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Two killed, 40 detained in new gay purge in Chechnya

Two killed, 40 detained in new gay purge in Chechnya

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  147 comments  •  8 minutes ago
By   The Associated Press The Russian republic of Chechnya has launched a   new crackdown on gays   in which at least two people have died and about 40 people have been detained, LGBTQ activists in Russia charged Monday. The new allegations come after reports in 2017 of more than 100 gay men arrested and subjected to torture, and some of them killed, in the predominantly Muslim region...
Jan 16 4:29pm @5.1.15 It's completely relevant. You consider homosexuality to be immoral. I asked a question and it's obvious to me you have no answer.
Jan 16 4:25pm @3.2.5 I didn't say they weren't racist it's just that race didn't matter when they were trying to spread their version of communism. And, no, I never thought Russians treated everybody equally. They...
Jan 16 2:50pm @5.1.10 How can a sexual orientation be immoral if one does not choose that sexual orientation?
Jan 16 2:37pm @3.2.3 Because the Soviets didn't care about the color of anyone's skin as long as they could advance their ideology. The Soviets actually came down on the right side of Apartheid. They were against it
Jan 16 2:35pm @5.1.6 I dunno. I see bullies picking on people much smaller and weaker than themselves because they know they can over power them. I think it's because of hate....hatred for themselves.
Jan 16 10:39am @3.2.1 Russians weren't so racist when they tried to institute communism in African countries
Jan 16 10:31am @3.1.27 "..." The US could very well be on its way to state sponsored oppression..... link
Jan 16 10:23am @1.2.19 Actually, I think you can blame religion because the Russian Orthodox Church is very strong in Russia today
Police Find Four Rolex Watches Worth $108,000 Hidden In Woman's Vagina

Police Find Four Rolex Watches Worth $108,000 Hidden In Woman's Vagina

Via: badfish hαηd ⊕ƒ †hε Ωuεεη  •  55 comments  •  24 minutes ago
Delajurea Brookens, 29, met 46-year-old businessman Ramon Diaz at a nightclub on Miami Beach on Tuesday. The pair went back to his hotel room, but when Diaz came out from the bathroom he noticed that his velour Crown Royal whisky bag - which contained five watches worth a total of $108,000 (£83,991) - was nowhere to be seen. Diaz is then said to have fled the hotel with Brookens in...
Jan 16 4:20pm @10.2 You're on a roll, today
Jan 16 4:17pm @7.2.1 It does make one wonder
Jan 16 2:30pm @7.1.1 I keep my poker change in my bag
Jan 16 1:39pm @3.1.7 It's just that women have one more orifice than men do
Jan 16 1:30pm @7 Well, Diaz obviously doesn't know what a Crown Whiskey bag is for.
Jan 16 1:29pm @3.1.5 "..." Forgive me, Tacos...but you are limited in your bodily orifcices.
Jan 16 1:28pm @3.1.4 My dad had that problem. He couldn't wear a watch because they always died on him about a week after he got it. So he got a pocket watch
Jan 16 1:27pm @1.1 LOL!
Trump’s bogus justifications for the border wall

Trump’s bogus justifications for the border wall

Via: Don Overton  •  35 comments  •  8 hours ago
President Trump’s speech this week did not change the fact that a border wall won’t make the United States safer or more prosperous. Despite the president’s spin and pretend newly-found humanitarianism, a wall—whether a steel barrier or concrete—remains a waste of money. No matter how tall, deep, or thick a barrier, illicit flows will find a way around. Instead, the wall would undermine the...
Jan 16 3:44pm @2.1.8 And it's always the middle one
Relationships V. Edifices

Relationships V. Edifices

By: Enoch  •  33 comments  •  8 hours ago
Rabbi Harold Kushner was sitting on a beach one warm bright summer day*. He saw a young boy and girl making a castle of sand. They built gates, towers, walls, moats. The whole nine yards.  When almost finished, the tide changed. A wave wiped out all their efforts. The Rabbi thought he would see them reduced to tears. All good efforts now limp, wet, sand ruins. Instead,...
Jan 16 1:32pm @8.1.1 Thanks, Enoch. I'm very proud of my son who is now an aircraft mechanic on AC-130s in the Air Force. He was always very funny. He was a quiet boy, but when he got wound up....
Jan 16 11:34am @8 We were coming back to Arkansas from my visiting my parents in PA and we had just pulled into our town. We drove straight thru instead of stopping for the night so we were happy we got there in a...
Jan 16 11:27am @3.2 It IS hard to be 3....hell it's hard to be 56
What Makes a Movie a “Cult” Film?

What Makes a Movie a “Cult” Film?

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  15 comments  •  9 hours ago
What Makes a Movie a “Cult” Film? How a "Cult Classic" Is Born Rocky Horror Picture Show    20th Century Fox by Christopher McKittrick, ThoughtCo, Updated January 11, 2018 Films like "Gone with the Wind" and "The Godfather" are hailed as masterpieces from almost the moment the first audiences see them, and their critical and box office success reflect that. But...
Jan 16 1:13pm @6 I don't know if you can consider it a cult film, but it's my guilty pleasure...."Roadhouse" with Patrick Swayze
President Trump Has Opened Our Eyes

President Trump Has Opened Our Eyes

By: lennylynx  •  25 comments  •  5 hours ago
Before Donald Trump became President, I used to have a hard time figuring out how so many people could continue voting Republican, given their total corporate subservience and utter disregard for the American people.  A certain number is understandable.  A certain percentage could actually be fooled into thinking the Republican party is still viable, and of course,  a certain amount of people...
Jan 16 11:11am @5 I blame the mainstream media for giving him so much free advertising during the campaign
Canada Wants 1M More Immigrants by 2021

Canada Wants 1M More Immigrants by 2021

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  61 comments  •  12 hours ago
Canada Wants 1M More Immigrants by 2021 Canada wants to help immigrants and combat the troubles of an aging population and birth rate decline. By  Katelyn Newman , Staff Writer, US News and World Report, Jan. 11, 2019 More than 250 people became new Canadians at a citizenship ceremony held at a Royal Canadian Navy local reserve division in Toronto on May 2nd...
Jan 16 11:06am @3.2.13 "..." That's about how long a wait it is here in the States for a non-emergency medical procedure. It took over 10 days to get the surgery I needed when I broke my ankle in two places. Glad it...
Jan 14 4:33pm @3.2.5 Americans wait on health care, too. There's no denying it
Jan 14 4:17pm @9.1 I can build those! What kind of skill sets is Canada looking for...besides building snow forts?
Jan 14 4:16pm @3.2.3 I've had to wait weeks for a surgical procedure because TriCare likes to take its time approving things
Newstalkers Advice Column

Newstalkers Advice Column

By: katrix  •  94 comments  •  an hour ago
I like to read various advice columns; sometimes the answers are hilarious.  So, I am starting one in here.  I'll go first.   Useful advice is appreciated, but humorous advice will be more entertaining. I have a friend, "Jenny."  Jenny has a lot of good qualities, so I don't want to totally write her off as a friend.  But she has a flaw which drive me nuts.  She's fairly melodramatic and...
Jan 16 11:01am @4.1.9 He's no saint....he talks a lot. I'm lucky to get my weekly work bitch in That man talks All. The. Time.
Jan 16 10:56am @4.1.7 O.M.G. I just saw myself in your wife I bitch about work endlessly. I work with some real assholes and I don't have any friends so Mr Giggles gets the brunt of it.
Ocasio-Cortez: Just As Fake As Socialism Itself

Ocasio-Cortez: Just As Fake As Socialism Itself

Via: Keep America Great!  •  60 comments  •  9 hours ago
Just like the hollow promise given by Democrats when they passed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, newly elected and former-waitress US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (P-NY), is waffling on whether or not she will refuse her salary during the so-called government shutdown. Ocasio-Cortez makes $174,000 annually as a US Representative. The freshman Democrats shot her mouth off before the shutdown...
Jan 15 4:09pm @3.2.22 I bet she knows how to spell hamburger, too
President Donald Trump's 10 biggest falsehoods of 2018

President Donald Trump's 10 biggest falsehoods of 2018

Via: Dulay  •  92 comments  •  yesterday
President Donald Trump misled the American public repeatedly in 2018. He championed victories that never happened and complained of challenges that don’t exist, while repeating some of the same false claims dozens and dozens of times — on the campaign trail, at the White House, and on Twitter. This year alone, we’ve fact checked claims on tariffs, immigration law, health insurance,...
Jan 15 4:01pm @1.2.1 I really like that one!
The skills gap is fixed, because there was no skills gap

The skills gap is fixed, because there was no skills gap

Via: Bob Nelson  •  6 comments  •  2 days ago
Baruch College graduates take part in a commencement program at Barclays Center last June in the Brooklyn borough of New York.    Bebeto Matthews/AP There is nothing Washington loves more than an imaginary problem that gives it an excuse for not solving an actual one. Especially when that hypothetical is some kind of long-term issue that lets pundits and politicians flatter...
Jan 15 2:04pm @2.2 I wonder how many parents want their children to be POTUS now?
Rise of the Golden Jackal

Rise of the Golden Jackal

Via: Bob Nelson  •  9 comments  •  yesterday
On a hill above Trieste, Italy , at the western edge of Slovenia, I heard the golden jackals howl. This was my second night out with Miha Krofel, a conservation biologist at the University of Ljubljana, driving rural roads through farmland and forests. The night before, along with two volunteer researchers — one a photographer who had become something of a jackal specialist...
Jan 15 1:32pm @2.2 Coyotes in Long Island? Wow.....I was telling my mother a few years back that somebody should transport some coyotes to Western PA to take care of the deer. She didn't appreciate my solution
Oh, yeah....government workers are really enjoying this extra "holiday"

Oh, yeah....government workers are really enjoying this extra "holiday"

By: Atheist יוחנן בן אברהם אבינו  •  266 comments  •  8 hours ago
Federal workers affected by the government shutdown have more than $400 million in mortgage and rent payments due this month, and it could cause chaos for the US housing market
Jan 15 1:16pm @8.5.1 I'll admit to it if I get deported some place with palm trees
Trump Hits Fake News Washington Post’s ‘Jeff Bozo’

Trump Hits Fake News Washington Post’s ‘Jeff Bozo’

Via: Keep America Great!  •  34 comments  •  2 days ago
President Trump expressed his condolences Sunday night in a tweet to Jeff ‘Bozo’ Bezos, the oligarch owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, for being profiled in a  National Enquirer  adultery scandal. Bezos, the world’s richest man, had been carrying out an affair with a TV anchor named Lauren Sanchez, while both were married. The billionaire oligarch has now announced he’s undergoing a...
Jan 15 12:35pm @3.1.2 I thought you disapproved of name calling?
Jan 14 4:38pm @3 trmp is trolling Bezos for having an affair????? O.M.G.......this shit just writes itself
Old Dog - A Short Story.

