Perrie Halpern

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but few think of changing themselves. 

Tolstoy was right. We all look outwards and never inwards. One of the biggest problems with the human race. 

Now enough with the heady stuff!

I am the founder of The NewsTalkers and its Resident Advisor. I have a BA in Accounting and Economics and a Masters in Education/Biology/Earth Science. Politically, I am a vocal independent. I am married and mom to identical twin girls and my fur son Wally.

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link   Ed-NavDoc    3 months ago

Hi Perrie, 

Since Vic closed that article yesterday where you and I exchanged views on the ACLU, I just wanted to touch base and give you my reasoning for my high profile comment. Several years ago when I was still employed before getting disability, I worked in the laboratory at the small rural hospital in my hometown. I had notified the department head and the CEO that I would be seeking Social Security Disability and told them I would be cashing in on my 90 days or so worth of Paid Time Off/Vacation time and wanted it lump sum that I was allowed to get. It turns out that my department head did not like me very much because I was older than him and I did not bow down and kiss his feet like he wanted all in the department to do. He felt I was not the "team player" he demanded. He was also great buds with the CEO. Needless to say my request was denied and I was told I would only be paid in two week intervals. I informed him that that would create a financial hardship for me and my family and was unacceptable. I told them that I would continue working until my disability was approved. I was subsequently terminated prior to a decision being made with the reason being given that they wanted to hire somebody younger and in better health than me! 

Not having the money to hire a attorney, and feeling I had a verifiable age discrimination case, I contacted the ACLU office in Phoenix and gave them my story. They agreed to send a investigator down to talk to me to get the particulars. They sent down a young woman just out of law school down but she never ever talked to me. Turns out she went straight to my employer and talked to that CEO and my department head only and based her judgement solely on what they told her, which was diametrically opposed to my story. After not hearing from the ACLU office in Phoenix for a couple of week I called them. Imagine my surprise when I was told that they would not take my case because they only handled what they considered "high profile" cases that would get the widest publicity and dissemination in their eyes. You can imagine my disgust at hearing this from a organization that was allegedy supposed to be helping the little people..That is where and why I lost all faith in the "lofty ideals" of the vaunted ACLU.

My apologies for the seemingly long drawn out dissertation, but I hope you have a better idea on my use of the "high profile" term. I thank you and you have a good day and a good weekend.

link   MalamuteMan    7 months ago

Hi Perrie,

I have been thinking about you lately. I know you are right in the middle of the worst of this covid thing. I hope you and all your loved ones are well!!!!!


link   luther28    last year

Hi Perrie:

   Most may not notice but I will be MIA from Newstalkers from 09-02-19 through 09-13-19, going over the pond to Ireland.

   Take care and I'll have a pint for you :)


Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    last year

R.A Halpern:

One of my "masterpieces", an opus, entitled "Is The NewsTalkers A Right Wing Thing, or, a Left Over From the 60's Deadhead Thing", or, something, not even remotely close to that, is now METALIZED!

I have edited it a number of times and removed what I assumed maybe offenses against the CofC.

Please review at your earliest convenience. If you agree, that the revised version makes the cut, will you release it from LOCKED?

My one fan, my Mother, is fading fast. And, I want to hurry up the process. Is that wrong?

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Eat The Press Do Not Read It   last year

It's in metafied and it's open. If you post to it, people will notice meta moving to the first spot and respond. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    last year

Perrie:  How might I "UNLOCK" an article I wrote which was summarily METAFIED. The title asked a question about The News policy in jest, and, someone, somewhere, got pissed at "metafied" it.

Recently, at 77, I had a "mini-stroke", which has left me with extra quirks. Over the years I had cultivated many of them, but, some of the news surprised me.

Perhaps, someone took offense at one of these?

Would you mind unlocking it so I might edit it? It is shockingly inaccurate, a quality that I strive to achieve, but, NOT IN THE TITLE.

link   Nona62    last year

Hi Perrie, I know it's been quite a while since we have had any communication.   Sorry about that.  I wanted to let you know that if Mac should happen to  ask for my  e-address, I don't mind if you give it to him. I let him know that if he needed to talk he is more than welcome to contact me since I gone through the same thing with Mr. Nona.

