New York abortion law allows for barbaric butchering of the innocent


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New York abortion law allows for barbaric butchering of the innocent
A trade that includes ripping up babies limb by limb, and leaves others to die in agony when an abortion fails to kill them and they are delivered severely wounded but very much alive.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

The night sky above the One World Trade Center had an eerie milky, pinkish glow — like a sickening mixture of blood and mother’s milk.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the spire to be drenched in the ghoulish hue in “celebration” of the state’s new law that permits fully developed preborn babies to be slaughtered even on what would be their birth days.

As he signed the legislation, Evil cheered what was actually the signing of death warrants for countless babies who can be aborted at any time, for any reason, through the ninth month of pregnancy.

As I stared in disbelief at a photo of the illuminated spire, it reminded me of a hypodermic needle, like those plunged through the bellies of pregnant women, filled with an acidic poison that is squirted into the fluid that surrounds the baby and fills his tiny lungs, burning his entire body inside and out.

Or is it more similar to the spear-like suction tubes that are rammed into the base of a baby’s‘ head to suck out their brains so that his empty skull can be crushed, and the newly murdered baby more easily yanked out of his mother’s womb?

If these descriptions sound far-flung, then watch the “Gosnell” movie, which reveals other abortion practices. The excellent film is now available on demand (see GosnellMovie.org for details) and includes a powerful portrayal of the actual court testimony of an abortionist who describes her grisly trade. A trade that includes ripping up babies limb by limb, and leaves others to die in agony when an abortion fails to kill them and they are delivered severely wounded but very much alive.

If the descriptions of abortion slaughter make you uncomfortable, think about the pain the babies suffer. Think about their butchered little bodies and the lives they have been denied. Then think about what you might do to help end the great American holocaust that is abortion.

Here are just two organizations that could use your help saving babies and their moms:

 Joe Baker, founder of Save the Storks, is working with his team to launch a free mobile ultrasound center, called a “Stork Bus,” in New York. The vehicle is like others that the ministry deploys around the nation to help pregnant moms. It can be driven into neighborhoods of New York City so that expectant mothers can see that their preborn babies are very much alive and human as they move and kick and suck their tiny thumbs.

“Our whole ministry started when I saw how much difference a sonogram made at the door of an abortion clinic in the Bronx. New York City already aborts more than 50 percent of their children, making it the abortion capital of the world. Our goal is to reach the city’s moms as quickly as possible and offer them alternatives to abortion,” Mr. Baker said.

To find out how you can help save the lives of moms and babies in New York and elsewhere, check out SavetheStorks.org.

 Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, is already busy responding to New York’s attack on the preborn. She runs the nation’s largest pro-life student organization, with some 1,200 college campus chapters.

“I think the abortion lobby overplayed their hand with the New York law,” Ms. Hawkins said. “They read the polls showing that only 7 percent of millennials agree with the Democratic National Committee’s platform of supporting tax-payer funded abortion in all nine months. They know that more than 70 percent of millennials want abortion to be limited to the first trimester. And they are terrified that our new Supreme Court will reverse the Roe and Doe decisions. In reaction, they are rushing to secure abortion in a post Roe America and have gone to the extremes, showing their true colors ones that a majority of Americans can hardly believe are real. I think what happened in New York state isn’t a sign that we are losing, but that they are losing their minds.”

This April, Students for Life will hold its national gala to celebrate life, right in the heart of New York City. The gala also will “highlight this generation of young leaders, and unveil our plan to fulfill our mission of ending abortion in our lifetime.” You can help the students through their website, SFLA.org.

When you think about New York and our nation’s barbaric butchering of the innocent, don’t just mourn — make a difference.

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There are plenty of places to find this inconvienent truth.  Lock this and I will just find another, and another, and another.

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"Barbaric butchering?"  A lot of 'drama' which is short on facts and even shorter in reality.

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