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Trump and Newt's Plan to Solve Poverty

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Trump and Newt's Plan to Solve Poverty

Donald ("The Comb-Over") Trump, the smug, sometimes billionaire, sometimes millionaire,former Republican Presidential candidate, (for a whole three minutes),and,the very same man who just said today that hemay run again next year in 2012,"hooked up" with his stooge, Newt Gingrich, the former Censured Speaker of the House, Thrice Married - Twice Divorced, Family Values, Republican Presidential candidate toEnd Poverty in America, as we know it."

At a press conference, held at Fox Network Snooze TV,"The Donald," acting on an idea from the "Ideal Man, Newt Gingrich, boldly announced that they have solved the poverty problem for America.

"As, the nation knows,"the Comb Over said: "We have all the money in the world and all the answers to solve poverty, today", he smiled."We could, if we choose, togive it back to the people we stole it from, or, we could come up with another clever con and make a ton of money, plus get a lot of press."

The Comb-Over, aka, "The Donald," stunned the two people present, when heexplainedthat he will be inviting 10, of what he described as,"really, reallypoor kids from the poorest school districts," to be guests on his Reality TV show, "The Apprentice," where Donald and Newt will teach them how to mop floors and clean toilets.

This partnership between rich White men and really, really poor Black kids is a cooperative effort between these two really rich white guys and up toten (but, no more) "really, really poor black kids." It is an embolden effort by the rich that will eradicate poverty and kill off the Republican party once and for all. Hurrah, for that!

"Asall of Americaknows, Newt is the only nominee thathad the courage, the cojones,to come forward withabold statementt on the root causes of poverty, Poor People Are Lazy and Don't Want To Work,'' chuckled, "The Donald".

This brilliant, succinct, Talking Point, concept of Newt's ("The Puss") jumped started a whole new movement in America between "really, really rich, WhiteRepublicans men and really, really poor Black kids."

"The partnership," blabberedTrump, "will, in no way, include water activities where the rich white man shower with the really, reallypoor black kids".

No,thank, God, and, Trump for that. "We don't want another San-dusky scandal bring down a Great Anti-Poverty Program, now, do we", he said to the cameras and the one remaining person at the press conference.

As of today, these u-ber-rich White guys have raised over $40 million dollars that they plan to keep for themselves, and, some verylovely"Give-Ways,"that Kim Kardashian donated, which will be distributed to the "really, really poor black kids,"providing Kim with a nice tax deduction.

The new and improved poverty busting duo ("Puss" and "The Comb-Over")plan frequent appearances on Trumps powerful TV show, which is renown for itsbehavior changing and iconoclastic ability to change peoples lives. The show is produced, directed and stars "The Donald", and a number of lesser know "suck ups," who desperatelyneed a full time job.

"The Apprentice," statedDonald, the ever present showman, "isone of the hottest shows on Fox's Snooze TV and is seen each year by smaller and smaller audiences from through out the lower functioning levels of society andadored by the highest echelons of the Tea Republican leadership.

"Poverty has met its match!" declared, "The Donald", thenadded, "I will also be moderating the final Republican Presidential Nominees debate next Januaryin Iowa, where I will declare the winner of the Republican nominees, and, quite possibly,become the next President of Trump America."

This is Wintrope Merlideth, The III, and, I approve this message, but, not its content. It content is the sole responsibility of Newt Gingrich, enhanced and blown overboard, by Donald Trump, a compassionate Conservative, who just might be your next President - If Hell Freeze Over


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