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You Know You Are Old When -

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You Know You Are Old When -

You know you're old when the term "Traitor " is whatTea Republicanscall Republicans that voted to raise the debt ceiling,voted forObama Care, and/or voted their conscious.See Tea Republicans Eat @!$%#!

You know you're old when "Patriot" described someone that served in the Armed Forces and not to describea flag wrapped Republicans that once attended a "Tea Rally In The Alley," with a loaded AKR.

You know you're old when "McCarthyism " was something politicians didn't want to becalled,andnot used as a Tea Re-Puritans Merit Badge.

You know you're old when the phrase, "The Ape in the White House" was a pejorative phrase for Abe Lincoln and not the phrase used by Tea Republicans to describe the current president. (Ref.: Bad Eagle Journal).

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Septuagenarian slowly evaporating with each passing day. I've had a little fun, thanks to you Nuts & Crackers flooding to Washington, D.C. tossing the "baby" out with the bath water!


You know you are old when you holler, "DEPENDS " instead of "Bingo"!

You know you're old when you stick your arm out the car window to give someone the "good old one finger salute", and yourarm turns to dust.

You know you're old when you talk about "getting some pussy" and you're referring to your cat.

You know you're old when you have to leave yourself a note to take your memory medicine and you can't find either.

You know you're old when one of your eyes falls out and roll across the floor and you don't miss it.

You know you're old when asked, "who's the president ?", and you respond, "James Buchanan?"

You know you're old when friends in need asks, "Where's your dope?" and, you point to your son.

You know your old when the only hair on your head is in the brush.

You know your old when youmistress invite you to "sleep over" andyou really are looking forward to getting some sleep.

You know you are terminal when some nimrod suggest putting Dick Cheney's snarlingface on a wrinkled $20.00 bill and removing Andrew Jackson's "because Jackson is now a suspected Socialist"; he was"President of the People", and, not "President of the "Lobbyists".

Whatsigns do yousee asyou make the transitionthrough life from "fun" to "grump" to "chump"?Please, share them with us, then, check your death benefits, change your will to leave your estate of one large, prizedtomato to your neighbors wife, just for fun, and finally, finalized your death plansby insisting thatyour cemetery plotbe close to a trash can.

"Ah, the Golden Years;" the only thing "golden" about them is the metal in your teeth.

"Good day!And that's the way it is, or, isn't". - Walter Concrete for Calcified Conservative Republicans everywhere!

This is Wintrope Merridethe, The III, a "baby boomer," aging ungracefully, uncooperatively, damn-it; you think I want to do this? If you have a choice, don't do it. I did not approve this message; the Executor Of My Last Will and Testament did. Tell Ann Coulter that I will see her in Hell, that wicked, man hatingbitch!


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