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"May You Live In Interesting Times"

By: Moonchild63
Posted in: News & Politics
"May You Live In Interesting Times"
Although it is used as a 'Toast' (usually @ the New Year's) it is also in lure purported to be a 'Curse!' - well

"Toast or Curse,"

We the people's of America do (presently) "... Live in Interesting Times."

I put to NT "How does one hold their nose where Sexual Assault & Abuse are Concerned!?" & got '0' takers, yet later posted a seeded link "Hillary Wins Popular Vote & its Growing!," which presently has over 150 responses. I guess, I should be heartened & encouraged as a non-answer is my Answer! & that 'No One' can or would dare (obviously) attempt a justification.

I guess that I am a New Breed of American, Woman, African descendent, as well as Child of a Higher Good! As, I don't get 'angry' people, yet like the Tee-Shirt says agree "They Suck!" As for ignorance (to fancy a word, you ask me) well I don't speak 'ignart' nor am I willing to learn (@ this late stage or Ever!)

Some wish to concentrate on syntax & deflect, yet like the post that got no LOVE, it is a 'blind' (hunting word) of Obfuscation, which 'Tot's' means 'Clearly!"

"I wasn't talking to ya - in the 'First' place!"

Now that's how "Cheeky" /s is done - the Sly hides the intent better than the Many Bigoted Congress's of Obstruct/One-term or the Many presently acting like they didnt - do - what they Accuse Others of today -

assemble, protest & strongly - Object, yet unlike them the reputation, ability to perform duties & outcome is/was not Bipartisan (except when the Republican administration said

"We have no 'Idea' how our economy got here, yet We will get to the bottom of it!"

compassionate, forgiveness (in their Losses) or participatory in the "Forward" movement - as when the sitting President attempting to fix the aforementioned Mess (left by the Right Reich) said "Infrastructure" plans etc. Let's Roll, crickets

(the lovely cricket photos on my "Hillary Wins Popular Vote..." article had some, they are purported to be good 'Luck' in Oriental lure;-)

What REALLY gets me is the "Nanny, Nanny Boo-Boo," I don't have to listen to you!" clap back after the aforementioned facts regarding the 8 years of patriotic 'attitude' regarding those whose "Votes" & "Mandates" met with Obstruction -

why is any of that 'Relevant,' one may say - well because

"Birtherism" was/is "Defamation" & not just a lil (locker room or othered-wise) 'joke' made with absolute no 'HARM' esp. to the sitting President nor was/is it to the people whose political choice of "Hope&Change" that gloater's today 'mocked&whined' (non-Stop) about!

In my view, if you put 'your' feet on top of the ground (this & every morning) & not under it then

you owe the day (& life itself) some "Gratitude" as opposed to "Attitude!" As it is not promised or any other form of guaranteed or given.

"We" the people in order to.." is a Hugh responsibility - as people are as different as "Night" is to "Day," but also in the main the same! Anatomy & Physiology are hard, yet engrossing subjects of study, yet the human structure & body are beyond fascinating & though there's some trait distinctions -

they are few.

The sitting President & I have something in common where our skin is concerned (no, it's not simple Melanin, yet it encompasses the "Simple" - mindedness), we are obviously of hue that denotes our duel Heritage (from those human beings that lack melanin), as well & then

the Spectrum party begins.

Like him, I too had to brush my shoulders off of hatred & make my own distinctions about 'who I Am' in those regards, but mostly in regards to the one who lives in the skin that others wish to other or speak on regarding the othering that "They" believe 'You' don't honor or fully get - now that is a mouthful of 'Cray-Cray' that makes for a "Syntax-ual" confusion!

Think how "I" felt (& @ times still feel) - enduring it!

"You don't sound Black on the phone," or "your.. may fault, I uh!" "you got this job (snarling) affirmation action blah, blah" or " they only hired you because....," & "you wanna be White!" BS because it is Utter BS!

The "Who am I" of the Alpha & Omega, which is stronger & more than philosophy - the State of Ones Soul is of more Import!

I was a pre-teen when American Women marched in the street for Rights & when the fight for Choice was on - not much older, but a teen & they made me proud & empowered me, as I stated in "How does one hold their noses where Sexual Assault & Abuse is Concerned!?" (which was rhetorical, yet legit question) that was when I was "ENDURING" those very things! The Catholic Church (which now have 'Hospitals' that allow a 'woman' in birth distress to die of "Septicemia" when miscarrying!) was all about the "Rhythm Method" hold out of Obstruction, but (Bing or Google - while ya can) & the Vatican Vaults (presently) hold treasures galore, yet

Children Starve while they admire said pomposity, but

"For what shall it profit a man to gain the world, but lose their soul!?" isn't included or relevant where "Tax" considerations are concerned nor were they in Jesus (disinherited times), I believe.

I am a New Breed of those aforementioned's because

Anne Frank & the Persecuted Jewish people (Ellie Wiesel) along with Americans taught me!