Old Dog - A Short Story.

By: Kavika  •  50 comments  •  2 days ago
The sun shone brightly in the north country, belying the bitter cold that surrounded her. Old Dog pushed on through the snow, deep, cold and seeping the remaining strength from her body. Yet she pushed on, single- minded, survival her goal. Old Dog remembered better days, happy days on their plot of land with its wooden cabin that she shared with her human. She could run free through the...
Jan 14 4:12pm @10 Great to read it again, Kavika
Books without Paper   ---   by Bob Nelson

Books without Paper --- by Bob Nelson

By: Bob Nelson  •  13 comments  •  2 days ago
A few days ago , a conversation got going about various means of "reading" today... besides the classic paper book. I know there are some people who are attached to physical pages, and it's good that modern publishing is so efficient that there's almost not risk of paper books disappearing. But let's look at some other options. The first is "ebooks". These are files that are opened...
Jan 14 2:55pm @4 Since Barnes and Noble shuttered their brick and mortar stores, can one still buy books on-line? And I do remember when Amazon sold books, paper books. Amazon is why I was considering a second job...
Americans aren't making enough babies to replace ourselves

Americans aren't making enough babies to replace ourselves

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  225 comments  •  11 hours ago
By   Linda Carroll and Shamard Charles, M.D. Americans are having fewer and fewer babies, a new government report finds. In fact, we now aren’t making enough babies to replace ourselves. For the population to reproduce itself at current numbers, the “total fertility rate” needs to be 2,100 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age per year, researchers for the Centers for Disease...
Jan 14 12:48pm @7.1.7 You're a smart man. I put my daughter on BC when she was about 15 because she was having awful periods. But I also knew that I was going to have deal with her dating at some point before she...
Jan 11 8:50am @7.1.5 I'm glad they did. I got sex ed in 10th grade health class. Our school nurse came in to teach it because the regular teacher was uncomfortable with the subject. God bless Katie Clendenon! She had...
Jan 10 4:12pm @18.1 I appreciate your contribution
Jan 10 2:54pm @9.1.16 A serial killer most likely since if they are unwanted, they aren't going to be raised in loving, nurturing homes.
Jan 10 2:39pm @1.1.32 LOL!!!! That scene cracked me up so much because it was just so ludicrous
Jan 10 2:16pm @14.2.15 I think I'm suffering from the "returns to you 3-fold" curse. I am constantly giving somebody the Evil Eye
Jan 10 1:50pm @14.2.10 You're familiar with the Evil Eye, right? Try that a few times, but I've been getting sharp pains in my eye every time I do that.
Jan 10 1:46pm @14.2.8 Pick any day you want and we'll call it Aunt's Day. :)
Jan 10 1:46pm @14.2.7 Nobody bugs me about not being a grandmother. They know better
Jan 10 1:33pm @13.1.2 Ok, then. Veronica, BF and I did our parts!
Jan 10 1:32pm @14.2.2 It's so funny, the older I get, the more I dislike children. I had 2 of my own, but I am not crazy about babies or little kids.
Jan 10 1:29pm @14.1.7 You are awesome!
Jan 10 1:24pm @16.1 "..." They have books that explain that part....I taught them to read
Jan 10 1:23pm @14.1.4 My daughter takes care of sick babies all day long since she is a NICU nurse. I think just taking care of those babies has helped her make a decision to either hold off or not have any at all. I'm...
Jan 10 1:00pm @14.1.2 "..." That might have been something that I left out in their education. I told them to use condoms and how birth control works but may have left out the technical parts. LOL! My daughter will...
Jan 10 12:55pm @7.1.3 Now I would have thought that you all up there in the North East would be teaching comprehensive sex ed.
Jan 10 12:53pm @14.1 I'm done. This baby making factory is closed
Jan 10 12:53pm @13.1 Just two kids? Yep, me too. Zero population growth from the Giggles family
Jan 10 12:38pm @5.2.24 you agreed to stop replying to me
Jan 10 11:58am @1.1.14 I've asked you to stop replying to me.
Jan 10 11:34am @5.2.11 My mom AND dad both taught me that. Education was a big thing to my father. Since my mom couldn't work, my dad made sure she would always be taken care of.
Jan 10 11:32am @1.1.10 "..." It's good to have comprehensive sex ed in public schools. Unfortunately here in the Bible Belt people don't want their little darlings to learn anything about sex except just say no. That...
Jan 10 11:28am @5.2.8 Women for the most part don't want to stay home. They're getting educated and want to make their own money not pander to a man for it.
Jan 10 11:17am @5.2.4 My mother would have liked to work, but her health precluded that. She was never happy with staying at home. My dad was fortunate that the coal mines were still working well when I was growing up,...
Jan 10 9:39am @7.1.1 My kids' school taught abstinence only. I supplemented their sex ed with constant lectures. I'm not a grandparent.....
Jan 10 9:37am @1.1.7 Ever see the movie "Idiocracy"? It's pretty much what zuksam is saying. The smart people didn't have enough babies and the dumb people who home schooled their kids took over the country
Jan 10 9:28am @7 I'm glad to see the decline of teen birth rates.
Jan 10 9:28am @6.2.1 For once I think he makes sense. With more and more automation, where are people going to find jobs? Even the service industry is turning towards automation (kiosks in fast food restaurants). I...
Jan 10 9:26am @5.1.7 That was back in the old days. Today both partners have to work just to afford a decent place to live. Both of my kids are holding off on having children and I can't blame them. Actually, I...
Mysterious fast radio bursts detected from deep space

Mysterious fast radio bursts detected from deep space

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  256 comments  •  3 hours ago
Jan. 10, 2019, 4:27 PM EST  / Source: Live Science By   Brandon Specktor, Live Science Don't look now, but Earth is being bombarded with mysterious, invisible light. Among the typical array of   radio signals and microwaves   cast out by distant stars, black holes and other celestial bodies, there exists a brand of intergalactic light that consistently boggles scientists' minds...
Jan 11 3:45pm @11.1.36 We have 3 or 4 of those antennas that look like a mat that you put up against a window. Works great in the man cave and my bedroom but sucks in the living room
Jan 11 3:44pm @11.1.34 That's an excellent show. I keep hoping a new season is coming
Jan 11 2:50pm @11.1.20 Yes. That scares me more than some imaginary monster on the wing
Jan 11 2:37pm @11.1.17 No..... I always sit next to the window and look down at the ground below
Jan 11 2:34pm @12.2 I thought it was baby monitors
Jan 11 2:11pm @10.1 How depressing.....
Jan 11 2:05pm @9.1.12 I don't like airports
Jan 11 1:39pm @1.6.3 It's probably gas:
Jan 11 1:30pm @8.1.10 Thanks. I listened to it......I got nuttin'. I'll leave the poor man alone to his deluded thinking
Jan 11 1:28pm @5.1.10 Septic systems are based on this idea (anaerobic bacteria)
Jan 11 1:15pm @9.1.2 I dunno....I think I'll stay right here with humanity, warts and all. Rectal probes do NOT sound like a party
Jan 11 1:14pm @8.1.8 How far in do I have to listen? You can always tell people who were never in the military. Their speeches last longer than 4-7 minutes.
Jan 11 1:00pm @1.5.32 omg...sounds like one of Mr Giggles friends. I'm surrounded by these type of people
Jan 11 12:56pm @8.1.5 Those were monuments to cats.
Jan 11 12:53pm @1.4.5 Gosh I hope not....what if they get confused?
Jan 11 12:52pm @5.1.4 not the one I was looking for this is what I was looking for:
Jan 11 12:50pm @5.1.3 (deleted)
Jan 11 12:49pm @1.5.22 I tried to explain that to Mr Giggles who believes in ghosts but not ETs. Sometimes it's fruitless to explain to someone why their beliefs are illogical
Jan 11 12:47pm @1.5.21 It's a mathematical probability. Google the Drake Equation.
Jan 11 11:56am @1.5.4 Actually, believing extra terrestrial life exists is a faith based on logic. It's logical to believe that in this big, vast universe, something besides Planet Earth has life on it
Jan 11 11:54am @1.4.3 I don't think we're alone. However, I don't know what these bursts are
Jan 11 11:54am @1.3.2 And it's fairly simple to understand.  I learned about it watching "Ancient Aliens"
Jan 11 9:00am @6.1 Does Universal Eddie sell mattresses?
Jan 11 8:35am @1.2 This is a big I. DON'T. KNOW.
The Economics of Soaking the Rich

The Economics of Soaking the Rich

Via: Bob Nelson  •  80 comments  •  5 days ago
I have no idea how well Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform as a member of Congress. But her election is already serving a valuable purpose. You see, the mere thought of having a young, articulate, telegenic nonwhite woman serve is driving many on the right mad — and in their madness they’re inadvertently revealing their true selves. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of...
Jan 11 12:44pm @4.1.34 Ah, I see now. Thanks
Jan 11 11:53am @4.1.30 I didn't realize that SS payments were paid based on how much you paid into it.
Jan 11 11:25am @4.1.25 I think we should raise the salary gap on the SS tax.
Jan 11 10:54am @5.1.22 "..." Not if I pick up the other 60%.
What Real Border Security Looks Like