Thanks my friend jrSmiley_15_smiley_image.gif

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Nona62   last year

Sorry Nona, I didn't see this till now. I will make sure that I will give Mac your email address. I am sure he will appreciate it. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A.   last year

One of my illustrious, instructive creation has been "Meatified". I have edited and cleaned it up. 

Would you take a new look to see if these changes are more acceptable?

Also, is there a way to save a "work in progress" other than posting it when it is not ready, they returning and cutting out all the junk?

I throw every up, no matter how useless, then, the next day, sober,I go back and try to make some sense out of it, which is difficult for me.

link   lennylynx    last year

You pull a comment of mine on Kathleen's article that Kathleen herself voted up?  And with the bs 'no value' charge??  If you don't want me here, just say so.

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It  replied to  lennylynx   last year

I love your post. Please stay. I suspect that we are the only adult in the room.

charger 383
link   charger 383    2 years ago

I don't think there is anything wrong with The Dukes of Hazzard or The General Lee, the greatest of all Chargers

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    3 years ago

Wow, thousands of friends. I am envious. Perrie! I have one!

Thanks for helping me figure out what I was doing on my New Site, Eat The Press - Don't Read It. The Content is Worthless!  We are the Real FAKE News, not the REAL NEWS that our FAKE PRESIDENT whines about!|


- AKA, Jonathan Livingston Pigeon - Poo!

-Aka, John K. Roberts,

-Aka, Little Johnnie Jump Up,

Aka, Wintrope Merridethe, The III,

Aka, Reverend Oral Fleece,

Aka, Drs. Ding-Dong & Ding A-Ling, Siamese's Twins

As a so-called comedian, I have a number of characters that I do and write under their names, which confuses bill collectors.

Is it possible that my previous site is still active, and, is it OK to post articles by these characters that seem to be writing their own columns, and, demanding to be heard?

When one is a raving maniac, one has voices that want to compete with each other for one's attention, or, they will strangle you as you sleep, according to my Doctors!

FACEBOOK threw me off again for posting a video by "The Very Awful, Very Revered Oral Fleece, "Straight From the Street And Not From The Police", pastor of the Church of the HOW BIG IS YOUR WALL-HOW SMALL IS YOUR BRAIN".

In 4 days I got 10,097 views.

It is a commentary on "Why The Revered Oral Fleece Supports Judge Roy Moore".

I would like to post it here, but, can't figure how to do it exactly. Any help, or, a reference to someone that might "talk down" to me so I might understand it?

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It  replied to  Eat The Press Do Not Read It   last year

Two years later, and I still need your help on how to publish an Article on The News Talker.

Citizen Kane-473667
link   Citizen Kane-473667    3 years ago

Trying to get my custom icon to display on the Home page next to my articles instead of the Hat and Paper.  How do I do that?

link   CB     3 years ago

II can SEE these four from today, they are clickable, but the comments don't load. . . .

link   dave-2693993    3 years ago


Kavika sent me a PM, but I can not find it. What do I need to do?

link   Pedro    3 years ago

I'm back. This time it should be more permanent. Even have it pinned to my toolbar. :)

link   dave-2693993    3 years ago

Hello, there is a beautiful woman who died on Monday and I can not figure out how to post it here. Her name is Olga Pronina. A motorcycle stunt rider. I have vids to show of her skills.

link   dave-2693993    3 years ago

Perrie, may I ask you a question please?

link   dave-2693993    3 years ago

Hello, may I ask a question?

A very interesting thread vanished. How can I find out what

happened to it?

Was it deleted or moved?

How can I find out what happened? Here is a link to last known 


Thank you.



The Old Breed Marine
link   The Old Breed Marine    3 years ago

Perrie, I haven't been on in a while, but I wanted to say that the site looks great!

link   Gordy327    3 years ago

Perrie, am I able to invite others into my group? If so, how do I go about doing it? Thanks.

link   Gordy327    3 years ago

Hi Perrie, how do I post my own articles or discussions? Thanks.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Gordy327   3 years ago

Hi Gordy,

Got to the top of the page and click on forum. Then find the topic you want your article to go under and click on that. There you will see a tab that says "Add a discussion" .. click on that and type away. 

Hope that helps!


link   deepwaterdon    4 years ago

Perrie...  When I go to Anishinaabe and Kilted Korner groups, only the comments I have made show up. I can apparently make comments and they are posted, but I cannot see any other comments posted. What am I doing wrong, how do I correct it. Thanks, and happy holidays to you and your family.

link   ArkansasHermit    4 years ago

Morning Perrie,

Since I haven't received any notifications since around 2 pm yesterday thought I better check with you and see if it's just my account alone or a more general situation.

