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What Is The Nature Of Internet Friendships?

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2016-09-29
What is the nature of internet friendships?  Recent events in my life have me pondering this question. I have come to the conclusion that there are differing perceptions of what a internet friendship is.  Looking back on my experience I have had to ask myself some serious questions that I am sure many of us here have encountered. I think it comes down to several questions.  What does it mean to you when you befriend someone on the internet?  Is it as real as any other friendship and therefore should we have the same expectations from it, or is it something less? Do we ever really know the person, or are they like a character in a play? Are there different degrees of friendship as we have in real life, or should we regard anyone we take on as a internet friend with the same...
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If Trump Becomes President

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2016-03-07
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Life Is The Sound Of Distant Thunder At A Graduation

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2015-11-29
I wrote this almost 4 years ago and I can't believe that my daughters will be graduating from college this May. I thought it was worth the reprint, since we all get caught up in the trivial things in life, that we don't even notice it going by... and life is but a dream.   So it's the day my daughters graduation. A moment I had been both looking forward to and feeling a bit blue about. My little shrews had finally gotten their wings. Did I say shrews out loud? .. I meant loving daughters... sorry, that must have been the wine talking. But even though they can be shrews.. they are my shrews and the thought of them leaving us,l eaves me with a flood of emotions. But I digress... It was supposed to be a lovely first day of summer here on Long Island... translate that to mean 93...

Tuesdays with Morrie and Mondays with Herman

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2014-07-28
The book "Tuesdays with Morrie" told the very touching story of a man named Morrie, a retired philosophy Professor, dying of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The book was written by a past student of Morrie, who made it a point to visit his mentor every Tuesday and gain Morrie's pearls of wisdom before he died. I read the book and thought the story was very touching. So after I read the book, I promised myself to live my life in a positive, productive way and to savor every moment I had with my loved ones. But the lessons of the book never prepared me for what was to come. The book was trite compared to real life. Six years ago at Thanksgiving, I looked across the table at my Uncle Herman. His mouth seemed a little droopy, his speech a...


By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2014-07-03
This iframe is not allowed Souvenir. From the French word meaning to remember. We collect souvenirs throughout our lives. Occasionally we take them out from their dusty boxes, the scrap books we carefully constructed, or the photo albums we put them in, and look at them and remember. But the real souvenirs are the ones that are not physical, not the ones that we can actually see, but the ones that made us who we are. They are the defining moment or moments of our lives. Yet, those we rarely look at. I have come to the conclusion that the reason for this is that for most of us, these defining moments are not pleasant. They are times that brought us some pain. Humans are odd creatures in that, the events that make us who we are, were rarely welcomed events. With the...
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Things Left Unsaid

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2014-06-13
What seems like a lifetime ago, I had a very close friend, Jesse. He was everything a person should be. He was kind, good natured, brilliant, athletic, and very handsome. But to me, he was a great pal, someone I could talk to and would keep all my secrets. We cared about each other in that very special way that happens only every now and then with guy-girl friendships. We were getting ready for spring break in my Junior year of high school. There were parties planned and vacations, too. The Friday night of spring break I had plans to go to a party with my friends, and then the next day I was leaving for a short car trip with my family. I had seen Jesse during that Friday at school. He had decided not to go to the party, but instead to go and visit our favorite teacher at her home...
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In Good Company... Aspergers and Autism.

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2014-05-12
When my nephew was about two and a half, we began no notice that he had a peculiar habit. He would arrange his cars in size order. When you changed the order of the cars, He would quickly change the cars back order from smallest to largest. He would persist in this activity, and get increasingly upset each time you changed the order of the cars. Soon after, we began to notice that everything in his room had an order, whether it was books, stuffed animals or trains. And then there were those trains. By the time he was three, he could tell you everything about trains. He knew all the models of trains, the year they were first built, the types of tracks that they used and all the major stations that the trains ran through. This was his sole interest, and if you were not interested in...
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In the living years

By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2014-04-23
Crumpled bits of paper Filled with imperfect thought Stilted conversations I'm afraid that's all we've got You say you just don't see it He says it's perfect sense You just can't get agreement In this present tense We all talk a different language Talking in defense My childhood friend and stylist to the stars, Phillip Bloch, wrote an article to his deceased father on the first Father's Day that he had without him. Like many of us, he had had his differences with his dad. He talked of words now exchanged, that can no longer be taken back. The issues that seemed so important to him in life, no longer seemed as important to him now that his dad passed. As I read the article I cried. I cried because I knew his dad and had always had a warm...
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