The Best and Worst NHL Logos


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The Best and Worst NHL Logos

The NHL has the best logos in sports, hands down. So with hockey season upon us, FTW decided to rank the logos of all 30 teams, a process which was infinitely more difficult than when we ranked the NFL’s this summer. There are a ton of great hockey logos — any of our top 10 would be No. 2 among the bland American football logos (The Dallas Cowboys star is the best in all of sports  but the rest of the NFL is snooze-town. For such a dangerous sport, the suits love to play it safe.) The rules for our task today are simple: We took all 30 current NHL logos and ranked them from best to worst. Aesthetics were our only consideration, but it’s impossible not to let importance and history cloud our views of said aesthetics. To wit: The top four logos all belong to members of the Original Six and the logos of each of those six teams appear in the top 12. Oh, and as you’re about to see, when hockey logos are bad, they’re  really, really  bad

1. Detroit Red Wings

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.02.30 PM

2. New York Rangers


3. Toronto Maple Leafs


4. Montreal Canadiens


5. Edmonton Oilers


6. Boston Bruins


7. Los Angeles Kings


8. Philadelphia Flyers


9. Washington Capitals


10. New York Islanders


11. New Jersey Devils


12. Chicago Blackhawks





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Robert in Ohio
Professor Guide
link   seeder  Robert in Ohio    9 years ago

If you do not see your favorite team logo, follow the link to see the remainder of the logos.

I am a lifelong Blackhawk fan, but warming to the Columbus Blue Jackets (#22) since retiring back to Ohio

A. Macarthur
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link   A. Macarthur  replied to  Robert in Ohio   9 years ago

Not that I have a shred of "homer" in me, but the Eagles logo (NFL) whoops the Dallas Star.

Robert in Ohio
Professor Guide
link   seeder  Robert in Ohio  replied to  A. Macarthur   9 years ago

The Broad Street Bullies! always a good game when they are in town!

Sophomore Quiet
link   Dowser    9 years ago

I guess I'm not discerning enough, but I like them all...  Are the Blackhawks considered to be insulting?  It looks like a very nice logo, to me.  At least he is smiling!  


Robert in Ohio
Professor Guide
link   seeder  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Dowser   9 years ago


They are all good in their own way and I agree there is not a single one I dislike

Professor Principal
link   JohnRussell    9 years ago

The excellence of logos is in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless , the Blackhawks logo has long been considered the coolest logo not only in hockey , but in all of sports. 


When THN’s seven-person panel sat down to come up with our rankings of the 30 NHL logos, we were basically in full agreement which team would be No. 1.

We didn’t want history to influence our decisions. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens sit outside the top 10 for that reason. Ranking all the Original Six 1-6 is boring, predictable and doesn’t accomplish what we wanted to do here: reward the best logos, not the longest history.

Even still, the Chicago Blackhawks stood up to that measurement. The vibrant color combination and the respectful way it honors a WWI battalion and a Native American chief sets this logo apart from the rest. If we handed out the Three Stars of these logo rankings, the Blackhawks logo would be one, two and three.


Personally, I think other logos can state their claim, and it is all a matter of personal taste. 

Robert in Ohio
Professor Guide
link   seeder  Robert in Ohio  replied to  JohnRussell   9 years ago

it is all a matter of personal taste. 


Indeed, beauty and quality of most things are in the eye of the beholder (or supporter in this case)


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