Appreciate the help.

link   Randy    4 years ago

Why does my ugly mug still show up as my profile pic when I post since I changed it to a safety pin in denim?

link   Moonchild63    4 years ago

Quotations, as I stated are many things. Last year, I gave journals with few ideas for type as Christmas gifts:


Where Could I have


Many things are open to interpretation, yet quotes can uplift, inspire, invoke thought, endear... & be allusive, as well as invoke passions/emotions - kinda like music in a way.

They are prospective & projections (Pbs Midwest has 'Meet the Past' interviews with (actors) people from past)

Dorothy Parker was a character, as was Helen Keller or Saint Teresa of Avila based upon some of the quotes I've gathered. Used a quote in my blog piece from James Baldwin & a few words from Ed Sheeran' song.


I don't know more than that, but I hope I've explained it well & that you an others will be interested & join. If a conversation ensues the quoted/quoter is obligated to follow the conversation, moderate or qualify - like word game sort of.

link   Moonchild63    4 years ago

Started new GRP. "Quotation Conversation!" I keep a quote journal & they can inspire, encourage, embolden or enlighten - they can also spark pamphlets that Lead to Common Sense Revolutions.

If you care to join let me know.

pat wilson
link   pat wilson    4 years ago

Please see the Oliver/Dowser exchange. Is this the best way to report CoC violations to you ?


pat wilson
link   pat wilson    4 years ago

I understand your purple pen on my expletive but I couldn't have meant it more than I did right then.

Charlie Courtois
link   Charlie Courtois    4 years ago

HI Perrie,
Life goes on at the Courtois' House in Forsyth, GA; and, I made it back after a long hiatus!

I like the way the site looks now!winking




link   Randy    4 years ago

Hi Perrie! I have applied to the cat adorers group, which is private, even though I'm mostly a dog guy (my wife won't have a cat in the house). However it seems that I have to be approved by Stefi Cantly who it seems hasn't done anything in that group in 3 years. Any way that I can get in? I really do like cats too.



Jim Weinert
link   Jim Weinert    4 years ago

Hi Perrie,

I'm your new friend from the St Davids waiting room. We met last week.  Hope your mom is doing well  --  my wife is doing good and feeling better.  

Thought I'd scope out your web site and maybe join in the fray, but probably lurk about for a while first.

Glad we met and I enjoyed our visit.


link   Randy    4 years ago

Hi there Perrie!

I deleted the account of someone called @myloveryou : as a spammer. It's in the archive in the moderators group.


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    5 years ago

Hi Jim, 

Sorry that I missed this before. Glad you are back and having fun. I've been trying to deal with these issues ( there are others) all this week. Fix one and two more pop up. Next time you need me, shoot me an email. I notice those more. 

The Old Breed Marine
link   The Old Breed Marine    5 years ago

Hello Perrie,

Can you turn off my e-mail notifications for me? I've tried several times, and they just keep coming like a plague of illegal immigrants.

Pretty please..... !

link   Randy  replied to  The Old Breed Marine   5 years ago

Click on your name at the top. Then click on the "gear" looking tab. Then click on "Notifications" and then pick which one you want to be notified (emailed) about when they happen. Personally I have all of mine set to do not notify.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    5 years ago

1st, she is a member here and I have paid her to publish to get new membership. The site gets to approve policies and the CoC not how the site functions. 

link   1stwarrior    5 years ago

So, why is this "Sarah" so protected by you?  NT didn't approve her column - or do we not need to?

J Martin
link   J Martin    5 years ago

Hi Perrie -

I checked all the boxes, except the newletter one,  to "disable" email notifications from NT. When I check, it says...

All notification emails have been disabled.

But I keep getting emails. Lots of 'em.

Thanks for looking into it for me!

And thanks for all you do.



Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
link   Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom    5 years ago

Perrie, when you get a second, can you:

1.  Tell me where the mail system is, and

2.  Tell me if there is a glitch in group status recognition.

Not to add pressure or anything, but your answers will determine if my Belleview commitment will be voluntary or involuntary.

pat wilson
link   pat wilson    5 years ago

Hi Perrie,

I tried to add a discussion but it doesn't show up on the home or the forum pages. It does show up in "My Discussions". Not sure what I did wrong.

link   sixpick    5 years ago

I want to thank you Perrie one more time for following me.....

link   Randy    5 years ago

link   CM    5 years ago

Good Morning Perrie, I know you are quite busy but I cannot see myself on chat also, how do I create an article..thanks

Coral Atlas
link   Coral Atlas    5 years ago

back at you ....;-)

Coral Atlas
link   Coral Atlas    5 years ago

liking this new format better every day ...

breadcrumbs possibly eventually?

currently on line list somewhere?


link   sixpick    5 years ago

Thank you for accepting my friend request Perrie. 

Coral Atlas
link   Coral Atlas    5 years ago

of course ... Perrie

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    5 years ago

Hi Perrie.  This is looking good, this new place.  I'm figgerin' it out slowly.

I notice I am no longer the Admin in Science Fiction Fanatics.  Oh, eeeeek !  Could we fix that?  Do we get to have co admins still?

link   screminmimi    5 years ago

I'm "following" you Perrie... wherever you take NT!

Coral Atlas
link   Coral Atlas    5 years ago

trying to track down previous friends but don't want to go through an 18 page photo badge looking at the alt tags - is there a text list of members hidden somewhere?

Bob Nelson
link   Bob Nelson    5 years ago


I'm in... after muddling around quite a bit... 

I'm having problems with updating my profile - the error message is about "authority". The help videos don't launch (Android 5.1.1).

Very few of my articles seem to have come through... But I always considered them perishable. 


link   MalamuteMan    5 years ago

Hi my Perrie friend!

Mal has arrived at the NEW Newstalkers... Kinda tired, but I'm here... zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

BTW- I love your avatar... Great photo of you!!!

[Mal swoons...]

Uncle Bruce
link   Uncle Bruce    5 years ago

Where's my group?

link   Notsojingo    5 years ago

Hello Kiddo!

Just had not stopped in for ages, so thought I needed to send a special HELLO to ya, Perrie.

Seems NT has come a long way since my last visit. Congratulations!!
Nice to see it.

Dale P

Nowhere Man
link   Nowhere Man    5 years ago

Good to have you back sweets, sorry bout the mess, some of the teens decided to have a party.Grin.gif

Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty
link   Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty    5 years ago

Whenever I come to your page, Wally makes me forget what I came here about... Long Live Wally!Grin.gif

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    5 years ago

Time for a break. Perrie I don't know how you do it. Guess I'm just to thin skinned. I'll be back when families health conditions stabilize including my own. I'm glad your strong its very hard to be open minded as of the present. How does the statement go I forgive them for they know not what they do. Hope your family's doing better. Having Heart and PAD and memory problems. Lot of Doctor time myself and my wife needs to but doesn't and her mother is quickly loosing her battle. She has Parkinsons disease. Talk to you later. WEB site lunacy will only get worse for next two years till after next presidential election. They won.

link   Neetu2    5 years ago

And I changed it again, Perrie!Smile.gifSmile.gif Tweaked to black and white. I didn't realize there was a feature to posterize my photo on the photo editing program I used. Always something new to learn!

Evelyn Bernhagen
link   Evelyn Bernhagen    5 years ago

Grin.gif Thank you Perrie, for your friends request. I don't frequent Newstalkers, but for some reason tonight I just wanted to check it out again. Because I do have a column on Newsvine. But the people there are very rude at times. So I have quit frequenting it also. So maybe I might come here more often.. Thanks again Evelyn

link   mocowgirl    5 years ago


I have received an email from FRANK KWABENA. Looks like a spammer has joined Newstalkers to email spam to members.

The NewsTalkers < >

12:03 PM (8 hours ago)
to me
FRANK KWABENA added a comment to your profile on The NewsTalkers
Good Day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going
through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you
immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I
found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public
site.Could you please get back to me( )
for the full details.
Have a nice day
Thanks God bless.
Mr Frank.
To view the full comment, visit:

To reply to the comment, visit:
Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    6 years ago

10_members.gif I LOVE your new photo/avatar, Perrie!!!!! How are you, my friend???

link   MoonCrow    6 years ago

I've been so absent Perrie ... like 2 years absent, and still in mourning actually ... may be in mourning the rest of my life ... but when I looked at my pitiful lil friends list ... I saw some major "holes" that needed to be filled ;-)

Charlie Courtois
link   Charlie Courtois    6 years ago

Hi Perrie,

Yesterday and today I got 14 emails about this topic:

From Subject Received Size Categories
The NewsTalkers Raven Wing commented on the group "NEWSTALKERS PHOTOGRAPHY as FINE ART" on The NewsTalkers Mon 9:10 PM 12 KB

I perused a few sections, and said nada to anyone.



