Keith Ellison accused of domestic violence


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Keith Ellison accused of domestic violence

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Ok.  Jumped the gun earlier by linking to the accusers twitter accusations.  Apologies.  Should have waited for the media to pick up with it.  Here it is again.  I will post screen grabs regarding the accusations as well in the comments.  edit:  updated to include pic of Ellison and accuser.  Some reason it kept posting pic of Ellison with a book initially

A person claiming to be the son of a prominent Minnesota-based environmental activist is accusing Rep. Keith Ellison of physically assaulting his mother while the two were in a relationship.

Ellison physically assaulted and psychologically abused Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan while the two were in a relationship, according to Austin Aslim Monahan, who claims to be Karen’s son. Austin Monahan also claims his mother convinced him not to make the incidents public because it would not be in her best interests.

“My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison,” Austin wrote in a Facebook post Saturday before detailing the nature of the abuse. His post comes as Ellison runs attorney general in Minnesota.



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Freshman Silent
1  seeder  Silent_Hysteria    5 years ago

Statement from the mother.  In addition.  Ellison has tweeted in the past with pictures of this woman and tagged her.  They knew each other is a certainty.  In addition.  These accusations seemingly go back to last summer with some comments from her.  Making comments about standing up for women involves doing so in your private life as well.  No comment from Ellison or DNC yet.  I expect this to blow up today at some point given that her and Ellison obviously know each other.  90FFB5429DED49DDBE7F22AC1433128F3765000005324E7935AB.jpeg

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Freshman Silent
3      5 years ago

Keith Ellison is a black man, a Muslim and a Democrat three things the left wing media loves you can be sure this will be swept under the rug.

Professor Expert
3.1  MrFrost  replied to  @3    5 years ago
Keith Ellison is a black man


a Muslim


and a Democrat


three things the left wing media loves you can be sure this will be swept under the rug.


Remember when fox news ran the story about Aaron Bruns, a white, christian, republican being caught with a computer full of child porn? 

No? Neither does anyone else. Swept under the rug. 

Professor Quiet
3.1.1  Ronin2  replied to  MrFrost @3.1    5 years ago

Did the rest of the media sweep it under the rug?  No, so it doesn't matter that Fox didn't report on it. If the main stream media ignores it- it is swept under the rug; as the left does not believe anything run by Fox News, or the right media anyways.

Professor Guide
5  Tacos!    5 years ago

There are a lot human beings in Congress and they all have problems. There's nothing about Democratic or Republican ideology that makes one more likely to commit intimate partner violence. No one should be using this incident (alleged) to make a political point.

Freshman Silent
5.2  seeder  Silent_Hysteria  replied to  Tacos! @5    5 years ago

You know.  If we were face to face... I'd agree with you if that was your consistent view.  However the majority of Dems I come across online and IRL seem to be selective on that depending who is in trouble.  Because of that I now go all in when it is a democrat.  Gunn being another example with the marvel guardians movies 

Professor Silent
6  Cerenkov    5 years ago

Given that his victim was a woman, I'm sure a Sharia court would acquit (if not celebrate) him in short order.

Freshman Silent
7  seeder  Silent_Hysteria    5 years ago

Also want to point out this liberal message board where many say if Ellison did call her a bitch and grab her by her feet it is just rude and not actual abuse...

Where are all the liberals on here to comment on this?

Freshman Silent
8  seeder  Silent_Hysteria    5 years ago


Freshman Silent
8.1  seeder  Silent_Hysteria  replied to  Silent_Hysteria @8    5 years ago

Come on!  That was satire and funny!


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