GOP to Replace Meals on Wheels with Scones on Drones

By:  @kavika, 6 days ago
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Washington, D.C. — Donald Trump promised seniors on the campaign trail that “something terrific” would replace the popular Meals on Wheels program once repealed, and now we are finally finding out what this “terrific” program entails.


link 03/19/17 05:30:35PM @kavika:

Word is that Trump has ordered the drones to be hired from the ''Bee Hollow'' bee farm. Investigative reporter, I.M. Looking has unearth a trail of shell companies that leads to....Drum Roll...



link 03/19/17 05:36:45PM @krishna:

White House budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, unveiled the long-awaited Meals on Wheels replacement, Scones on Drones, to a mixed response. Malvaney described the program as, “One of the most compassionate things we can do.”


Definitely one of the most compassionate things Trump and his toadies are capable of. Sad

link 03/19/17 06:11:25PM @kavika:

Their not toadies Kirsh, errr um, ok I'll go with toadies.

link 03/19/17 06:15:30PM @randy:

“I’m not a picky eater or anything but a scone is not a meal.”

I agree, so the program should include some of those little jelly packs like you get at IHOP. It's the really compassionate thing to do...

link 03/19/17 06:37:42PM @kavika:

Add in the jelly and jam packets to go with that Randy...

Now that's really compassionate.

link 03/19/17 06:57:27PM @randy:

And since the scones are made with flour they get both their daily fruits and vegetables! It is soooo compassionate. Maybe more then they deserve?

Bob Nelson
link 03/19/17 07:02:51PM @bob-nelson:

Bread and water!

Nothing more. They're useless old good-for-nothings, after all!

link 03/19/17 08:02:00PM @kavika:

It's a form of population control for the RWNJ.

Bob Nelson
link 03/19/17 08:07:06PM @bob-nelson:

Do you know what an RWNJ becomes when he gets old and forgets everything? 



Bob Nelson
link 03/19/17 06:47:42PM @bob-nelson:

Do I understand that you people are not entirely approving of Mr Mulvaney?


link 03/19/17 06:54:07PM @kavika:

I'm in complete support of Mulaney. How can you not support a compassionate imbecile...It's the American way.

Bob Nelson
link 03/19/17 06:57:21PM @bob-nelson:


link 03/19/17 06:58:34PM @randy:

How can you not support a compassionate imbecile...It's the American way.

Yeah. I mean he can't help it if he's an ignorant imbecile.

Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom1
link 03/19/17 08:16:26PM @sister-mary-agnes-ample-bottom2:

I'm drawing the line at Pies on Flies.

link 03/19/17 08:56:07PM @kavika:

LOL, so peanut butter on bee's isn't going to work for you either.

link 03/19/17 09:41:19PM @randy:

Those would have to be some damned strong flies! Or really, really, really tiny pies.

Larry Hampton
link 03/19/17 08:40:46PM @larry-hampton:

“The military will have plenty of drones to ensure the scones reach those in need, all while saving the American taxpayers millions of dollars.”

close call

link 03/19/17 08:56:38PM @kavika:

RWNJ logic, Larry.

link 03/19/17 09:07:47PM @dowser:

You know, I don't think I've had a real scone in all my life.  So that's something to look forward to! /s

link 03/19/17 09:19:34PM @randy:

You have to get really old and poor first. Handicapped would help a lot. You have to get to the point where the republicans don't give a damn about you any longer. Then you can qualify for Scones on Drones.

link 03/19/17 09:27:01PM @dowser:

I feel like I'm fast getting there...


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