Subtlety Often has Strength of its Own

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Swallowtail Butterfly on Cosmos Flower

© A. Mac/A.G.

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Carolina Chickadee

© A. Mac/A.G.

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A. Macarthur
link 03/20/17 03:58:09PM @a-macarthur:

So subtle, it paradoxically displays a kind of force and power.

Buzz of the Orient
link 03/20/17 11:03:05PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Such a photo is open to many kinds of interpretation and effectiveness, but in any case is beauty to behold.

link 03/20/17 04:06:58PM @kavika:

It's a beautiful photo no matter what ones see or feels when looking at it.

A. Macarthur
link 03/20/17 10:50:38PM @a-macarthur:

Good night … more new stuff tomorrow.

A. Macarthur
link 03/21/17 03:44:19PM @a-macarthur:

The Chickadee image is the result of my experimenting with the idea of "The Surprising Power of Subtlety.

Buzz of the Orient
link 03/21/17 11:06:12PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Your Chickadee seems to be saying: "Don't you DARE publish my photo without my signed release!"

link 03/21/17 11:18:00PM @randy:

I agree. It's great shot, but the Chickadee looks like it's got some 'tude. Happy

A. Macarthur
link 03/21/17 10:26:47PM @a-macarthur:

Good night all.

link 03/21/17 11:17:28PM @chuggy:

Chuggy says thank you.


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