Autumn Approached - Mabon is Around the Corner

By:  Veronica  •  A Lasting Remembrance  •  7 months ago  •  11 comments

Autumn Approached - Mabon is Around the Corner
The apple feast is almost upon us...


Thought this picture was gorgeous.

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jrBlog - desc
Professor Guide
1  author  Veronica    7 months ago

The clean crisp air - that wonderful harvest scent floating on the breeze.  Fall - my favorite season.

Drinker of the Wry
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1.1  Drinker of the Wry  replied to  Veronica @1    7 months ago

My favorite season as well and best enjoyed in the countryside or a small town harvest festival.  A much needed opportunity to chill after the hot summer.

Love the picture.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
2  Trout Giggles    7 months ago

I like fall, especially what the harvest brings in like apples. But I will always be a summer person.

I do enjoy sitting around a campfire, tho

PhD Quiet
3  shona1    7 months ago

Morning...Spring is here and hopefully the warmer weather...last week we had 100kph winds coming through..my Gumtree lost a couple of branches so the Koalas aren't happy...

Yes Autumn is a lovely time of the year but we don't get the wonderful colour changes in the trees like you do.. truly a sight to behold when I see pictures from over there...

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
3.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  shona1 @3    7 months ago

I grew up in Western PA (that's in the NE USA), I currently reside in Arkansas (south central USA). We had so many maple trees in PA, fall was beautiful. They turn a bright red in the fall. Then you have the orange and yellow leaves of the oaks, and the hills were spectacular. I have to call my mountains hills because some people just don't appreciate the Alleghenies (like Mr Giggles)

Professor Principal
4  JohnRussell    7 months ago

The first couple weeks of October are probably the most pleasant weather days of the year around here. Temperatures around 70, low humidity. 

Professor Principal
5  Kavika     7 months ago

To the Anishinaabe/Ojibwe September is a very important time of year and we call it 

Waatebagaa-giizis (Leaves Turning Moon)

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
6  Buzz of the Orient    7 months ago

Back in Canada Autumn was my favourite season, not only because of the leaves turning colour, but because of the crispness of the air ending the summer's heat.  Where I am, I will never know the beauty of Autumn again, save in my memory.  A photo of that memory from when I was farther north than where I am now is this...


Trout Giggles
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6.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6    7 months ago

That's beautiful, Buzz. Looks like a sugar maple? I forgot about the purple some of the leaves will turn

Buzz of the Orient
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6.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Trout Giggles @6.1    7 months ago

There was a sugar maple on the front lawn of the home in which I grew up.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
6.1.2  Trout Giggles  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6.1.1    7 months ago

Pennsylvania produces a lot of maple syrup. They had a whole room devoted to it at the Farm Show in Harrisburg every year. And not just syrup but all the things you can produce from it like candy