PS: I am going to revise all of my blogs and writings. Just checking on what's going on here. Ciao!

Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    6 years ago
retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    6 years ago

Missed you lady. Last I knew you were out of town taking care of personal problems. Thought maybe we drove you crazy.Smile.gif

link   sixpick    6 years ago


Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    6 years ago
Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty
link   Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty    6 years ago

I just love that picture of Wally.

dennis smith
link   dennis smith    6 years ago

Thank you Perrie.

link   Cerenkov    6 years ago


Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

I'm sitting here right this very minute praying for you! You have been on my mind all day. Hang in there! I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!! 7_members.jpg?width=530

link   Nona62    7 years ago

HI Pierrie,

IAs far as signing, I just kept getting the normal sign or sign up. I messed around with it and now it works fine.

Thanks for your interest. All is well now, no more problems :-) You're doing such a great job here.,thanks for that!


red shadow
link   red shadow    7 years ago


I would like to see who is here.

Do you still have a members list.?


link   CM    7 years ago

Thanks Perrie for the Friend's request, it is my honor to accept your invitation, what a Beautiful Cat, I just love cats..thanks again

Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    7 years ago

I wasn't trying to say that Americans are all pear-shaped. It's just that Americans are at the bottom of Canada.Grin.gif

link   Tsula    7 years ago

I attempted to leave a shot message to you expressing my gratitude for your kind gesture but the dumb system refused to accept it then so I shall try once more for it is indeed an honor for me to be considered as your friend. This is also about as short as I get! Grin.gif

link   MalamuteMan    7 years ago

OMG!!! Mal forgot his Perrie friend's birthday... Mal is SOOOOOO sorry!!!

Here are some pretty pictures for Perrie...


Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

OH I just COULD NOT decide which Birthday Greeting I liked you get both! LOVE YOU! 6_members.gif

Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago
Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

Awww..... you deserve to hear all the GREAT stuff about what you are doing for all of us!!!! We appreciate and love you!!! 4_members.jpg?width=530

link   Uptownchick    7 years ago

Hey Perrie!! Love the new VideoTalker feature!! CatBoarding...lmao!!Grin.gif

link   1stwarrior    7 years ago

See? I'm quicker than youGrin.gif

Gladly Sister - with much honor.

Jonathan Livingston Pigeon-Poo,
link   Jonathan Livingston Pigeon-Poo,    7 years ago

Tongue.gif Friend, huh? You will be sorry in the morning, no matter how many pills you have taken, or, how many times you gargled with a strong anti-bacterial solution. Most of my friends say the same thing: "You make me sick!" Is that a compliment or should I keep trolling?

link   Neetu2    7 years ago

Hey, Perrie, just dropping off a hug for you!

link   BizEBea    7 years ago
I am so glad to see you. What a great place this is!
Hal A. Lujah
link   Hal A. Lujah    7 years ago

I promise to behave. 3_members.jpg

link   JoTigerlily    7 years ago

Thanks for answering my little question, Perrie. The videos were very helpful.

link   brightstarone    7 years ago

Dear Perrie,

The reply function is absent frommy discussions.

I had a hostile back and forth with Einstien Insanity, I suspect that the functions that enable me to reply to comments posted to me have been dis-abled because of my hostilecomments towards E.I.

I definately violated the CoC with E.I. because I detest him and I said so honestly.

Now I understand that if NT wants to disable my ability to respond because of CoC violation that is fair, but at the same time allowing postings to me that I can't respond to is not fair.

Add to that N.T. did not have the decency to let me know anything.

I don't like to have my speech suppressed while others can still post to me.

My question to you is this, How do I Un-subscribe to N.T.?

I've been looking around all over the N.T. website and I can't find the Un-subscribe function, can you advise how I can Un-subscribe?

link   Len    7 years ago

Hi Perrie,

Shavua tov.