What Real Border Security Looks Like

Via: Bob Nelson  •  7 comments  •  5 days ago
ON THE ISRAEL-LEBANON BORDER — Other than the Korean Peninsula’s DMZ, there’s probably no border in the world as fraught with the potential for sudden violence as this one, known locally as the Blue Line. Since President Trump thinks border security is the issue of our time, it’s worth considering how Israel — with tight borders, real threats, and a no-nonsense attitude toward its...
Jan 11 11:29am @1.1.1 I'm glad you said excuses and not reasons
Funny Cartoon

Funny Cartoon

By: Enoch  •  30 comments  •  4 days ago
This cartoon tickled my funny bone. If you have a cartoon you would like to share, here is a place to do it. Site CoC and TOS; intellectual property rights must be respected. Other than that, let's have some clean non offensive fun here. Enoch. 
Jan 11 10:04am @7 I used to ask for Far Side Calendars for Christmas
Downwind From Evil - A Short Story

Downwind From Evil - A Short Story

By: Kavika  •  55 comments  •  5 days ago
East Grand Forks, Minnesota. August, 2001. Duncan Brown shuffled along the street looking for discarded cigarette butts. He had reached the bottom of a long hard road. His life, while never good, was now only survival. But he wasn't sure survival was what he wanted. Dying would be so much simpler for him. The street lights had come on as the long summer day in the...
Jan 11 9:25am @13 Great story, Kavika! Sounds like Henry had a good rehab program
Pelosi And Schumer Humiliate Trump In Front Of The Entire Country

Pelosi And Schumer Humiliate Trump In Front Of The Entire Country

Via: Don Overton  •  63 comments  •  5 days ago
Pelosi said: I appreciate the opportunity to speak directly to the American people tonight about how we can end this shutdown and meet the needs of the American people. Sadly, much of what we heard from president trump throughout the shutdown as been full of misinformation and even mall — malice. The president has chosen fear. We want to start with facts. The fact is house Democrats...
Jan 11 8:37am @2.1.14 But you didn't answer my question
Jan 10 2:37pm @2.1.9 That's all you have? You've never made a mistake?
BREAKING NEWS: DHS Test Cut Right Through Trump’s Border Wall Steel Slats with a Saw

BREAKING NEWS: DHS Test Cut Right Through Trump’s Border Wall Steel Slats with a Saw

Via: Krishna  •  330 comments  •  5 days ago
A test of a steel prototype for the proposed border wall showed it could be sawed through. ( NBC News Exclusive) Department of Home land Security testing of a prototype of the steel slat design that Donald Trump favors for his border wall proved that it could be cut through with a saw. NBC News reports.  A photo obtained by the network shows the slats with a gaping...
Jan 11 8:36am @9.1.5 Damn! Now I have the Beach Boys in my head.
Jan 10 3:01pm @5.1.7 We import cheap steel from overseas.....with trmp supposedly opening up manufacturing jobs maybe we won;t have to rely on "cheap steel" You brag about all the work you've done....but none of it...
Jan 10 2:59pm @9.2.6 The Great Lakes only separate a small part of Canada from the US. I crossed the US-Canadian border in Montana and from Alaska. I understand you can also cross it into Washington State. Surely I'm...
Jan 10 2:17pm @9.1.2 "..." Got your Genghis on, did ya? So they are found in the Americas, too?
Jan 10 1:27pm @9.1 LOL! The Mongol herds. I hear that like every 5th person in China (or is it Mongolia) is related to Genghis Khan
Jan 10 1:11pm @4.1.14 And that failed miserably....
Jan 10 12:51pm @6.1.15 Nope. Just never had one. But I'm glad you think older female bodies are so funny and something to ridicule
Jan 10 11:12am @6.1.13 No, but I would like a chest to pin it on
Jan 10 11:10am @4.1.11 Oooo....I like the moat idea!
Jan 10 10:35am @4.1.8 Let's not forget mine fields.
Jan 10 10:34am @6.1.3 I hate trmp and pay taxes.....
Jan 10 10:33am @5.1.4 How did I insult steel workers? All I meant is maybe we can finally get some manufacturing jobs back to America Unlike you, I come from a blue collar background. Grampap, Dad and all his brothers...
Jan 10 10:24am @5.1 "..." Maybe that's what trmp meant when he promised to bring back manufacturing jobs to America!
Jan 10 10:23am @4.1.5 Even with a fence, we're going to have to beef up border patrol.
Jan 10 9:54am @4.1.1 "..." It will be necessary to provide even if it's a fence with razor wire. Drones could be used...but what is the response time for agents to get to that particular spot?
Paris' first naked restaurant to close

Paris' first naked restaurant to close

Via: Freefaller  •  33 comments  •  6 days ago
Paris' first nudist restaurant is set to close after just over year of serving classic French dishes to diners in the buff.  O'Naturel, in the French capital's 12th district, will close on February 16, according to a Facebook post from the owners. Twins Mike and Stéphane Saada told the AFP news agency that they were having to close for financial reasons. In another Facebook post , they...
Jan 10 4:53pm @5.1.5 I don't want to think about that
Jan 10 2:41pm @1.1.2 Or a fondue restaurant
Jan 10 11:29am @5.1.2 Bingo!
Jan 10 10:17am @5.1 Maybe seat covers?
Jan 10 10:16am @1.1 Clothing optional restaurants? In the US? I wouldn't order the soup....I have a tendency to spill on myself
Why paper books and the independent bookstore aren't dead

Why paper books and the independent bookstore aren't dead

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  5 comments  •  6 days ago
Why paper books and the independent bookstore aren't dead Turns out all those dire predictions were wrong. By Starr Vartan, Mother Nature Network, December 28 2018 Don't ring the death toll for independent bookstores just yet. (Photo:  Michael Voelker /Flickr) I love books, and to an irrational degree. In books, I find psychological and emotional refuge,...
Jan 10 4:32pm @1.1 I like a paper book when I'm sitting outside in the sun. The sun glares off my Kindle and I can't read it. As I get older, it gets harder for me to hold a book so I like the Kindle for that reason
What Llama-Poop-Eating Mites Tell Us About the Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire

What Llama-Poop-Eating Mites Tell Us About the Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire

Via: Bob Nelson  •  5 comments  •  6 days ago
The Inca Empire owes much to the humble llama —and to the animal’s droppings. As a 2011 study of the fallen Andean civilization revealed, llama dung served as an essential fertilizer for the Incas’ staple crop of maize, enabling the Peruvian-based group to embrace agriculture and move away from the less reliable method of hunting and gathering. Now, Lizzie Wade reports for Science...
Jan 10 4:06pm @3 Funny what poop can tell you about civilization
Betting website loses $276,424 after allowing wagers on how often Trump would lie during speech

Betting website loses $276,424 after allowing wagers on how often Trump would lie during speech

Via: pat wilson  •  9 comments  •  6 days ago
Donald Trump ’s prime time address has cost a gambling website just short of $300,000 (£234,000), all because of the number of false statements the president made. The website asked people to bet on how much Mr Trump would bet during his address, giving -145 odds that he would lie more than 3.5 times, and #115 for less than that. That means that $145 bet would yield $100 if...
Jan 10 3:52pm @5 "..." That's where they messed up....if they had laid odds he would lie at more than 5 times (which they had to know was a distinct possibility) they might have cleaned up
Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller

Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller

Via: Tessylo  •  33 comments  •  6 days ago
Politics Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller   Olivia Ovenden, Esquire   2 hours 33 minutes ago   From Esquire Despite his attempts to cause confusion and chaos with a national address on the proposed border wall - in which he said very little - the heat of the Mueller investigation is clearly getting...
Jan 10 1:30pm @1.2.2 wow....
Jan 10 1:20pm @3.2.10 "..." In my not so humble opinion, those so-called Americans gave up their American card when they decided to go fight with jihadist terrorists
Jan 10 1:18pm @2.3 I've always loved that scene
Jan 10 1:17pm @1.2 I think all this wall talk is a distraction
Kellyanne Conway embarrasses CNN’s Jim Acosta during heated exchange: 'You're such a smarta--'

Kellyanne Conway embarrasses CNN’s Jim Acosta during heated exchange: 'You're such a smarta--'

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Video Kellyanne Conway embarrasses CNN's Jim Acosta: 'You're such a smarta--' Kellyanne Conway embarrassed CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta during a press gaggle on Tuesday, referring to him as a 'smarta--' unliked by other reporters. Acosta questioned Conway about whether President Trump would tell the truth when addressing the nation Tuesday night,...
Jan 10 10:13am @5.4.18 I think Wally is a great name for a cat
Jan 09 12:58pm @5.4.5 Tessy can read, tho
Jan 09 10:25am @2.2.2 I doubt he's embarrassed from being called a smartass that nobody likes. If Acosta is anything like me, he wears that proudly
Video Games: A Plague On America

Video Games: A Plague On America

By: Emily Sharp  •  25 comments  •  3 days ago
Ever since the creation of video games, they have been robbing young kids of their time and ambition and they are harmful to the lives of teenagers and young adults around the globe. Although, these complex digital wonders are a great thing in moderation, when played in excess, they damage the social, educational, and professional lives of many teenagers all around the world. Video games are...
Jan 10 9:17am @4.1 "..." Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found out people could make a living playing video games. My son thought this was going to be his career. Fortunately, it didn't pan out and he...
Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

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Employees of the U.S. Coast Guard who are facing a long U.S. government shutdown just received a suggestion: To get by without pay, consider holding a garage sale, babysitting, dog-walking or serving as a “mystery shopper.”  The suggestions were part of a five-page tip sheet published by the Coast Guard Support Program, an employee-assistance arm of the service often known as CG SUPRT....
Jan 10 9:02am @1 "..." Absolutely!
Trump says he could invoke emergency powers to build wall without Congress

Trump says he could invoke emergency powers to build wall without Congress

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WASHINGTON — President Trump floated the possibility he could declare a “national emergency” in order to build a wall on the southern border during a freewheeling press conference at the White House on Friday. “I can do it if I want. … We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely,” Trump said, adding, “We can do it. I haven’t done it. I...
Jan 10 8:38am @19.1.33 "..." Thank-you, Jack.
Jan 09 4:46pm @19.1.14 Then please enlighten us. I understand it's a state park? Is that correct?
Jan 09 4:07pm @19.1.7 It would be a real shame to mar that beauty with an ugly fence/wall
President Trump Gives Stunning Address On America’s ‘Crisis of the Soul’

