has reported   more than 47,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,000 deaths, but those figures have been eyed with suspicion by much of...
Apr 01 8:16pm @1 I wonder if his pal Donald will call it "fake news" ? 
Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China's 'biosecurity risk'

Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China's 'biosecurity risk'

Via: The People's Fish  •  25 comments  •  36 minutes ago
WASHINGTON — In late November 2018, just over a year before the first coronavirus case was identified in Wuhan, China, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage.  The biologist told the agents that a colleague in China had asked him to deliver the vials to a researcher at a U.S....
Apr 01 7:47pm @5.1.1 "..." Much of the world is at the mercy of the Communist Party?  Well at least now we know where your opinions are coming from. 
If Things Go Well I Win, If Things Go Poorly You Lose.

If Things Go Well I Win, If Things Go Poorly You Lose.

By: JohnRussell  •  19 comments  •  19 hours ago
I was listening to Stephanie Ruhle show just now, and she had a guest , whose name unfortunately I did not catch, who was making an interesting point.  When millions of people lose their jobs, which will happen if the economy does not immediately bounce back once the virus ends and restrictions are lifted, the "business" community will say "there is nothing we can do", and that is how our...
Apr 01 11:18am @5 "..."
Apr 01 10:36am @3.1.3 I dont mind the businesses being bailed out, but if investors dont share the same risks as workers do , loss of something, is that really capitalism?  Sounds like socialism. 
Apr 01 10:30am @3.1 If millions of  hourly workers will lose their jobs through no fault of their own, why shouldnt people who invested in cruise lines lose their money through no fault of their own?  
Apr 01 10:17am @2 "..." "..." "..."
Apr 01 10:11am @1 Some people are talking about a sea change coming about income inequality after this crisis.