Emancipation turned to Segregation, which turned to Civil Rights Legislation - which then turned around in the late 20th century to reignite:

Southern Strategy rhetoric, Genocide, Peonage through disparate sentencing guidelines (that were Intentionally directed from the genocide) & the othering by prosecutorial (in league with many defense attorneys) misconduct & felonies from the right to Vote into the present 21st century oif 'One-drop' madness on "Birther" defamation (again an Actionable Tort)

I watched those (some of whom 'hate' me, yet Do not know me - because deep down they ARE me @ least genetics & the "Cradle of Civilation" denote:-0 harmed by the Not so "Fiscal Responsibility" of Republican (& other politicians) policies etc. One hyperventilating on a curb because she couldn't bring herself (in need) to go where - she previously gave food!

The family whose dad lost the job, which lost the house that drove them in a 'beater' to the Homeless Shelter (with many of all color & circumstances), which the embarrassed children 'begged' to be dropped else where else those they educated with now - would know their plot, even though the losses were being felt around Our country & @ All of Our Expense with the exception of those who choose &

Who Froth presently for a Cabinet Seat to do it again, yet

Worse & Final - because I was also there when Tim Russert (in earnest & shocked into anger) let us Meet through the Press those who (with Much Audacity) put a deliberate "HIT" on the 'Middle Class'n- the Air of Democracy & the wind beneath

"We" the People's wings!

My 'allegiance' is to this our country & "We"

& no doubt the bigots (like the moneied up greedy) are beyond the gates of Washington, DC (thus the HUMONGOUS Vote for Change in 2008), yet America is Broader then just Washington, do I wish that the Sitting President would SUE the (you know what) Reich out of the man who doubles down on perjury, defamation & believes 'success' comes from the rules that allow him to skirt the justices he should be receiving - Yep!

Do, I wish the Judge (in his many fraud cases) would say (what so many regular people would hear) "You knew that s trial was starting & get no " Special Treatment" sir, so are you prepared to settle - with an admission of your wrong doing - or not!?" - Yep!


Hillary Clinton gets Mad & for the Women & Girl's of America (& around the World) sues on the Straight of my question that got '0' response or answer:

"How Does One Hold Their Nose Where Sexual Assault & Abuse Are Concerned!?"

Yep, "interesting" times these 🍻 & I (further put to "We") just who will 'You' be in them or by the time these times are done!?
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link   LUCIFER    10 months ago

I believe some people are aware that "May you live in interesting times" is a very old Chinese curse. For many in the world these days, they ARE living in interesting times. I guess the world should have taken Napoleon's advice and let China sleep.

link   Randy    10 months ago

"Interesting times" indeed. The only reason I continue to hang around is the curiosity to see what's going to happen next and always keep killing myself as a viable option. Have for many years. Just in case times get too interesting or not interesting enough. It's a thin and constantly moving line.

link   Moonchild63  replied to  Randy   10 months ago

"A coward dies a 1,000 deaths" before the final 'dirt' nap & of course being "Serious" me that is not a subject matter to take lightly!

Evil can torture, torment & more, yet even it can only 'kill ya' once.

IMO, it is the FUNNIEST part of it all, but Macbeth said it

"Tale told by an idiot, full of sound & fury - signifying Nothing."

Just mean -

We are born dying (so to your comment) - why rush it - esp. for 'ignart' idiots!?

& from "Jesus & the Disinherited" paraphrasing

"When a man knows what they can do or say to you, to throw you off your game or upset your equilibrium - then he can Subjugate you forever."

& everyone knows how to push a bigot, fascist or misogynistic button, as it doesn't take much!

Life is what YOU make it & again in the words of Ana Grace Greene  (murdered with her classmates @ Sandy Hook Elementary)

"Don't let them Suck your funny circus dry!" I try to rember those sage words & do that for her - whenever the 'blissful' (as in ignorance is..) get through. ✌

Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty  replied to  Randy   10 months ago

Moving is stressful. Once you get all settled in down there in Mexico you might see a brighter future. 

link   Randy  replied to  Dean Moriarty   10 months ago

Who is moving?

link   Moonchild63  replied to  Dean Moriarty   10 months ago

Whose going Move my American born AğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ you or Ted Cruz!?


ROFLMAO skin heads for Hitler or Penal Colony descendants got joke, yet they just don't get funnier must be the fact the SKIN their in (largest organ on the Human Body) doesn't fit their amoebic beings! Cheese with your 'whine' Dean (think some would be hoarse after eight years of "Black man in White House" boodie-whoooinglaughing dude) gotta good

Chock on it Cheddar chunk!

Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty    10 months ago

"How Does One Hold Their Nose Where Sexual Assault & Abuse Are Concerned!?"

I guess only Hillary knows the answer to that. I would have dumped Bill a long time ago if I were her. 

link   Moonchild63    10 months ago

Cheers 🍻

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