Rebecca "Brite" Kesler

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Pat N2
link   Pat N2    7 years ago

Hey Lady! Good to see you! Squidget is still fighting the good fight. You'd be proud of her. she's bustin' their balls and exercising every right she has. The grande finale is coming up. She exercised her right to appear in person to have a judge decide her case. Army is flying her to Ft. Lewis on March 18th.

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    7 years ago

Miss Soovie...

"I just figgered out that Himself is from not far from you..."

..."himself"...??? Ya gotta be less 'cryptic' then thaa...

J.j. McNiff
link   J.j. McNiff    7 years ago

Hi there my ex.nv friend. I am just checking this place out. glad to find you here :-)Grin.gif

Stev G
link   Stev G    7 years ago

hey lov, thanks for the vite and gladly accepted, good to be part of Ya

link   66yrs99pct    7 years ago

Glad we "hooked up" again Brite !!

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    8 years ago

I'm not sure what happened regarding your member status; I don't recall either accepting nor suspending in your case. Sorry for any inadvertent action.