President Trump Gives Stunning Address On America’s ‘Crisis of the Soul’

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President Donald Trump delivered a beautiful, somber monologue from the Oval Office Tuesday night to address the border crisis: “A crisis of the heart, a crisis of the Soul.” Trump spoke to the American people with seriousness, with respect, with empathy. He spoke of the women and children who are brutal victims of the illegal immigration scourge. He did not speak in platitudes, as his...
Jan 09 4:48pm @14.2.7 I would think heroin would come thru sea ports and air ports because I don't think heroin is produced in Central/South America. I could be wrong
Jan 09 4:01pm @10.3.74 "..." Is that what they're calling compassionate conservatism these days?
Jan 09 3:55pm @10.3.71 "..." Thought so. Thanks
Jan 09 3:38pm @10.3.66 "..." I've been looking but can't find an answer, either
Jan 09 3:27pm @10.3.64 "..." Because Americans have gotten into their heads that unions are bad.
Jan 09 2:56pm @10.3.59 How could they apply for unemployment if they're working? The answer is they can't. They're just not getting paid. YES....they will get all that back pay but that doesn't help when the light bill...
Jan 09 2:44pm @10.3.52 "..." And XD called me foolish.... let that sink in
Jan 09 2:43pm @10.3.51 You're the funny one if that's the best you can do
Jan 09 2:30pm @10.3.45 And I admitted it. I said you were correct, didn't I? What else do you want? A pint of blood? I'm not the one who made the claim, you were and you weaseled out on proving your point. Somebody else...
Jan 09 2:29pm @10.3.44 I didn't say it was about me. My comment was to cover everybody you derisively criticized for not doing as you do. You were judgemental concerning all the people who do take a refund. And I'm...
Jan 09 2:26pm @10.3.41 And I totally forgot about contractors. Another good point
Jan 09 2:25pm @10.3.39 You made the first claim. That's the first rule of debate It doesn;t matter, Colour did your homework for you.
Jan 09 2:24pm @10.3.37 lol
Jan 09 2:24pm @10.3.36 "..." But you did comment, didn't you? And still nothing about the people not getting a paycheck on Friday because you know I'm right
Jan 09 2:23pm @10.3.34 Thank-you, Colour, for doing Sunshine's homework. However, as katrix pointed out the ones currently working with no pay can't apply for unemployent insurance. They are SOL
Jan 09 2:20pm @10.3.29 give it a rest You people are so transparent
Jan 09 2:18pm @10.3.27 It's none of your business.
Jan 09 2:18pm @10.3.26 "..." Ooooo.....didn't think of that! Good catch, katrix!
Jan 09 2:17pm @10.3.23 "..." You were the first to claim that they can get bennies. I said they didn't. It really is up to you to go first in proving your claims. But what the hell, I looked it up because I figured...
Jan 09 2:08pm @10.3.19 And what's it to you that I prefer a refund? And I'm the judgemental one.....christ on a stick!
Jan 09 2:08pm @10.3.18 What's it to you how people do their W-2s? Most Americans can't afford an accountant, Mr Money Bags, so why should you care that I don't do the same as you and look forward to a return every year?...
Jan 09 2:05pm @10.3.16 You think that's gonna happen? I've seen your comments and I don't think you WANT it to happen so these poor people will not be getting a paycheck on Friday. I see you can't dispute that
Jan 09 2:04pm @10.3.15 got a link for that?
Jan 09 1:49pm @10.3.8 No they can't
Jan 09 1:36pm @10.3.5 "..." No, that won't happen until Friday when federal prison guards and TSA agents are supposed to get paid
Jan 09 12:48pm @2.2.1 Damn, Nightwalker!!! What East German gave you nightmares???? lol
A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll

A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll

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A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll   By Chris Kahn, Reuters   13 hours ago     By Chris Kahn NEW YORK (Reuters) - A growing proportion of Americans blame President Donald Trump for a partial government shutdown that will cut off paychecks to federal workers this week, though...
Jan 09 2:33pm @2.1.13 They don't. They probably won't be able to buy gas to get to work
Jan 09 2:04pm @2.1.11 "..." They won't be getting paid on Friday which is their payday. I know they WILL get paid but in the meantime they need to pay their bills just the same as you and me. Most of them live...
Jan 09 1:22pm @2.1.9 Guess what? We agree. The TSA was only one of George Bush's boneheaded ideas.
Jan 09 1:21pm @3.1.24 oh goody....then get started on that wall between Arkansas and Texas, will you? Hope you don't need any interstate commerce.....
Jan 09 1:08pm @3.1.20 ok....sure I don't Texas is as self-sufficient as you seem to think it is
Jan 09 1:07pm @2.1.7 I'm all for a fence because a wall is just too expensive. I'm just trying to show that we have people out there doing very important jobs but I'm seeing a lot of comments that think these folks are...
Jan 09 12:54pm @2.1.3 But wait....can't fences and walls be scaled/climbed? If the guards aren't minding the store.....
Jan 09 12:52pm @3.1.18 "..." He could have had that last year if he has just compromised on DACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 09 12:36pm @3.1.15 I want a wall between me and Texas
Jan 09 10:37am @3.1.9 Do you have any sources for that claim (coming here for freebies)?
Jan 09 10:28am @3.1.6 Well, don't look now but he's already increased it. If you are anything like the other righties on here, you won't sleep easily until there's WALL built around the entire United States....
Jan 09 10:18am @3.1.2 Do you want trmp to have 5.7 billion or not?
Jan 09 10:17am @2.1 So you have no problem with federal prison guards not getting paid..... hope you don't live near a federal prison....
Arizona care facility CEO resigns after vegetative patient gave birth

Arizona care facility CEO resigns after vegetative patient gave birth

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By   Janelle Griffith and Doha Madani The CEO of an Arizona long-term care center   where a woman who has been in a vegetative state   for years gave birth last month has resigned. Hacienda HealthCare CEO Bill Timmons announced his resignation Monday effective immediately. His resignation was accepted unanimously by the center's board of directors, the Phoenix facility said in a press...
Jan 09 1:20pm @6.2 I heard on the news today that all male employees will be given a DNA test. I think they need to expand that to family members, patients, and visitors
Jan 09 1:16pm @1.6.3 or do laundry
Jan 09 1:16pm @1.5.7 I can't believe you actually wrote that. She is living in a medical facility where she is supposed to be monitored. Somebody had to notice she wasn't having periods. That's like the first rule of...
Jan 08 2:24pm @4.3.2 I don't know what's worse....being unconscious and not knowing you're being raped or being in a state where you can't even scream for help but know what's going on
Jan 08 2:23pm @5.2.3 I watch a lot of Law and Order
Jan 08 2:19pm @5.2.1 There's definitely neglect going on here if the staff didn't notice a swelling stomach or lack of monthly menses.
Jan 08 9:45am @2.1.1 I think that CEO should be sued and possibly brought up on neglect/abuse charges
Husband Literally Brands Himself as a Cheater for Life With Massive 'Apology' Tattoo

Husband Literally Brands Himself as a Cheater for Life With Massive 'Apology' Tattoo

Via: Hal A. Lujah  •  31 comments  •  5 days ago
When a person finds out a partner has been unfaithful, there are few things the cheater could ever do to repair the heartache and broken trust they caused. But one man who got busted for cheating was apparently willing to do just about anything to try to make it up to his partner. A tattoo artist on Instagram shared the photo of a man's huge chest tattoo that commemorates his infidelity for...
Jan 09 12:56pm @1.4.1 Well....for starters, that's a lot of words that he mostly doesn't understand the meaning of. I vote that he gets this tattooed on his head....he'll have to get rid of the orange rat on his head...
Jan 09 9:49am @1.1.7 Spinning Taz? Make that 2 more.... I want one with that's an atomic symbol....with the electrons swirling around the nucleus with E = MC2 where the nucleus goes. Problem is, I'm a very bad artist...
Jan 09 8:42am @1.1.5 I need one more and then I'm complete
Jan 08 3:51pm @1.1.2 I have 2
Jan 08 1:16pm @3.1 I have to agree. There's plenty of other reminders of a spouse's infidelity.
Zero Lawmakers Representing Border Districts Support Donald Trump's Wall

Zero Lawmakers Representing Border Districts Support Donald Trump's Wall

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Zero Lawmakers Representing Border Districts Support Donald Trump's Wall President Donald Trump is doubling down on his demand for border wall funding, President   Donald Trump   is doubling down on his demand for border wall funding, but every member of the House of Representatives whose district lies along the proposed...
Jan 09 11:39am @2.1.3 It's funny, when I bitch about the bullshit I have to put up with where I live, I am advised to move.....
Jan 09 11:38am @2.1.2 How many articles have you seeded, Ed? If you ever seeded any, you would know the rules.
Jan 09 11:20am @2.1 Click on "seeded content" and you will see Tessy seeded the title just as it is in the original article. We're not allowed to change titles on seeded articles
“The Dogma Lives Loudly Within You”

“The Dogma Lives Loudly Within You”

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The Senate Democrats are attacking Christians again. During Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September 2017, Senator Dianne Feinstein pointedly told the then-nominee, “the dogma lives loudly with in you, and that’s a concern.”  The “dogma” to which she referred was Barrett’s Catholic faith, and Feinstein’s not-so-subtle suggestion was that...
Jan 09 8:40am @1.2.54 "..." What if you don't believe in God?
Jan 08 4:38pm @1.2.37 Those things are immoral because they cause harm to others. I really don't understand your question
Jan 08 9:26am @1.2.32 "..." I think we can all agree that murder, theft, rape, and pedophilia is immoral. Those morals are legislated.
Jan 08 9:22am @8.1.9 Oh, goody! My new year's resolution is to be as big an asshole as I can!
Jan 07 4:48pm @8.1.1 You don't judge people?
Jan 07 4:48pm @7.3.1 Because trmp's religious buddies (and they are right here on NT) are judging the liberals and concluding that we have no moral foundation. trmp is an amoral S.O.B. and I have no problems sitting...
Jan 07 4:38pm @4.1.19 What special treatment?
Jan 07 4:15pm @1.2.13 Red State is legitimate?
Trump administration downgrades EU's status in US, without informing Brussels