1. How do people quote from other messages and the quote appears in italis with a vertical bar on the left? I do it the old-fashioned way, by copy and paste.

2. Why are some messages missing a Reply link and have only a (personal) Message link? Still others have no response link at all.



link   sixpick    7 years ago

Thank you so much Perrie for accepting my request for friendship and hope you don't have to spank me. Well maybe just a little.

link   Leotie    7 years ago

I think I got it right. Sorry for the delay, but I got swamped with visitors for about an hour and half here.

Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

2_members.jpg Here's a hug for whenever you feel like frowning!

Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago
Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    7 years ago

Thanks for your nice words, Perrie. I love the rainbow bridge poem as well. It's a comfort when it seems like there will never be any.

Wally looks like a lil troublemaker to me. But, a cute one at that, so who cares?

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    7 years ago

Oh, Kara here again. I see that your kitty's name is Wally, and really looks like a Wally too. Mine was named Kitten, and the reason that she is looking up is because she is in heaven now. What a sweetheart.

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    7 years ago

Hi Perrie,

Wow what an awesome looking kitty you have there. What's her or his name? Oh, and thanks loads for joining the "Technology Teaching Forum & Exchange" group. You'll definately be one of my teachers. I'm so fortunate.

Take care now,


retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    7 years ago

Tried to do a discussion on the Sequester today gave an article and a couple of my own comments didn'y find it afterwards? ? ? Help

Windancersong Riverwalker
link   Windancersong Riverwalker    7 years ago

Thank you so much for your friendship! Blessedare those willing to be such friends.They are the sun beyond the storms, the moon, and stars guiding at night.I am honored tohave you for a friend!

Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty
link   Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty    7 years ago

Although, on closer inspection, he does look like he is going to swat the camera.


Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty
link   Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty    7 years ago

Wally! Such a pretty kitty!

Kay Jenson
link   Kay Jenson    7 years ago

I'm lost with the solutions for the Mickey joining GOP War on Women group. I don't know anything about setting up security.....I know Mickey's on my friends list, so I just sent an invite to you and Mickey both. I hope you can help.....maybe I should delete Mickey as a friend and start over? Does that make sense.....


Kay Jenson
link   Kay Jenson    7 years ago

Hi Perrie, I wondering if you can help me with a problem I'm having getting a group invitation to Mickey.....I've think I've sent it three times. I go to the group and then to invite, it pops up a list of my friends and I click on Mickey's name. Then it says invitation sent. I've done with with most of the GOP War on Women members, so I don't understand why it isn't working for Mickey......

Is there another way to invite Mickey to the group? Thanks, for your assistance.....


link   PamelaDrew    7 years ago

I cannot find "Members Online" nor chat dot & would love an email option

link   PamelaDrew    7 years ago


Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

Grin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gif Hi, Miss Perrie! Be sure to bring Wally to our Cat-Adorers page....he has a birthday present waiting for him!!!!Grin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gif

link   PamelaDrew    7 years ago

Sorry, but this seems to be my only communication avenue, the reply to the email inbox here on TheNewstalkers is not working for me. It will let me compose but hitting send does nothing it just stays on the page, nothing loads or confirms. Last time I went to to an article and used contact author for my reply but that seems not to work for me now either. Emails arrive with a no-reply address & it's 20 minutes into a reply now that isn't, very me but totally time burning limited!

Perrie seed the content you want since I'm having a devil of a time trying to find my way around and make things work. Even replies to articles seems iffy at best. Some may be due to my outdated browser but bottom line is you take what you want and I will focus on any new content in compose mode! Big hugs for all the work & support! pd :~)

Susan Paul
link   Susan Paul    7 years ago

don't worry about the game things, lots get posted by accident anyways. am still working on posting here. lol. I have one particular article am bloqqing that concerns many families around the states but is going on with us right now.


Gail J. Hall
link   Gail J. Hall    7 years ago

Hello Perrie! So good to be here, and I am learning fast! It's not too hard after all. NV got to be so difficult for me with that Beta thing, I was just lost! A couple people invited me here, and I', SOOOO glad! Thanks for having such an awesome place to be! G.H.Smile.gif

stephanie (o'stephanie)
link   stephanie (o'stephanie)    7 years ago

Thanks, Perrie! Have not even glanced at the help topics yet but will. Have been busy embracing friends from the big migration.

