Trump's Actions A Distraction From Impeachment?

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Trump's Actions A Distraction From Impeachment?

Seems like quite a few folks have declared Trump's actions in killing Suliemani are a "distraction" from impeachment.

"How so?", a reasonable mind might inquire.

Do any of Trump's actions prevent Nancy Pelosi from moving forward with impeachment?

Will any of Trump's actions stop the U.S. Senate from holding a trial--if Pelosi submits the articles to the Senate?

Please, someone--anyone--explain how Trump's actions are a distraction? Will EVERYTHING Trump does now be labeled a distraction?

Who is being distracted, and what effect does it have on impeachment?

I would love to hear the rationale for such a ludicrous declaration.

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1  Tacos!    4 years ago

If the Suleimani story is a distraction, it's only because Democrats only want to talk about impeachment. They die inside at the very notion of Trump ordering decisive action against an obvious enemy of the United States who clearly had it coming.

Here's another way to look at it. What's normal and what's unusual? Iran has been attacking Americans and American allies for 40 years. Trying to reign them in has been a task that has been a constant problem for every president since Jimmy Carter. In other words, it's normal business for the president and a normal topic for the attention of Americans.

What's not normal? Impeachment. It's been seriously considered only 4 times in our history and it's usually bogus. Impeachment is the exception. Impeachment takes us away from the normal, important business of government.

So if anyone out there is wondering which is the distraction? Iran or Impeachment? It's not a hard question. Impeachment is the distraction.

Buzz of the Orient
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2  Buzz of the Orient    4 years ago

Killing Suleimani = An everyday military operation, although this time on the money - even Democrat Bloomberg said it needed to be done.

Impeachment of Trump = In this case merely an attempt to influence voters, especially when no "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors" (according to the Constitution) have been proven, and further evidence of it not being valid is the delay in delivering the articles to Senate in order to keep waving it in the faces of the electorate as long as possible.

So which one was carried out for the purpose of being a distraction?

Vic Eldred
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3  Vic Eldred    4 years ago

That's the new progressive narrative, that the President, in taking action to protect American lives created a distraction from the democrat fake baked "impeachment"!

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4  It Is ME    4 years ago

"Trump's Actions A Distraction From Impeachment?"

There's been an Impeachment ? jrSmiley_97_smiley_image.gif

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5  Nerm_L    4 years ago

Democrat's impeachment of Trump has been a publicity stunt intended to garner public attention.  Trump's confrontation with Iran distracts the public's attention away from the Democrat's political accomplishment.

While nothing has changed concerning the technical process of impeaching Trump, the public relations value of the process has waned.  Democrats aren't going to get the publicity bang they wanted.  Competing for public attention may well result in impeachment being viewed as a distraction.

Democrats are wearing neck braces to manage the whiplash of switching from domestic politics to foreign politics.  Democrats are trying to regain attention by raising the issue of war powers.  But Trump has not threatened war with Iran.  Trump has not called for removal of a rogue government; Trump has not called for regime change.  Trump has not threatened to liberate Iran as Bush did with Iraq.  Trump has threatened to fight Iran's state sponsored terrorism with state sponsored terrorism.  Trump has threatened to play the game according to Iran's rules.  That's the game changer that breaks the status quo.

Democrats have spent the last three years cultivating and sowing a field of hopes and dreams fertilized with self-righteous outrage.  But Democrats haven't controlled the weather; the harvest may be disappointing.

Professor Principal
7  CB    4 years ago
Trump's Actions A Distraction From Impeachment?

Ask Donald. You can trust he will tell you the truth. At least, how he sees it all anyway! /s

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7.1  author  Texan1211  replied to  CB @7    4 years ago

Epic failure on your part to address anything I wrote.

Good job.

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7.1.1  CB  replied to  Texan1211 @7.1    4 years ago

It's an epic failure, using your words, if only because you can't ask Donald Trump anything to begin or you can't trust the reply you would receive! Nice dodge.

Well, escalation is occurring with Iran immediately, in spite of it all. Now, the 'steering' will begin in earnest to turn our massive beast of 24/7 media to writing and writhing of hands over a possible Iran/US 'conflict.'

There you go Donald. Nice job. You know "more that the generals." Surely, Donald meant it this way?

DONALD: "All is well!"

Professor Principal
7.1.2  author  Texan1211  replied to  CB @7.1.1    4 years ago

It is incredibly unrealistic to expect Trump to do absolutely nothing at all, merely await the Great Nancy Pelosi to send the articles along.

It is also incredibly stupid to think that any action besides resigning that Trump takes "distracts" from impeachment. Are you saying Democrats can't do impeachment and something else?

I think some Dems are screeching this nonsense because it makes them feel better while still admitting that impeachment is a political farce.

Whatever happened to "the vote of our lifetimes" and "Trump is a Constitutional crisis and must be stopped" chants?

Professor Principal
7.1.3  CB  replied to  Texan1211 @7.1.2    4 years ago

Answer up for yourself which:

  1. You can't ask Donald Trump anything to begin to know whether a possible war is a distraction from Impeachment?
  2. Or, you can't trust the reply you would receive?

Go ahead. 'Hit it home.'

Professor Principal
7.1.4  author  Texan1211  replied to  CB @7.1.3    4 years ago

If you have nothing to say about the topic-just say so, or nothing at all.

Professor Principal
7.1.5  CB  replied to  Texan1211 @7.1.4    4 years ago

No further comment needed from me, since you can't or won't answer. The Iranian-U.S. "action" is nearing a speedy end and soon will wash out of the news cycle. The media 'beast' will have consumed its meager offerings and turned to its left or right looking for a new tray of congressional consumables. We hope, that is!

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7.1.6  author  Texan1211  replied to  CB @7.1.5    4 years ago

Oh, great!


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7.1.7  CB  replied to  Texan1211 @7.1.6    4 years ago

You betcha!