Trump administration downgrades EU's status in US, without informing Brussels

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The Trump administration has downgraded the diplomatic status of the EU mission in Washington, without informing the mission or Brussels, officials confirmed on Tuesday. The downgrade from nation state to international organisation status reverses an Obama administration decision in 2016 to grant the EU an enhanced diplomatic role in Washington, and is being seen in Brussels as a snub...
Jan 08 3:57pm @2 The EU is a foe? In what way? The longer this guy stays in the White House.....
Florida man arrested for allegedly making online death threats to Tyler Trent's family

Florida man arrested for allegedly making online death threats to Tyler Trent's family

Via: Hal A. Lujah  •  7 comments  •  one week ago
A Florida man has been arrested in connection with online threats made to Tyler Trent’s family. John Matthew Pinkham, 39, has been charged with making written threats to kill or injure, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Monday. Investigators say Pinkham allegedly posted threats on Trent’s Facebook page after the Purdue super fan's death last week. In the posts,...
Jan 08 3:53pm @3.1.1 It's vaccines!!!!!
A Prime Time Address and the National Emergency

A Prime Time Address and the National Emergency

By: Vic Eldred  •  241 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
President Trump will address the nation Tuesday night from the oval office at 9PM. Later in the week he will visit the southern border. The President will put forth his case to the American people in a format once used by the great Ronald Reagan. This will be President Trump's first national address from the Oval Office. The stakes couldn't be much higher. Very little has been done by...
Jan 08 2:00pm @13.2.10 Your cat doesn't need opposable thumbs....she has a brain
Jan 08 11:52am @1.2.1 "..." Let's fine all the people who hire illegals and use that money to build a wall/fence
Jan 08 11:47am @12.1.15 Arkansas Hermit stated that 91 people who were on the watch list were stopped by CBP last year on the Northern border. How many were stopped at the southern border? 6? Seems to me that the...
Jan 08 10:50am @12.1.9 I wonder how many real terrorists walk across the Canadian-US border every day? It's a relatively easy border to cross. "Do you have any fruits or vegetables to declare?" Uh, no, but we won't...
Jan 08 10:45am @6.1.29 "..." And the folks arguing that we in a state of emergency don't understand terms like "multi-faceted". It's not as simple as building a wall or a fence.
Jan 08 10:36am @3.1.7 Some people will lose land to eminent domain, maybe not you, but some will.
Not So Fast: Trump Called The Chinese ‘Motherf**kers’ In Vegas Speech

Not So Fast: Trump Called The Chinese ‘Motherf**kers’ In Vegas Speech

Via: Don Overton  •  67 comments  •  5 days ago
10k When Donald Trump railed against the Chinese in a campaign speech in Las Vegas, he turned to a word he just bashed Rep. Rashida Tlaib  (D-Mich.) for using: “Motherf**ker.” Trump presented the speech in spring 2011 shortly before he bowed out of the 2012 presidential election race. He ranted about Washington and China’s exports flooding...
Jan 08 1:55pm @1.2.4 stop replying to me
Jan 08 1:52pm @2.2.2 I wonder if the rules apply to the Senate, because as VP, Darth Cheney was the President of the Senate
Jan 08 1:43pm @2.1.10 I understand him. Just read carefully and slowly or you'll miss the point
Jan 08 1:38pm @5.1.4 The fact that he said it is enough to show just how classless your president is
Jan 08 1:38pm @4.2.2 And....calling for impeachment is not a call for overthrow of said president
Jan 08 1:20pm @2.2 Was it ok when Dick Cheney told somebody (a reporter, I think) "fuck you"? Or are these rules only for members of the House?
Jan 08 1:18pm @1.2.2 Why would you expect better? Because she's 1) a mother 2) a woman 3) a Muslim I;m a mother and a woman and I've called the president POS far worse. I've called you far worse under my breath
Jerry Falwell Treeesome!

Jerry Falwell Treeesome!

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Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Toxic Theology of ‘Two Kingdoms’ , by Erin Wathen It’s the oldest trick in the book —the most evil men in the world surround themselves with other evil men. (And yes, I mean  men.  Because, while women can be evil, they historically have not had the opportunity to take it to the broadly systemic level that men have achieved). It takes the voices of many...
Jan 08 1:52pm @3.2.6 I thought that's what he said.
Jan 08 9:33am @3.2.3 Whether you're a Christian or not, shouldn't every one strive to treat others as we want to be treated especially in the earthly kingdom? I don't know the chapter and verse but wasn't there...
Jan 07 4:11pm @3 What does Falwell mean that a poor person never gave anything of real value to charity? That's nonsense. If I'm starving and you give me your last piece of bread I'm not going to think that your...
Do you believe in truth from Trump?

Do you believe in truth from Trump?

By: JohnRussell  •  38 comments  •  one week ago
So the president will give a short talk from his White House office this evening, to make his case for the wall. I have a simple question.  Why should anyone believe what he says?  On top of thousands of other lies, Trump and his crew have been actively lying about facts related to the border situation , most recently claiming that thousands of terrorists have been stopped at the...
Jan 08 1:51pm @9.1.4 Maybe...but it's not like this wall is to keep Americans inside the borders like the Berlin wall kept East Germans caged up. I think if the wall gets built it will come down due to neglect
Jan 08 1:49pm @9.1.3 I don't want you replying to me. I won't reply to you, either
Jan 08 12:55pm @9.1 I thought you did a pretty good job of staying on topic. Do you really think that in 50 years the Wall would come down if it does get built?
Jan 08 11:26am @6.1 but....but....but..... I thought trmp wasn't a politician that's why you guys love him so much
What Autonomous Cars Can Teach Us About Driving

What Autonomous Cars Can Teach Us About Driving

Via: Bob Nelson  •  37 comments  •  one week ago
You're rolling down the freeway in heavy, fast-moving traffic, following a truck. On your right is a shiny, new Volvo XC90 with a "Baby On Board" sticker in the window. On your left, a suburban outlaw in a $500 leather jacket blat-blat-blatting along on his Harley-Davidson. Suddenly, a large, heavy object falls off the back of the truck, right in your path. There's no chance of...
Jan 08 1:48pm @2.2.11 are hot tubs really safer? LOL! Had an 18 wheeler hit a piece of blown tire and took off the passenger side mirror. I was in a state car and my supervisor was with me so I had a witness....
Jan 08 9:20am @2.2.8 "drafting" that what that's called? I heard you can save fuel doing that, but what good is fuel economy if you're dead?
Jan 07 3:38pm @2.2.4 I actually get irritated when a big truck wants to move into the fast lane in front of me and then slow me down from 85 to 65. Also, I take a freeway home every evening and its all 3 lanes. There's...
Jan 07 3:24pm @2.2.2 I see people tailgating 18 wheelers all the time. I think that's dumb
Jan 07 2:06pm @2.3.1 That depends on what fell off. A mattress? Maybe. A big ass log? No way
Jan 07 12:51pm @2.1 I would, too because the laws of physics are against the motorcycle. The rider has no metal surrounding him like a car driver does.
Ice and snow festival kicks off in Harbin

Ice and snow festival kicks off in Harbin

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  18 comments  •  one week ago
Ice and snow festival kicks off in Harbin By Tian Xuefei and Zhou Huiying in Harbin | | Updated: 2019-01-06 An ice castle attracts tourists at the Harbin Ice and Snow World on Saturday. [Photo by Liu Yang for] The 35th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival kicked off on Saturday in Harbin, capital city of northeastern China's...
Jan 08 1:46pm @7 I've been trying all morning to comment in there and must have "joined" half a dozen times! Anyway....I like their use of light. This takes some patience to sculpt. The closest I've ever come to...
Buffoonish president* Trump makes U.S. a laughingstock to the world.

Buffoonish president* Trump makes U.S. a laughingstock to the world.

By: JohnRussell  •  16 comments  •  one week ago
North Korea has fallen in line, North Korea continues to stockpile nukes. The "truth" depends on how much faith you put in the word, and the intelligence and understanding, of president* Trump. We are leaving Syria, because "we won". So blathered the president*, scant days ago. Now, after the truth began to seep in, we get the revision. We're not leaving "yet" says John...
Jan 08 1:07pm @3.2 Turkey will never ensure the safety of the Kurds because Turkey regards them as terrorists.
Jan 08 10:28am @2.2.7 That's a nice manure spreader
Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance video goes viral as supporters mock shaming attempt

Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance video goes viral as supporters mock shaming attempt

Via: Hal A. Lujah  •  332 comments  •  2 days ago
An unearthed video purportedly showing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, dancing in a college-era video was shared by conservative Twitter accounts Wednesday as an attempt to discredit the newly sworn-in progressive congresswoman. Instead, the clip went viral as messages of support were widely posted.  Calling Ocasio-Cortez a "clueless nitwit," an anonymous right-wing twitter...
Jan 08 12:00pm @3.1.16 That is truly disturbing
Jan 08 11:50am @2.2.12 Always have to have the last word even when I'm not talking to you, don't you? By all means....hit me with some more of your inanity. I'm done here
Jan 08 11:27am @2.2.9 None of these people are
Jan 08 11:17am @2.2.4 No, you're just not worth the effort
Jan 08 10:05am @4.1.34 That small stipend would come in handy, then. Military academy grads get assigned a billet and get their room, board, and uniforms paid for, they don't have a need for a stipend unless it's to buy...
Jan 08 9:37am @4.1.32 Do Merchant Marine academy grads get jobs right away?
Jan 08 9:30am @14.1.31
Jan 08 9:28am @2.2.1 here's your answer to your inane comment: "..." And in case you missed it, this came right from the article
Jan 07 11:09am @14.1.29 "..." Let's turn that around shall we? Another example of the right running articles saying the left if upset about....blah, blah, blah
Jan 07 10:57am @4.1.22 "..." I didn't know the Merchant Marine had an academy. All the service academies are free to students, also, but also difficult to gain entrance.
Jan 04 3:38pm @1.1.13 Mark the calendar. LOL!
Jan 04 3:32pm @9.2.2 I call her smart in that she got herself elected to a job that only requires her to work 179 days a year and pays her $174,000 a year.
Jan 04 2:07pm @1.1.7 That's a very mature stance, Snuffy. I personally think we should give this young woman an opportunity to sink or swim.
Jan 04 2:00pm @9.1.7 Thanks, Teacher!!!!!
Jan 04 1:36pm @9.1.5 OOO!!!! Can I??????
Jan 04 1:29pm @9.1.2 I see you have no problem using the word "twat"
Jan 04 11:29am @4.2.2 Where's your source? Don't tell me to go look it up because I already did and didn't find anything. You made the claim, you back it up
Jan 04 10:32am @4.2 She didn't marry her brother. That's an unfounded accusation.
Jan 04 9:03am @2 I guess having fun when you're a young woman in college is a no-no
‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary on Lifetime Details Sex Abuse Accusations R. Kelly