Thank you for the welcome. Feels comfy already.

link   luther28    7 years ago

thank you, happy to have found a refuge.

Disturbed Librarian
link   Disturbed Librarian    7 years ago

Thanks for the invite! It's good to know "who to know".

lady in black
link   lady in black    7 years ago

Thank you. I will certainly message you if I need help navigating the site. So far it's been pretty easy figuring things out. Smile.gif

link   Leotie    7 years ago

I'm honored to have you for a friend. You are so nice and patient in dealing with us age challenged folks. I do appreciate that

NC Slim
link   NC Slim    7 years ago

I am still stumbling around a bit.

  • Trying to understand how to seed articles and comments for discussion.
  • How to send a friend invite?
  • Can I comment on any discussion?


link   Kinkomaster    7 years ago

Thanks, Perrie... thanks for taking me in.

link   EmmaJo    7 years ago

Thank you for the friend invite. I am glad to have found The NewsTalkers! I actually heard about it at...that...other place...via another member over here! I am having fun over here!

Rebecca "Brite" Kesler
link   Rebecca "Brite" Kesler    7 years ago

ROFL I've been here, on and off almost 8 months! Silly girl!Grin.gif

George Niederhofer
link   George Niederhofer    7 years ago

Thanks Perrie, so far I am happy I made the move from NV. THe site looks great, and I like the ease of navigation.

Kelly Ann Krammer
link   Kelly Ann Krammer    7 years ago

Thanks, Perrie, I have been with Newsvine for awhile, but they are changing so drastically, I can't follow it very we anymore, so decided to come here for a more sane format.

link   cms5    7 years ago

Thanks Perrie! Smile.gif

link   Pilotshark    7 years ago



link   WilliamJS    7 years ago

Hey Perrie, thank you for welcoming me to the Site. I was looking for a new home since I left NewsVine.. So far I like the Code of Conduct rules here, and hope this site will continue to Grow. :)

I do have a request though ... Yeah I know, always one with a request or suggestion :) I would like to suggest removing character limits on the blogs.. I say this because I would like to transfer a few articles from Newsvine to here that exceed the current limits. Sounds crazy, but they are more of research pieces that keep growing as I continue to study them. Hence, I am curious how you feel about your site expanding here. I am also only advocating this for the blogs as I can understand limitations on discussions and forums ect.. :)

Cheers, and thank you!


Spooky Boyfriend
link   Spooky Boyfriend    7 years ago

I have just begun to decorate...

link   Leotie    7 years ago

Thank you, Perrie. Right now, I'm up past my bedtime, and being the old woman that I am, I have to get some sleep, my sleeping pill is trying to knock me out. I WILL be back, and probably with a lot of ?'s for you.

So, forgive me for now, while I nod off. Us old folks have a tendency to do that from time to time.

link   66yrs99pct    7 years ago

Thank you Perrie for your kindness and warm welcome. I'm still finding my way but thoroughly enjoying the experience!

The Sentinel
link   The Sentinel    7 years ago

Thanks for the kind welcome. I'm glad to be here, rather, I'm glad you created the here for me to be.77.gif

link   A.A.    7 years ago

Ok, thanks!Grin.gif

link   A.A.    7 years ago

Hi Perrie and thanks, Now my BIG, BIG question- is there spell check on this site?

Tex Stankley
link   Tex Stankley    7 years ago

Perrie, Thank you kindly.

And, thanks for the work on this site. Thumbs up.

link   WalkerLightning    7 years ago


Thanks for the invite.

The patch is from the left shoulder of my old army dress uniform. I was in the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade and lived in West Berlin, surrounded by the Wall, for three years during the Cold War. I can go on and on, until most people, even those interested in history, start yawning but I won't now.Grin.gif

Edward Fiebke
link   Edward Fiebke    7 years ago

If I understand things correctly, this bulletin board is your baby, right? Nice work! Thank you for the Friend Invite. Will certainly ask questions as unknowns present themselves. Cheers! Smile.gif

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    7 years ago

Yer quite welcome M' pleasure. It's always an honor ta be in your service your Grace.

link   Wizeguy    7 years ago
so when is there going to be a spell check in the comments box. Because I am a terrible speeler...
link   Carol-99    7 years ago

Perry, I just joined NewTalkers today, and my only complaint is that you can't spellcheck comments before posting. Do you think that spellcheck will be added to the site?

link   MJL3    7 years ago

Thank you, I am playing, since they have made changes to NV, I think you are going to get a lot more signing up...NT is a big interest over thereSmile.gif

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    7 years ago

Thanks Perrie, it looks like you guys have good show going on here.

