Teens rob store, leave clerk to die after heart attack


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Teens rob store, leave clerk to die after heart attack

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Cops released surveillance footage this week showing the sickening moment when two teens from Washington state robbed a convenience store after the clerk suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

Their indecency, however, didn’t stop there.

The teens made multiple trips in and out of the store with their loot — which included a dollar bill that was plucked from the worker’s hand — before eventually leaving him to die.

Cops said neither of them called police for help or did anything to save the man.


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1  seeder  Silent_Hysteria    6 years ago

Damn jamaal.  You can't even call 911 after robbing the store?  Will be interesting what charges they go after.  Involuntary manslaughter? Not likely imo.  I know there were calls to make doing nothing in an emergency punishable but we shall see

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1.1  Spikegary  replied to  Silent_Hysteria @1    6 years ago

Says it was 'Near fatal'.  I doubt manslaughter charges could be lodged, though it would be nice if they were caught and sent to adult prison where they will learn about (someone) getting in touch with their inner self.

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1.1.1  seeder  Silent_Hysteria  replied to  Spikegary @1.1    6 years ago

dont worry.. they will end up in adult prison soon enough when they repeat and rob the next store at gun point.  While they were in their way to church and turning their lives around of course. They literally didndu nuffin this time at least... other than robbing a corpse.  Surprising silent on here like most MSM

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2  seeder  Silent_Hysteria    6 years ago

If anyone from the area has any other info let me know.  Can't find much on the local source if they were caught. 

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2.2  Split Personality  replied to  Silent_Hysteria @2    6 years ago
AUBURN, Wash. -- Auburn police say they now know who robbed a Shell gas station after a clerk suffered a medical issue and collapsed during a confrontation with two teens.

The clerk, identified by co-workers and family members as Zarif Kelada, is now on life support at a local hospital, co-workers said.

Kelada's wife is asking the community for prayers as her husband fights for his life, she told KOMO News through the help of a translator on Tuesday afternoon.

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2.2.1  seeder  Silent_Hysteria  replied to  Split Personality @2.2    6 years ago

Much appreciated l!  I didn't realize thebguybwas on life support

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3  zuksam    6 years ago

The Video shows the clerk arguing with them, he came around the counter and was pointing at the kids pocket (the kid kept taking bites of something then putting it back in his pocket). I believe they were shoplifting and the stress of the confrontation with them triggered the heart attack.


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