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary on Lifetime Details Sex Abuse Accusations R. Kelly

Via: badfish hαηd ⊕ƒ †hε Ωuεεη  •  8 comments  •  one week ago
For more than two decades, the R&B singer Robert Kelly, who performs as R. Kelly, has faced accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse. This week, a six-part documentary on Lifetime is taking an expansive look at the allegations against Mr. Kelly, a chart-topping artist whose history has invited extra scrutiny in recent years. The series, “ Surviving R. Kelly ,” includes...
Jan 08 11:44am @2.1.3 I don't care for R&B so it's not likely that I will be buying any of his music
Jan 08 11:27am @2.1.1 Never heard of him
Jan 08 11:22am @2 Who is R Kelly?
White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders interview on Fox News re: whether or not 4000 known or suspected terrorists have crossed Mexican border into U.S.

White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders interview on Fox News re: whether or not 4000 known or suspected terrorists have crossed Mexican border into U.S.

Via: Krishna  •  22 comments  •  one week ago
After a breif introduction by the narrator, Fox New's Mike Wallace interviews the White House Press Secretary. (This is one video you don't want to miss!!!)
Jan 08 11:31am @4.1 "..." I think that ship done sailed
Jan 08 11:29am @2.1.3 Enhanced border security does not necessarily mean a wall
President Trump just used the White House press briefing room for a publicity stunt

President Trump just used the White House press briefing room for a publicity stunt

Via: Tessylo  •  77 comments  •  one week ago
President Trump just used the White House press briefing room for a publicity stunt   Hunter Walker   13 hours ago   President Trump makes his first appearance in White House briefing room WASHINGTON — President Trump made his first appearance ever in the...
Jan 07 2:34pm @6.1.27 I mean I get a refund but it's not because I get EIC. Man.....I can't even understand what I write today
Jan 07 2:04pm @6.1.24 "..." I get a refund because I claim 0 on my W4. I don't get refunds because I don't get EIC
Jan 07 1:14pm @6.1.18 It's easier for dumb ignorant fucks like me
Jan 07 12:54pm @6.1.14 You own your own business, too, tho, right? I tried that one year, futzing with my W4 so I didn't owe anything. I messed up and ended up owing. I'd rather the government use my money interest free...
Jan 07 12:53pm @6.1.13 you're still transparent as glass
Jan 07 12:38pm @6.1.11 riiiggghhhhttttt..... you're so transparent
Jan 07 12:34pm @6.1.10 Do you consider TSA agents and federal prison guards to be extraneous federal employees? I see you deleted your comment.
Jan 07 12:33pm @6.1.8 So I'm ignorant, am I? Nice personal attack, there, Jasper
Jan 07 12:02pm @6.1.3 Federal prison guards aren't getting paid while they do their jobs. Hope you don't live near any federal prisons. Hope you don't plan on flying anytime soon, either, since TSA agents aren't getting...
Jan 07 11:50am @6.1 Hope you aren't looking for a 2018 tax refund this year.....
Jan 07 11:49am @5.1.7 Ok...notice what Sonny Purdue says. They like you in MS....not I like you, but they.
Donald Trump Says He Can 'Relate' To Federal Workers Who Can't Pay Bills During Shutdown

Donald Trump Says He Can 'Relate' To Federal Workers Who Can't Pay Bills During Shutdown

Via: Tessylo  •  10 comments  •  one week ago
Donald Trump Says He Can 'Relate' To Federal Workers Who Can't Pay Bills During Shutdown   Hayley Miller, HuffPost   Sun, Jan 6 12:02 PM EST   AP Top Stories January 2 P President   Donald Trump ,...
Jan 07 2:17pm @2.1 trmp owns this shutdown, he said he did
Jan 07 2:17pm @4 Just how is that he thinks he can relate to we peons?
Lishon Ha Ra v. Lishon Tov (Bad versus Good Speech)

Lishon Ha Ra v. Lishon Tov (Bad versus Good Speech)

By: Enoch  •  51 comments  •  6 days ago
In the Talmudic Tractate - Erchin (15 b) it is written, "A person's tongue is more powerful than his sword. A sword can only kill someone who is nearby. A tongue can cause the death of someone who is far away".  That is as true today, maybe more so than when this was written. We read of those cyber stalked and cyber bullied who commit suicide due to idle and false gossip; nasty verbal...
Jan 07 12:56pm @3.3.3 Here's to your joyous and happy New Year, Enoch
Jan 07 11:37am @8.1.2 My keyboard constantly skips words I meant to write. If it would just do what I want it to do not what I told it to do
Jan 07 11:33am @3.3.1 That can be difficult when you see a certain commenter  thru a filter. I admit that I don't respect all the members here
Federal prison guards fume about inmates getting special holiday meals, while guards work without pay

Federal prison guards fume about inmates getting special holiday meals, while guards work without pay

Via: Hal A. Lujah  •  10 comments  •  one week ago
While federal prison officers worked through the holidays without pay, the inmates they guarded were treated to special yuletide meals, union officials reportedly fumed. At the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex near Orlando, convicts dined on Cornish game hen and pie on Christmas and beef with black eyed peas and sweet desserts, according to USA Today. "This is appalling," Joe Rojas,...
Jan 07 12:36pm @3.1.1 They weren't my idea
Jan 07 12:00pm @3 Hmmmmm....according to someone on another seed, these federal guard jobs are superfluous anyway..... I'm kidding but the cheerleaders of the shutdown haven't thought this out very well. Now TSA...
W.Va. mom says her daughter was bullied after they balked at Bible classes in public school

W.Va. mom says her daughter was bullied after they balked at Bible classes in public school

Via: sandy-2021492  •  208 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
The chill set in not long after word got out that Elizabeth Deal’s little girl was not taking the Bible class at her West Virginia public grammar school. Her daughter, Jessica Roe, then a first-grader, felt it first. When her teacher and the pastor who ran that class realized they didn’t have a permission slip for Jessica Roe to attend, they placed her and another girl who wasn’t...
Jan 07 11:16am @15.1.10 [deleted]
Jan 07 11:15am @15.1.9 I stopped reading after your first snark full sentence. Guess it took you all weekend to come up with that comment, eh? p.s. you never aim to please you only aim to piss me off. Good day to you
Jan 04 3:47pm @4.3.124 "..." People don't want their kids to be taught sex ed in school, tho....
Jan 04 11:12am @4.3.87 Another one who can't see the facts smacking him in the face.
Jan 04 10:52am @4.3.82 Time to leave Sunshine to talk to herself
Jan 04 10:41am @4.3.79 O. M. G.
Jan 04 10:40am @4.3.78 [Removed]
Jan 04 10:35am @4.3.74 You even quoted Perrie who showed that these "bible" lessons are not academic and scholarly, but are in fact more or less Sunday School lessons. Jesus Christ on a stick but I didn't think you...
Jan 04 10:06am @4.3.66 You're the one with no facts
Jan 04 10:05am @15.1.3 First, it's a first grader, not a third grader. Second, this isn't about a lawsuit over bullying. It's about teaching a bible class to a captive audience of first graders....6 and 7 year olds who...
Jan 03 11:50am @4.3.16 [Deleted]
Jan 03 11:35am @7.1 You have one of those rogue mouses that causes you to read seeds you find trite?
Jan 03 11:34am @4.3.10 And in the mean time the little bullies torture the one or two kids that don't attend. Take your kid to Sunday School if you want them to have a religious indoctrination, but don't take time out...
Jan 03 10:54am @4.3.8 And like I said, first graders don't typically take elective classes. This is clearly a violation of the Establishment Clause. Regular classroom time should not be taken up by bible indoctrination....
Jan 03 10:32am @4.3.5 The kid is being bullied because she's not taking the classes. Did you read the seed?
Jan 03 10:19am @5.1.1 If he pays taxes, it is
Jan 03 10:18am @4.3.2 these are first graders.....first graders don't typically take  elective classes
Jan 03 8:54am @4.3 "..." What is wrong with this picture? Bible study during regular class hours? How is that even legal?
Trump fires back at impeachment frenzy, after Dem’s profanity-laced threat

Trump fires back at impeachment frenzy, after Dem’s profanity-laced threat

Via: JohnRussell  •  106 comments  •  one week ago
Fox News › Trump fires back at impeachment frenzy, after Dem’s profanity-laced threat Trump not giving a set timeline on the US exit from Syria is a 'move back in the right direction' for Sen. Mike Rounds President Trump fired back Friday at Democrats calling for his impeachment within moments of the 116th Congress convening, claiming he's...
Jan 07 10:11am @6.1.10 Good tamales are hard to find around here. If you can find good ones, then embarass yourself. LOL!
Jan 04 4:51pm @7.1.16 my ass you didn't
Jan 04 3:51pm @7.1.14 You "yelled" at me one day for my language so don't go there. And what was the whole point of your "exercise" here?
Jan 04 3:27pm @3.2.3 source?
Jan 04 2:50pm @6.1.8 I figured you for a tamale man
Jan 04 2:49pm @7.1.12 I never see you telling any men on NT that their language is offensive. It's only the women on NT that you go after
Jan 04 1:26pm @7.1.8 You have a real problem with women speaking their minds, don't you?
Jan 04 1:02pm @7.1.4 nice back tracking.....
Jan 04 11:31am @3.2 I can't believe that 93% of republicans actually support him
Once again, the New York Times misunderstands, mocks evangelical Christians

