Over the Top - a Prophetic Satire

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Over the Top - a Prophetic Satire

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Over the Top - a Prophetic Satire


Joe Biden with his good friend Mahmood Abbas

Some important actual background for this satire:

US President Joe Biden issued a memorandum linking American military aid globally to adherence to  international humanitarian law , including for Israel, as he called the IDF’s military operation in Gaza “over the top.”

AIPAC's reply:

“Israel is a moral army fighting in an unprecedented, complex urban battlefield in compliance with international law. It’s confronting a terror group that deliberately and despicably uses innocent Palestinians as human shields, hides among and below civilians, and continues to hold 136 hostages, including 8 Americans.”

The American Arab Community:

"Biden has been dogged by criticism at home by Arab American groups who say he should be calling for a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza conflict. Several Biden administration officials met on Thursday in Dearborn, Michigan, with Arab American leaders who have been vocal in their criticism of Biden."

The "Squad" and Democratic Progressives:

"Led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), several progressive Democratic members issued a letter to Biden and the Government Accountability Office requesting an assessment of the State Department’s compliance with Leahy Laws and Conventional Arms Transfer policies regarding security assistance to the Israeli government

“We write today regarding your administration’s ongoing weapons transfers to the Israeli government despite considerable evidence that these transfers are flagrantly violating American and international law and being used in the commission of war crimes,” the letter to Biden said."

Quotations are from a Jerusalem Post article.  LINK -> https://www.jpost.com/israel-hamas-war/article-786246

My satirical prophesies:

In order to placate the extreme progressives and squad, i.e. in order to hold the Democratic Party from splitting, and in order to satisfy the Arab-American Community and most likely the Palestinian-supporting Black Lives Matter so that he will earn their votes in November, Joe Biden promises the following:

1.  To replace Kamela Harris with Rashida Tlaib as his V.P.

2.  To mimic what Tlaib does and fly the Palestinian flag on top of the White House.

3.  If he wins, to be sworn in next January by America's chief Imam while holding his hand on the Koran.

4.  To remove the "Terrorist" designation from Hamas, because they're all just good Allah-fearing people.

5.  To end the annual military aid to Israel, and let them fight their own battles, and redirect the money to rebuild Gaza so Hamas can use the money it gets elsewhere to reconstruct its tunnels.  

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Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
1  author  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

A spammer posted a comment on a 10 year old NT article yesterday which brought it back to the Front (Home) Page, and amazingly it was so very relevant to what is happening in the Israel-Hamas conflict today.  Here is a link to that article and the comments on its comment wall: 


I repeat here what I commented yesterday on that article:

About 4 hours ago a Pakistani spammer posted a comment on this 10-year-old article that brought it back to the Front (Home) Page.  I deleted the spam comment, (and the spammer) which is my job on NT, but I took note of this article and the comments posted by members, some of whom have been inactive for many years and a couple who are still active today.  What struck me is that unbelievably the article is as relevant to what has been happening these days to what was transpiring a decade or more ago.  IMO what is said in this article justifies the naming as hypocrites those who call for Israel to "cease fire" or "ease up" with remarks like "over the top" and "causing a humanitarian crisis" when in fact it was not Israel but in fact a calculated, planned and purposely provoked result actually caused by a declared terrorist organization, supported by the United Nations through its rogue agency UNRWA.  Many of the situations and facts referred to are the same as what has been happening now.  Read what has been said above, the article and the comments, and you will see how much what is happening now is, as Yogi Berra famously said, "It's just  deja vu  all over again." 

IMO the existence of this article provides proof as to why it is necessary for Israel to totally eradicate Hamas, to NOT stop the war because if it doesn't, then down the road there is going to be another Oct 7 and then another Oct 7 and then......So there is only one common sense solution to stop the bloodshed and release what's left of the hostages... HAMAS MUST SURRENDER .  Why doesn't the UN demand it?  Why?  Because the UN with its rogue UNRWA agency is COMPLICIT in this war.  Again I will repeat that my wish is that the NYC UN building be bulldozed into the East River.  America, so against terrorist organizations, happens to be the host of and provides a home for a terrorist organization in that building.


Don't be blind.  Iran is going to develop the bomb.  Don't be surprised if then they will turn the "little Satan" into a glass parking lot, and don't even DREAM that the "Big Satan" won't be next, and you know who that is, don't you.

Professor Quiet
2  Ronin2    5 months ago

It doesn't matter. Oct 7 is going to happen again, again, and again. Because Israel has no interest in a two state solution. it has no interest in living in peace with Palestinians. It wants their land, not them. In the end they will take it- one way or another.

What Israel is doing in the West Bank and Gaza right now is creating the next generation of terrorists. The squalor in the new refugee camps will be the perfect breeding grounds for Iran to cultivate. It doesn't matter what puppet government Israel puts up in Gaza; it doesn't matter how tight they make the blockade; it doesn't matter how many tunnels they flood; it doesn't matter how many Palestinians they kill. Unless they kill every last one of them both in Palestine and abroad they will be attacked.  

Forcing the Palestinians into Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon won't give Israel peace. It will just destabilize those countries. Lebanon and Syria will be run by the Palestinians (at least Obama and Hillary will finally get what they wanted- no more Assad); and the US can finally stop wasting money propping up a Lebanese government intentionally kept weak by Israeli influence in the US. Think the King of Jordan is popular enough to keep control when the Palestinians outnumber his people? Egypt might be; but the civil war that will break out will cripple that country. Maybe Israel would like to fight a war from all sides again? it has been a while. Sorry, no tanks, planes, or navy to take care of. Just an enemy with an unlimited supply of fire and forget rockets- and a tunnel system that will make them impossible to remove. I am sure Israel wouldn't mind expanding further. Just wash rinse and repeat forever.

As for Iran. I don't buy the poor, picked on, Israel argument. If Iran is dumb enough to attack Israel with nuclear weapons (doesn't matter if they succeed or fail) Israel will wipe them off the map. There won't be an Iran to deal with for the US. Israel has far more nuclear weapons than Iran already. And a far better deployment system both with missiles and air craft.

The US (and the world) will have to deal with the radiation and fallout damage- in some of the richest oil and gas fields in the world. Should bring a resource war between the US and China to a head really quickly.

Oh, and if US politicians had any integrity they would ban the IAPAC and any other foreign lobby group operating in the US. We don't need foreign money influencing our already corrupt political system.

Don't worry, even with Brandon in charge Israel will get their billions in US aide and weapons to continue the fight. The Palestinians will get a token few hundred million to try and show that the US really does care; while bombs stamped with "Paid for by the US taxpayer" blow them to bits.

I expect to see this type of article again in the next 5 to ten years. Maybe with Hezbollah instead of Hamas (would make Hezbollah ecstatic to fill the power vacuum caused by removal of their enemy Hamas in Gaza) in the head line.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
2.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Ronin2 @2    5 months ago

Have you considered changing your user name from Ronin2 to Nostradamus2.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
3  author  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

Going to sleep now - am locking this for the night. It will be open in about 9 hours from now for civil commentary.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
4  author  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

As promised, unlocked and open for civil commentary.


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