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98_blogs.jpg We, here in Tea Amerika,still have laws prohibiting "Drunk Drivers", (DWI), from operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. WHY NOT LAWS PROHIBITING Legislators from operating while drunk?

Citizens are also prohibited in many instances from, (at least for now, until Tea Nuts challenge the constitutionality of the law), err, citizensare restricted from operatingmachinery at their place of enslavement, driving a school bus filled with screaming kids,or,God forbid,piloting an airlinerwhile "blot toed"drunk, or, drug-out of their "frigging" gourd.

I know that these ungodly laws are agin our "god given Constitutional rites", but, the laws are on the cookedbooks.

Some erroneous thinkers believe that theseare good laws that are needed to keep our highways and byways safe.Anyone Smarter Than aFifth Grader, or taller, knows that these laws are not unconstitutional, as Tea Re-Puritans claim, they are necessary because human being are scumbags, and tend to drink a lot when depressed.

"It's my Constitutional rights to get shit-faced, if'n I want to, and I'll kill you defending my right to get belligerent."

It seems to this observer, that people do have a right to get drunk, even out of control drunk in the privacy of their of theirownrent to own trailer, shack, or run down tenement. But, they are notpermited to operate a motor vehicle, or, pilot a plane under the influence.Violators may be arrested, give a breathalyzer, jailed, fined and have their driving privileges suspended. Some times they are "tickled on their tummy until these pee their pants", but, only in the worst cases.

Why don't we have laws prohibiting politicians from LEGISLATING WHILE DRUNK?

Not a problem, you think? Not your business if someone is drunk while casting a vote in Congress? I argue that it is "your business", my business, our business as a Nation,if a duly elected legislator is in his "cups" whenhe/she cast a voteon legislation that will effect your life, the lives of your love ones, your children's lives, your pet, and, the very destiny of this country?

Think again, Earl Howard!Do you want a drunk driving you down a very winding, precipitous narrow road with steep cliffs on either side? Say for instance, driving too near the financial cliffs on either side of one's path? Do you want John Boehner to drive over the financial cliffbecause of a failure to raise the debt celling? Do you want a drunk former sailor with only 8 week on active dutyto steer the nation's ship? 99_blogs.jpg

A drunk driver is a lethal weapon; a drunk legislator is a Weapon of Mass Destruction! Take that, Jack!

Congress has been makingpoor, or, nodecisions of late,bickering like school yard bullies over closing down the government as a solution for fixing it. Why not close Congress down, ship their jobs over seas and open the government back up. Let's ship their jobs to China. They shipped our over there.The further away Congress is from us the better we will all be.

Approximately 10 to 15% of the population struggles with alcohol addiction, according the AA. Alcoholism is a deadly disease that often leaves survivors with mental deterioration, shakes, liver and kidneydamage, plus a host of other ailments, in addition to the unspeakable pain it brings to the alcoholic's family.

That means thatin Congress theremight be on any given day,an estimate of53.3 to 78.15% drunks in Hallowed Halls of Alcoholism, that areso intellectually impairedfrom the"free booze" provided to them by corrupt lobbyists, gifts from distillers and the liquor industry that they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. "Here is my ass; here is my hole in the ground. Where do I sleep tonight?"

Booze, lots of it, clouds ones mind and often leads to poor judgment, even if it is the highest quality from the richest lobbyists. It's still a "bad practice" to drink and drive and worse, todrink and cast ones votes for a matter of national security.

Well, dogs, "who let the dogs out", you do, if you don't give a rat's patina if the Speaker of the House of Representatives , John Anthony Boehner,the man who controls the House of Representatives, and, is third in line to the presidentis sh*&-faced drunk every damn day of his miserable life.

Presently, Cry Me A River Boehner isin the throes of the final stages of "Alcohol Psychosis"; bursting into a "crying jag", (uncontrollably sobbing), or, cryingfor no apparent reason. Boehner's drunken rages towards the president and his involuntary "crying jags" are clear symptom of this disease and is readilyon display in the numerous videos on the site, entitled: Drunk Boehner, which vividly showcases him drunk in a variety of settings.