Once again, the New York Times misunderstands, mocks evangelical Christians

Via: Keep America Great!  •  111 comments  •  one week ago
Contrary to what "The Gray Lady" would have you believe, it's the radical left that is attacking democracy. Evangelicals, in fact, are trying to protect it. In a year-end op-ed piece for The New York Times , Katherine Stewart allegesthat, "The Christian nationalist movement today is authoritarian, paranoid and patriarchal at its core. They aren't fighting a culture war. They're making a...
Jan 04 4:51pm @3.1.23 I'm not staying off your seeds. Someone has to countermand your bullshit. You didn't mention one thing about the actual persecution of Christians in those places. Those people are actually being...
Jan 04 4:38pm @8.1 Not even if proof comes out that trmp paid for 8 abortions for his mistresses?
Jan 04 3:54pm @5.1.3 And we're supposed to just tolerate Christian indoctrination in public schools
Jan 04 2:56pm @6.1.3 ouch
Jan 04 2:44pm @6.1 "..." Silly katrix! God is a republican!
Jan 04 2:26pm @3.1.14 It's more exhausting reading XX Jefferson's whiny comments day in and day out. If he wants to witness real Christians being persecuted, he should try traveling to places in Africa or the Middle...
What Is a Road Movie? Elements and Examples of the Genre

What Is a Road Movie? Elements and Examples of the Genre

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  57 comments  •  one week ago
What Is a Road Movie? Elements and Examples of the Genre Scene from Thelma & Louise. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images) by Christopher McKittrick,, Updated December 22, 2018 A road movie is any film that centers on a road trip (often, but not exclusively, via automobile). In road movies, one or more characters travel great distances to fulfill a...
Jan 04 4:13pm @9 Thelma and Louise is my favorite road trip movie
SHUTDOWN DAY 11: President Trump Is Not Falling For Nancy’s Shenanigans

SHUTDOWN DAY 11: President Trump Is Not Falling For Nancy’s Shenanigans

Via: Keep America Great!  •  134 comments  •  6 days ago
Did you people really think you could pull a fast one on President Donald Trump? Our president has been winning negotiations his entire life (read: “The Art of the Deal”). Did you, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, think he was going to back away from the Wall just because you introduce some pathetic bills that do not include Wall funding? President Trump got out ahead of the dirty...
Jan 04 3:59pm @1.1.13 They're start screaming when they don't get their tax refunds next month
Jan 03 10:16am @7.2 Too bad he doesn't step on a "egg-qualifier".....
Jan 03 10:15am @5.3.11 When they don't get their refunds, they'll want the government turned back on again
Here’s What (Some) Religious People Get Wrong About Atheists

Here’s What (Some) Religious People Get Wrong About Atheists

By: Hal A. Lujah  •  285 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Jan 04 3:39pm @3.3.38 You should try it at least once.
Jan 03 4:09pm @5.4.9 (((mocowgirl))) Loretta is a good woman
Jan 03 9:27am @5.4.7 "..." Sounds like the 5 stages of grief
Jan 03 8:28am @3.3.34 I could have used that chicken soup, that's for sure. I get my flu shot every effing year and sometimes I still get the flu. Mr Giggles doesn't get a flu shot, gets the flu and then passes it on...
Jan 02 4:01pm @3.3.27 awwww.....thanks, CB. I feel much better now!
Jan 02 3:26pm @3.3.25 A little better, thanks for asking. How were you holidays?
Jan 02 2:40pm @3.3.23 "..." My cat does that, too. Happy New Year! Your NYE sounds way more exciting than mine. I've been in bed for the past week suffering from the flu
‘Seinfeld’ Is The Latest TV Classic To Offend Millennials Over Jokes About ‘Soup Nazi,’ Same-Sex Relationships

‘Seinfeld’ Is The Latest TV Classic To Offend Millennials Over Jokes About ‘Soup Nazi,’ Same-Sex Relationships

Via: badfish hαηd ⊕ƒ †hε Ωuεεη  •  78 comments  •  2 weeks ago
“Seinfeld” might offend young people, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Millennial-focused website Bustle is taking heat for publishing a listicle that examines all the reasons why “Seinfeld” would be a little too edgy in the modern climate of policing everything that isn’t deemed politically correct. Comedian and author Tim Young told Fox News that the article is “ridiculous,”...
Jan 04 2:09pm @3.5.2 I want to make sure I have the definition right. My kids are 26 and 24....does that make them millenials? What's the age range?
Jan 04 2:03pm @3.5 I must have raised my kids wrong or something because they find shit like this funny. And they're millenials
Jan 04 1:59pm @5.2.2 We got rid of the cable about a year or so ago and I don't miss it since Sling pretty much does what cable did. And I have Netflix and Hulu, too
Jan 04 1:35pm @10 Seinfeld is offensive???? Is there something wrong with me? Because I didn't find anything offensive about that show
Who Needs Feminsim ?

Who Needs Feminsim ?

By: JohnRussell  •  11 comments  •  2 weeks ago
There is a discussion on another thread about political correctness, which reminded me of this video I saw show up on my You Tube recommendations yesterday. There are those who associate the complaints or projects of feminism with the need to be politically correct, but when I see a video and an "argument" like this it makes me understand the frustrations and even upset that the activist...
Jan 04 2:00pm @1.1.2 Then he's a moron. My kids were happier when I started working again after we did a permanent station move
Jan 04 1:37pm @1.1 That guy won't like me
Netanyahu to Christians: 'Prophesies are being realized'

Netanyahu to Christians: 'Prophesies are being realized'

Via: Keep America Great!  •  114 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a Christmastime message to believers around the globe that prophesies from Scripture are coming true today as he shared his gratitude to Christians for their loyalty to Israel in the End Times. "We're united in a shared destiny,” Netanyahu expressed to Christians in a pre-recorded video message, according to CBN News . “I want to thank you...
Jan 04 12:45pm @5.1.28 Yes, I know Bloom County. I really, really, really, really, don't want to spend eternity the same place whathisface is spending.
Jan 04 8:41am @5.1.25 You can't help yourself, can you?
Jan 04 8:27am @5.2.8 I know, right?
Jan 03 4:39pm @6.1.7 proselytizing...... can you have anything whatsoever with Netanyahu when neither of you can even agree on salvation?
Jan 03 4:37pm @5.2.5 boo-hoo Stop changing your screen name, then
Jan 03 4:36pm @5.1.23 You're proselytizing again. My new year's resolution is to get as far away from people like you as I possibly can. You have nothing to offer
Jan 03 1:56pm @2.1.10 Is that what you call it? A friendly Xmas message?
Jan 03 1:39pm @2.1.6 Well, if I have to believe in an End Time Prophecy, I'm going for the Jewish one. Sounds less painful
Jan 03 1:38pm @6.1.5 "..." And those losers are the Jews that don't convert to Christianity, right? Is Netanyahu going to be baptized any time soon?
Jan 03 1:36pm @5.2.3 People like XX-Jefferson.....
Jan 03 1:35pm @5.1.20 I don't want to spend any eternity where you're at.
Jan 03 1:28pm @3.1.12 "..." Yeah, Man....I don't want to miss out on that party!
Jan 03 1:28pm @3.1.11 my grandmother (who believed like you), is going to rise up out of her grave in a perfect condition. I assume this is not the condition she died in (wasting away from colon cancer) but her...
Jan 03 1:23pm @2.1.4 You do realize that Netanyahu is still waiting for his Messiah, right? I really don't see how Jewish and Christian End Times Prophecy mesh. One or the other is going to speak
Tucker Carlson Blames Higher-Earning Women For 'Men In Decline'

Tucker Carlson Blames Higher-Earning Women For 'Men In Decline'

Via: Tessylo  •  16 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Tucker Carlson Blames Higher-Earning Women For 'Men In Decline'   Lee Moran, HuffPost   9 hours ago   Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday lamented about what his show's Fox News host  Tucker Carlson  on Wednesday lamented about what his show’s chyron described as “men in decline.” During one segment, he claimed there was “more drug and alcohol...
Jan 04 11:17am @6.1.1 It's superfluous information that only Jasper deems important Tucker is probably a registered Dem so he can vote in the Democractic primaries. 
Jan 03 2:24pm @2 Why is there a decline in manufacturing, Tucker?
Unplanned to expose the truth about PP

Unplanned to expose the truth about PP

Via: Keep America Great!  •  518 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
A pro-life movie that is coming out next year is anticipated to destroy all the myths about abortion spread by left-wing media. The film is titled, Unplanned: the Abby Johnson Story . Johnson worked as the director of a Planned Parenthood in the Bryan/College Station area to the northwest of Houston, Texas, for about eight years – doing so because she wanted to help women. Cary...
Jan 04 10:08am @1.1.31 I care about human life....when it's breathing on its own. You've never carried a child to term, so why don't you go blather your bullshit to somebody who gives a flying fuck
Jan 03 4:21pm @1.1.22 It has the potential to be a human baby. But so the fuck what? How is it any of your business? Are you going to volunteer to carry the fetus for 40 weeks and suffer all the garbage that goes with...
Jan 03 2:31pm @1.4.40 awww....shucks
Jan 03 2:20pm @1.4.37 I've seen them and those probes are scary as hell. I've been fortunate to not ever have to endure that particular form of torture. Geeze, Tessy, I'm sorry
Jan 03 2:19pm @1.4.36 That is messed up thinking
Jan 03 2:11pm @1.4.33 The mandatory ultrasounds people insist on are not the non-invasive ultrasounds they're thinking of. I don't think they realize that the mandatory ultrasounds they are insisting upon are the...
Jan 03 1:02pm @8.2.47 Then who would you condemn?
Jan 02 4:24pm @6.2.82 You just dismissed Hal's pain
Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn't get away with it.

Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn't get away with it.

Via: JohnRussell  •  40 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn't get away with it. Fred Wertheimer and Norman Eisen, Opinion contributors Published 5:00 a.m. ET Jan. 2, 2019 | Updated 6:56 p.m. ET Jan. 2, 2019 Donald Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton on two email controversies that have hindered her campaign, while also denying any financial ties to Russia...
Jan 04 9:56am @2.1.3 Do you still believe every word that comes out of trmp's mouth?
Why Is Trump Spouting Russian Propaganda?

