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Breaking : Washington Redskins Football Team Likely To Change Name Under Pressure From Sponsors

Breaking : Washington Redskins Football Team Likely To Change Name Under Pressure From Sponsors

By: JohnRussell  •  139 comments  •  3 hours ago
Faced with financial losses as merchandising partners threaten to cut ties with the team, the ownership of the Washington Redskins NFL team announced today that it will review the franchises name for the future, seen as a sure sign that the 'Redskins' name is history. 
Jul 04 11:37am @17.1 I think you may be confused. They were nordic.  Vikings[a] were the Norse people from southern Scandinavia (in present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden)[2][3][4] who from the late 8th to late 11th...
Jul 04 11:16am @3.1.10 Sean, 99% of the polls showed her far more popular than Trump and winning by a good margin. How accurate were they?
Jul 03 10:30pm @3.1.8 "..." No, you have to be a practicing Indian. Not someone who knew someone in their family was Indian and nothing else. It has zero to do with purity. 
Jul 03 10:28pm @3.1.7 Maybe we should also discuss the last election Sean. Lots of polls showing Hillary winning. How accurate were those?
Jul 03 10:26pm @2.2.42 "..." Personally I don't mind the name. 
Jul 03 10:25pm @2.2.41 Loki, It is not about DNA. It is about tribal ties. I am a member of a tribe. My daughters are not. Their DNA would show them to be 1/16th Algonquin but the tribe that I belong to stops at 1/8th....
Jul 03 3:43pm @2.2.31 The term changed over time.... and that is the last potshot you are going to take at me. I was the one who posted the link to give full disclosure. You just reposted it. 
Jul 03 3:41pm @2.2.30 No Loki, you took a personal potshot at me. And you are about as Indian as I am Irish. 
Jul 03 3:39pm @2.2.29 I feel so complimented/ sarc: What's next? The Germantown Lampshades?
Jul 03 3:33pm @2.2.26 "..." That is what the term means. It was the number of scalps brought back from killing Indians.  Sept. 25, 1863: The Winona Daily Republican in Minnesota features an announcement that uses the...
Jul 03 3:26pm @2.2.23 Loki, We are not talking about Trump are we? And did you just call me a lemming?
Jul 03 3:25pm @2.2.21 No one 1/8th. And is she involved in any Indian life? Probably not. And that is why that poll means nothing because we have a pile of people claiming to be Indian and don't know a thing about BEING...
Jul 03 3:23pm @2.2.20 You can read the resolution here:
Jul 03 3:21pm @2.2.17 Funny, the oldest and largest Indian representative group seems to feel differently:...
Jul 03 3:18pm @8.1 That's disgusting.
Jul 03 3:16pm @3.2.2 How are you celebrating us? By referring to scalping? 
Jul 03 3:12pm @2.2.12 Yes we all know about the polls. The problem is anyone can claim to be an Indian. Just ask Elizabeth Warren. Half this site claims to be part Indian. The real Indians (like myself) are not polled....
Jul 03 3:08pm @2.2.10 You're comparing an Irish fairytale to scalping. Interesting. 
Jul 03 3:07pm @2.2.9 "..." I beg to differ. 
Op/Ed CNN Admits New Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Has ‘Helped Coronavirus Patients Survive Better’

Op/Ed CNN Admits New Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Has ‘Helped Coronavirus Patients Survive Better’

Via: Heartland American  •  80 comments  •  an hour ago
With the testing showing a form of the virus is still with us the use of Hydroxychloroquine now is all the more important.  Use it and use it early on.  Trump was right again as usual!  
Jul 03 10:48pm @2.2.5 "..." Who are you hurting but possibly someone with health issues, a senior, maybe a totally healthy person? What a totally unthoughtful comment. 
South Dakota tribal leader joins call to remove Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump visit

South Dakota tribal leader joins call to remove Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump visit

Via: Texan1211  •  132 comments  •  an hour ago
Jul 02 11:40pm @5.1.3 Indeed 1st!
Jul 02 11:28pm @5.1.1 Wrong. You can not compare the two. The Palestinians were supposed to get land from England in what was called Trans Jordan but Jordan stole it from them. Then they were offered land over and over...
Do American Indians Celebrate the 4th of July?

Do American Indians Celebrate the 4th of July?

Via: 1stwarrior  •  9 comments  •  4 hours ago
How do Native Americans observe the 4th of July? This year, many people’s plans reflect their concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. But the answer has always been as complicated as America’s history. Perhaps the most quoted language in the Declaration of Independence is the statement that all men are created equal. Many Native Americans, however, also remember the signers’ final...
Jul 02 11:02pm @2 The Shinnecock are with the Mohawk. But that being said, they serve at a very high rate in the services. 
Why Long Island Still Loves Trump - POLITICO Magazine

Why Long Island Still Loves Trump - POLITICO Magazine

Via: JBB  •  3 comments  •  2 days ago
Jul 02 5:10pm @1.1.1 You mean Suffolk county will go for Trump. Nassau County will not. And your own article is talking about Suffolk, not Nassau, so Politico's own headline is misleading.  btw.. you might like to...
A family's wounds from racism | Newsday

A family's wounds from racism | Newsday

Via: JBB  •  40 comments  •  2 days ago
Jul 02 5:06pm @4.1.4 Gee, what an unbiased group of people/ sarc. Here is a study and I don't see Long Island on it: Based on this data, the 15 most discriminatory cities in the U.S. are: Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA...
Jul 02 4:47pm @1.1.12 I'm saying that is her personal experience growing up in the 1970's. It is not everyone who is black or Latino, or any other minority group.  And since my parents are in the real estate business,...
Jul 02 4:13pm @4.1.1 He doesn't want to include the city part. But you are right, if you are going strictly geographically then Queens and Brooklyn are part of Long Island. 
Jul 02 4:10pm @1.1.9 A broker can't say it in NYS. It is against the law and they would be sued and incur possible criminal charges. 
Jul 02 4:06pm @4 "..." There are two parts of LI. Nassau and Suffolk. Nassau went to Clinton, Suffolk went to Trump.
Jul 02 3:54pm @1.1.7 Point taken. And no where does it mention Baldwin which is the town right next to Freeport. Look at these demographics:
Jul 02 3:49pm @3.2 JBB, Your first article is an opinion piece the second one, is about a protest in Riverhead.  Let me tell you about Freeport. It is an upper-middle-class black neighborhood of mostly black...
Jul 02 3:00pm @1.1 You have got to be kidding me. I live here. My husband grew up in Freeport, where she grew up. I lived in a mixed community Amityville and there were no issues. My mom is a landlord in Oceanside...