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@screminmimi, 12/25/17 11:26:53PM
My Christmas Day was quiet. I spent it with my horse and dog. It's a time of year that is still a struggle for me and I attended the funeral of a good friend on Wednesday, the 20th. Her death was unexpected and quite hard on family and friends.

Hope all my friends here had a peaceful and joyful Christmas and that the New Year brings blessings to you all and your families. Live long, and prosper.
Love, mimi
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@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 12/25/17 10:43:27PM
It's quite now, the house is silent. The grandchildren sleep, the relatives long gone, dishes done, wrapping paper cleaned up, the laughter, the tears, all wiped cleaned as we lean toward a New Year!
So, how dysfunctional was your Christmas?
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@A. Macarthur, 10/12/15 07:43:01PM
Good to see you, mimi.