First Installment - The First House

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First Installment  - The First House
It will become someone else's survival guide. Brene Brown

I ran across this saying on my witch site...it struck me & I thought I would give it a try.

"Someday you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will become someone else's survival guide."  Brene Brown

My first memory was when I was 2.  It was the house we lived in that was very creepy even to my young mind.  I remember talking to beings that no one else heard.  I remember seeing beings no one else saw.  I remember the family calling me strange and maybe nuts.  I have 4 brothers and a sister.  I will label my brothers thusly:  oldest brother - 10 years older than me will be called T, brother that is 9 years older than me will be called M, my sister will be MF, the abusive brother is 6 years older and I will call him Abuse, and that leaves P - the brother that is 3 years older.

They now say all my memories are false and I never saw or heard anything - they still think I am strange and nuts.  However; MF does remember strange happenings in that house - she swears she saw a UFO across the road from the house that hovered over the woods.  I remember lights in those woods.  

All in all I was an outcast in my family right from the beginning.  No one in my family ever tried to understand me - my father once said I had my own language until I was four that no one else could decipher.  Maybe that is why I carried on conversations with my stuffed animals - they never yelled at me to speak normal.  

I remember being tied to the clothes line pole as my mother hung out laundry.  It would not have been such an ordeal if she hadn't tethered me to the same pole as our collie, Champ.  He was a big dog in the eyes of a two year old.  And he nipped.  A good reason I am now a cat person.

MF and I shared a bed and our room was reached by walking through my brothers' room.  The upstairs was off limits - I am not sure of why, but there was a lot of noise up there.  That was the house I saw the glowing hands floating in the dark that I have written about in the past.  

There was an old spring house we used to sit on - was the size of a decent shed.  We used to sit up there (MF & P) to escape my Abuse.  He was scared to climb - MF boosted P and me onto the roof to escape.  We would stay up there for hours.  Of course they never knew what I was saying (or that is what they told me).  

When I was older and driving I would make the 30 minute trip to drive past that first house.  It still would freak me out.  It sat there like a malignant force, whispering evil thoughts to me.  It is gone now and nothing has replaced it.  The area still seems creepy to me even with the house gone.  The house stood on land that laid between two lakes, so I am thinking it most likely was tribal land and who knows maybe a sacred piece of land.

Next installment coming soon...

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jrBlog - desc
Professor Guide
1  author  Veronica    4 months ago

Just the start - maybe one day I will gather it all together and publish it for an Amazon Kindle book.

Raven Wing
Professor Guide
1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  Veronica @1    4 months ago

Great post, Veronica. Looking forward to the next one. jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

Professor Guide
1.1.1  author  Veronica  replied to  Raven Wing @1.1    4 months ago

Thank you.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
1.2  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Veronica @1    4 months ago

The one thing I can say we had in common is that when I was about  2 years old, I do remember being tethered with a leash to the maple tree on the front lawn of our home once, but it was for safety, for preventing me from wandering out onto the road because I was not being watched, but of course it was quite temporary.  As for scary things, there was only one thing from my childhood that scared me, and I had recurring dreams about it afterward.  Other than that one thing, I always felt entirely safe and secure no matter where I was in my childhood.  Back in those days children played outside without being watched between dawn and dusk no matter where they went.  I spent much time in the woods alone during every season.  I would walk along the edge of a precipice above a creek in the woods in winter, and the one fear I had is that I would slip and slide down into the creek.  That is what I had recurring dreams about - imagining myself sliding down into the creek.  Wait a sec - only one more time did I get scared while living there, but I was older then, and at night I was in the neighbour's back yard seeking dew worms to go fishing with, and ahead of me I saw two beady eyes looking at me.  I pointed the flashlight at it and saw it was a skunk, and its tail was rising.  I ran like hell out of there. 

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
2  Trout Giggles    4 months ago

This is a great start! I grew up in a creepy old farmhouse, too. I hated the basement and I'm pretty sure my mom did, too, because she always sent me down there bring something back up. She never went down there.

My family always thought I was weird and I was fine with it.

Professor Guide
2.1  author  Veronica  replied to  Trout Giggles @2    4 months ago

I am fine with it now, but growing up was hard.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Professor Expert
2.2  sandy-2021492  replied to  Trout Giggles @2    4 months ago

I also grew up in a creepy old farmhouse.  My Mom hated the basement, but that might have been because snakes got in there on occasion.  One went under the washer and dryer, and she was terrified to do laundry.

My sister, who was in elementary school at the time, hated the newer addition on that house, which contained the bathroom.  She always carried the family cat with her when she went to the bathroom or took a bath.  Not sure what she expected him to do if she was attacked by a ghost, but it made her feel better, and the cat didn't seem to mind.

Professor Principal
3  Kavika     4 months ago

Ohhh, good start looking for the next chapter.

Freshman Silent
4  Waykwabu    4 months ago

I had a scary experience a few years ago on a scout camp out in the bush.  Being an adult leader it was my practice to put my sleeping/hiking tent about 30 metres from the rest of the scout's tents, to allow them some privacy.

Around midnight something woke me up, but could not ascertain what it was.  All was silent, then I heard a faint rustle outside.   I thought it may have been one of the scouts coming to give me a message, but realized if that was the case someone would have spoken.  Then I heard a rustle from the door flap, and realized someone was squeezing in. I quietly reached for my emergency flashlight and shone it towards the tent door. 

I don't know who got the greatest shock - him or me.  A very large wombat who had decided to investigate my sleeping  quarters - I yelled at him and he very quickly exited backwards, out into the night.   

If you don't know what a wombat is, google it or look it up in "Wikipedia" for a good description.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
4.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Waykwabu @4    4 months ago

LOL! That would be scary. I've seen pictures of wombats. They look like possums on steroids