Nigel Dogberry


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@Viewer01, 02/06/19 01:03:32AM
Nigel, hi. Maybe I should say hey on MINDS as well. Have a bit of a favor to ask. I have a group on MeWe called the Attic. And I remember something you had on Newsvine. It was a "what is it?" With little boxing mit talon guards for fighting cocks. That would be perfect, unless you want to join MeWe, the Attic group, and post it yourself?
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@chess cat, 10/09/17 06:44:05PM
Stopped by to try my hand at navigating the site (and being nosy ;). Looked in 'the monkey bowl' while I was here.. Not even any loose change in it (mini ha ha.)

See you on minds. Cheers!
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@John Galt 1147, 08/11/17 08:40:28PM
signing guest book.
Great to see you.
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@Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty, 10/19/15 06:21:25PM
Ahoy, there!!!
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@A. Macarthur, 10/12/15 09:12:29PM
Signing in! Good you're here.