Anyone who has had an "alcoholic" in their family is familiar with their "crying jags", their abuse behavior, their hard heartedness and their inability to stop drinking. A drunk driver is a lethal weapon on the road; a drunk legislator is a Weapon of Mass Destruction, (WMD),or, in layman's terms,"a deadly MOTHER@!$%#ER"!


We all have friends that are drunks. Most of us know a relative, or two, that can't hold their liquor, but, even the dullest among usknows thata drunk driversmight get someonekilled; a drunk legislatorhas the power tovote to alienate a nation, (Iran), or, god forbid, start WW III.

We have witnessed the destructive force of Boehner's impaired judgment with the unnecessaryshut down of the federal government; threatening to collapse America'seconomy over "raising the debt ceiling", because in his diseased mind he wants to undermine the president, prevent the first half black/half white president from being successful by maneuvering every vote against any of the presidents proposals.

Boehner is not the "naval patriots" that he portrays, the hypocrite spent only 8 week on active duty, yet, struts about as if it were 8 years. Boehner is a phony,claiming to be standing up for a balanced budget while wrecking the economy at every opportunity.John Anthony Boehner is an unbalance drunk raging at the future that he cannot contain.

Boehner is a drunk's drunk; the all day, every day continuous drinker.Lover boyis convinced that he is fooling the nation, the media, his wife and family, but, he isn't. He is only fooling himself. Without help Boehner will slip further and further into his addiction, until there is no way out.Everyone in Congress knows it.

But, few, if any have the gonads to stand up to this drunk lout of a bully. It is my humble opinion thatBoehner must be removed, censured or put on medical leaveimmediately before he wreaks permanent havoc on an already hurting, damagednation.

We have to ask ourselves, why? Why does Boehner and the Tea Republican want to destroy America, destroy any legislation designed to help Americans through the Republican caused Second Great Depression ?

Sadly, in my humble view, it issimply because heHATES BLACKS!That is why Boehner and the Republican House forced a harshsequester, wherein, government services are uniformly cut back simply to bolster their conservative, anti-government, largely Southern voting base.

Tea Re-Puritans, (those Tea-Republicans that believe that God is on their side exclusively), appear, to me to be a collection of angry white men and a hand full of white bitches that hate the N-words, because they ain'tgetting noneat home themselves and are frustrated with those that are.

Why blame the government's for ineffectiveness, when it is Congress that is NOT WORKING - Not the Government. All government should and could work more effectively, and most of us, no doubt,could be more efficient in our own personal lives, but, no one in their RIGHT MIND, THROWS OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATH WATER, except drunk Republicans desperately trying to hold on to power and win back the Senate so that they can sell it off all over again to billionaire donors at the highest price.

It's time for America to Kick Tea Republicans to the curb, knock back Neo-Conservative to the 18th century where they belong, and tell Republicans to knock off the damn bickering and get their fat, lazy asses back towork solving problems not creating them!

Republicans are either stupid or drunk on power; they are either retarded or repressed racists; theirlame, mean spirited leadership, (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Drunk Boehner), have the audacity to lay blame for the faults of governmentat the feet of the President, who they have opposed, throw up road blocks every step of the way.

What profound hypocritestheyare. It is Tea Republicans, Conservative and calcified Republicans have nearly destroyed America with their wide-eyed crazy ass, Hill Billybeliefs,lack of cooperation and constant Republican generated chaos in Congress. They are a bunch of "bickering babies", and, CryingBoehner is sofreaking drunk he can't make them shut up.Tea Pukes and Boehner are destroying America! What the Hell are they drinking? 100_blogs.jpg

A DRUNK SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IS A WMD and should be forced into rehab or sent home! Sadly, in our cow-towing Congress, wherethe majority are republicans,not one GOP member in the House has had the courage to stand up to the alcoholic speaker and demand that he get some "treatment".

When a committee was formed to look into Boehner drinking problems, the Speaker dissolved the committee and shut it down. Republicans are shameless in their pursuit of Obama's slightest faults and overlook the plank in their own eye, a veryDrunk Boehner.

It is time for everyone that is "pissed" about the failure of Congress to act in a responsible manner to call, text, twitter, write, or, phone their respective Congressional Representativeand demand that they SEND BOEHNER TO REHAB OR HOME .Tongue.gif


This has been a public service message. And, I approved this message: Boehner is a Notorious Drunk.


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