John Russell


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@Hal A. Lujah, 10/25/15 07:35:30PM
FYI - when I saw that someone was exploiting a glitch in the tagging function, I realized that (1) it was an obvious problem that would be fixed quickly, and (2) that it was obviously BF, and (3) that I could jump in and do the same thing without anyone knowing who I was, and (4) I could defend the bullshit slams against you re: Aeon by anonymously giving BF a dose of his own meds. Sorry that he put the blame on you, but feel free to let everyone know that you know who done it. As Perry said, it's not punishable if it's not explicitly spelled out as a violation.
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@screminmimi, 10/12/15 12:21:56PM
Hi, John!