Why Is Trump Spouting Russian Propaganda?

Via: JohnRussell  •  48 comments  •  2 weeks ago
It was only one moment in a 90-minute stream of madness. President Trump convened a Cabinet meeting, at which he invited all its members to praise him for his stance on the border wall and the government shutdown. There’s always a lively competition to see which member of the cabinet can grovel most abjectly. Newcomer Matthew Whitaker may be only the acting attorney general, but...
Jan 04 9:49am @5.1 Mark the calendar! I agree with Ronin!
Jan 04 9:47am @2.5 "..." Not the idea, but that word salad is all his. Besides, can trmp find Afghanistan on a map?
Ten More Randomly Chosen Photos From China

Ten More Randomly Chosen Photos From China

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  8 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Every few days I intend to choose and display from my library of photos I have taken in China in order to provide a little colour and culture to the Front Page.  Political or Religious comments are OFF TOPIC. 1.   This pair of trees was called "The Lovers". 2.   "A bridge too far" for most of you.  Liuzhou, Guanxi Autonomous Region 3.   NT members Buzz of the...
Jan 04 9:34am @5 Those peonies are impressive. I've never seen them grow that tall
Five Word Story

Five Word Story

By: Uptownchick  •  347 comments  •  15 hours ago
Everyone adds their five words to the end of the previous post...
Jan 04 9:31am @16.1.126 Who are The Beatles now?
Jan 04 8:39am @16.1.124 Paul, Ringo, Roger, and Pete
Jan 03 1:58pm @16.1.121 the stock market went bonkers
Dennis Prager: The Left Will Make 2019 A Dark Year

Dennis Prager: The Left Will Make 2019 A Dark Year

Via: Keep America Great!  •  93 comments  •  2 weeks ago
I rarely make predictions — whether of election results or anything else. My policy has always been to say what I believe should be done, not what will be done. I am making an exception with regard to America in 2019. 2019 will be a dark year in America. Democratic Party and the Media Thanks to the left's control of the House of Representatives and the news media, Americans...
Jan 03 3:55pm @8.2.5 Just sayin'
Jan 03 3:54pm @4.1.6 It was over 200 years ago and people of the late 18th century didn't think like people of the 21st century especially when they are fighting against tyranny and oppression from both political and...
Jan 03 2:41pm @8.2.2 Did you ever see what strained carrots will do to a baby's diaper?
Jan 03 2:14pm @1.2.4 [Yeah....deleted....and] they're fucking laughing about it
Jan 03 2:05pm @1.2.2 The imagery I got from your comment.....
Jan 03 12:30pm @4.1.4 They're still a monarchy with a state religion, tho, aren't they? France doesn't  have any of those things in 2019
Jan 03 11:52am @4.1.2 The French had to overcome a thousand years of a monarchy and religious attitudes that gave kings the divine right to rule. The American Revolution was dealing with an entirely new concept...the...
Jan 03 11:39am @4.1 The left of the French Revolution overthrew a monarchy and created a a round about way. It was bloody and torturous, but they got there
The Divine Right of Democrats to Drool

The Divine Right of Democrats to Drool

Via: Keep America Great!  •  56 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Many longtime liberals find themselves bewildered at the continued antics of the Democrats at a time when they have a real, albeit small, window of opportunity to demonstrate that they have some acquaintance with the art of responsible governance. Thoughtful people like law professors Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz, who understand that the nation’s polity will be far healthier if both...
Jan 03 3:24pm @2.2.16 phhffffttttt......
Jan 03 2:22pm @2.2.14 Go peddle that bullshit to somebody who's buying. Your "possiblity" is mere speculation because you have no proof
Jan 03 2:07pm @2.2.12
Jan 03 2:06pm @2.2.11 "..." I bet she doesn't have an answer for that
Jan 03 2:02pm @2.2.9 any evidence for that accusation or you just going with pure speculation?
Jan 03 2:00pm @2.1.6 "..." No, she isn't. She hasn't paid her Coven dues in years so we took her broom away
Trump Says Retired 4-Star Gen. Stanley McChrystal Has 'A Big, Dumb Mouth'

Trump Says Retired 4-Star Gen. Stanley McChrystal Has 'A Big, Dumb Mouth'

Via: Tessylo  •  30 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Politics Trump Says Retired 4-Star Gen. Stanley McChrystal Has 'A Big, Dumb Mouth'   David Moye, HuffPost   Tue, Jan 1 7:29 PM EST   The world's most powerful man has once again proved he has the world's The world’s most powerful man has once again proved he has the world’s thinnest skin. On Tuesday, President  Donald Trump...
Jan 03 2:14pm @5.1 He could have called him a doody head
Envoy Says Trump Willing to ‘Stand Up and Push’ for Global Religious Freedom

Envoy Says Trump Willing to ‘Stand Up and Push’ for Global Religious Freedom

Via: Keep America Great!  •  300 comments  •  one week ago
President Donald Trump is committed to pushing for greater tolerance of different faiths by governments around the world and dismantling an “iron curtain of religious persecution,” his envoy for religious freedom said in an interview with The Daily Signal. “Most people in the world move by what their faith tells them,” Sam Brownback, the former Kansas governor who is Trump’s international...
Jan 03 1:04pm @3.5.59 Do you think you have the right to litter my property with your silly literature?
Jan 03 10:59am @2.1.39 But He boiled for your sins!!!!!
Jan 02 2:28pm @2.3.8 All of it. I do believe that you write stuff just to troll. Thanks for my first big laugh of 2019
Jan 02 1:45pm @2.3.6 I really can't believe you wrote that. Did you have your fingers crossed behind your back?
New laws, 2019: Vermont pays people $10K to move there, internet taxes, pet protection, more

New laws, 2019: Vermont pays people $10K to move there, internet taxes, pet protection, more

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  18 comments  •  2 weeks ago
By   Pete Williams WASHINGTON — The new year brings a host of state laws that take effect Tuesday — including Vermont paying people to move there. The   state will give people up to $10,000 over two years   for those employed by out-of-state companies who are willing to work remotely from Vermont in a home office or cooperative work space. "We have a demographic problem in the...
Jan 03 9:16am @1.6.1 Beautiful photos, NWM. Thanks for posting them.
Jan 02 2:42pm @1.4.1 I'll bet there's some great fishing in Vermont
Jan 02 1:19pm @2 If I didn't have to leave the house between November and April, I'd take them up on it. But I need a cozy house with a cozy fireplace (or 2 or 3), wood burners, and a generator. And...
Harry Reid says Trump is the worst president in American history

Harry Reid says Trump is the worst president in American history

Via: JohnRussell  •  94 comments  •  one week ago
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn't holding back. Reid, who retired from the Senate in 2017 after three decades, told The New York Times in an interview published Wednesday that he thinks President Trump is "without question the worst president we've ever had," adding that while the U.S. has "had some bad ones," there is "not even a close second to him." Reid called...
Jan 02 4:02pm @3.1.14 I'm doing much better now that I've seen your screen name. :)
Jan 02 3:36pm @3.1.12 "..." My dad was born in 1939 but was never considered for Vietnam. He was was too young for Korea but too old for Vietnam. His draft number did get pulled during the 1962 Crisis, tho. His...
What Donald Trump and Dick Cheney Got Wrong About America

What Donald Trump and Dick Cheney Got Wrong About America

Via: Dulay  •  15 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Can America still lead the world? Should it? If so, how? These fundamental questions have lurked in the background for years. Donald Trump brought them front and center. The knee-jerk response of national-security professionals to such questions is to offer a history lesson on the benefits of the “liberal international order” that America built after 1945. I once used that phrase at a...
Jan 02 3:27pm @4.1.3 "..." thinking.....thinking.....thinking..... drawing a blank, Bob
Jan 02 2:27pm @4.1.1 A great idea that actually helped people? Good question. I don't have an answer. Iraq was a big idea but it was an utter failure
Jan 02 1:30pm @4 We finished losing our way (moral standing) when somebody convinced a good man like Colin Powell to lie to the United Nations just so we could justify going to war. The beginning of the end was...
Why We Want to Squeeze Cute, Little Things

Why We Want to Squeeze Cute, Little Things

Via: Bob Nelson  •  9 comments  •  2 weeks ago
In the delightful presence of chubby babies , fluffy puppies or other adorable little things, it isn’t uncommon to be overwhelmed by a desire to squeeze, pinch or even bite them. You certainly don’t want to hurt the cute creatures—you just want to … squish them . As Jon Hamilton reports for NPR , a recent study may reveal what happens in the brain to fuel this paradoxical...
Jan 02 1:23pm @4 So deep down we're all a bunch of Lennys
Jan 02 1:22pm @2.2 We're not reveling in them....we're ignoring them
Trump’s ‘CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE’ Message Triggers Twitter Freak-Out

Trump’s ‘CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE’ Message Triggers Twitter Freak-Out

Via: Tessylo  •  4 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Politics Trump’s ‘CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE’ Message Triggers Twitter Freak-Out   Ed Mazza, HuffPost   9 hours ago President   Donald Trump   offered up an unusual 2019 greeting on Tuesday.  He fired off an all-caps...
Jan 02 1:20pm @2 What ride? Wall Street?
What are your New Years Day culinary traditions?

What are your New Years Day culinary traditions?

By: epistte  •  50 comments  •  2 weeks ago
I know that we have a wide variety of cultures and religions among News Talkers and I'm reasonably sure that we have many people who still observe culinary traditions on New Years Day.  Black-eyed peas are a common meal in the American south. I'm German and it's common to make roast pork and 'kraut on New Years....
Jan 02 1:14pm @8 When I was a kid growing up it was always pork and sauerkraut. Mom made the best and since I did not inherit her cooking gene, I don't do it. I love pork and sauerkraut, but Mom got it to where the...
Jan 02 1:11pm @3.1 Mr Giggles told me how his dad liked to cook corn and zucchini together and eat it with beans. My father in law is a descendant of Geronimo. Anyway, ingenious of the Native Americas to figure out...