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    7 years ago

Hi Perrie,

Thanks once again for your great site!! It's a great place to hang out and connect up with old and new friends. And you and Mac are always there for us. The discussions/articles are mostly of good quality as well!!

Love ya,


Galen Marvin Ross
link   Galen Marvin Ross    8 years ago

Hey Perrie, Yeah there are a few I know from Newsvine, I'm glad to be here, as soon as I learn the ropes of how to do things, I'll be posting more.Smile.gif

link   Rixar13    8 years ago

Thank you so much... Smile.gif

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    8 years ago

Miss Perrie...

Thank you for hunting me down. It was SO good to hear yer voice again. Looking at yer haven't aged a day since the first 'Time' we met...chuckles

The place seems to have changed since I was here last. You've done a nice job of pulling the place together M'Lady. It looks great, and the 'natives' seem to enjoy your place. Some great feedback...but ah would expect nothing less. I know it's been a 'struggle' for you at times, and apologize for not being more 'supportive' with my involvement. Ah guess ah jus wasn't quite ready to make that shift and exert the 'Time' and energy to learn a different system. It's going to take some gittin used to, but ah think ah'm pretty much ready fer a change. It really doesn't matter iffin ah'm here or's going to mean learning a whooole new system, so might as well be wit ma friends.

Hope you can roll wit da...yeeeah, ah know you can.

As ah become more comfortable'n familiar wit da navigation an da site, ah will begin to jump in wit some 'stuff'.

Trout Giggles
link   Trout Giggles    8 years ago

Thanks, Perri!

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    8 years ago

Oops. E mail still isn't working. Laters.

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    8 years ago

Hey, Perrie my dear. Is the e mail down today? Love ya.Smile.gif

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    8 years ago

"Buy pioglitazone online order pioglitazone overnight delivery"


Is an advertisement.

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

Hi Perrie,

I pinged you on the chat system, but apparently you were away. I hope you are well. Last I heard you are having your scan soon. Has that happened yet???

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

Hey Perrie,

Sorry to hear you out of power... but at least if you can tell us that, you survived that disaster. When ever you get a chance let me know how you are doing.

Mal (((((((((((Perrie))))))))))))

link   MJL3    8 years ago

Thanks for accepting my FR...I appreciate it Grin.gif

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    8 years ago

Thanks for accepting the FR. I am having me some fun. You did good putting this all together for us. I appreciate it.41.gif

Those emoticons are so very goofy. I never liked them before, but these are fun.

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

Howdy Perrie,

I stopped by several times today... but didn't manage to find you in... Left a message for RD... USC beat UW today :(

link   Nona62    8 years ago

Thanks for the FR. I'm sure Iwill need a lot of help, thanks for the offer to help!! lol

link   Len    8 years ago

It took me a long time to figure out how to do it.

Have a great week.

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

Mal says "HI" from Santa Fe...

[Mal packs up his travois and heads for home in the Northwest...]

Hope you are well!

Mrs D
link   Mrs D    8 years ago

I'm happy to be here Perrie and thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Jim Huston
link   Jim Huston    8 years ago

Perrie, how could I forget you? I hope I'm who you think I am - on NV I post as hhabilis, though I haven't been there for a while: snowed under at work, home comp on the blink. More later - I'm supposed to be working.

link   leonahardware    8 years ago

I'm happy you accepted my FR in that 'other' place.Grin.gif

link   Rachel1    8 years ago

Thank you, Perrie! I'm finding my way around, but, you'll be the second to know, if I'm lost!

Michael C.
link   Michael C.    8 years ago

Hello Perrie. Thank you for the nice welcome. I am still exploring the site. It looks very interesting. And thanks for you offer to help if I have questions. It is nice to know that help's available if needed.

link   Soovivers    8 years ago

Perrrrriee - wowee - yor getting a bunch o new ones eh? That's good.Smile.gif

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    8 years ago

Hi Perrie, Yeah I am so happy to be a member here with yours and Fed Up's help and ya know what? Lots of other members have stepped forward to help me. This tells me everything I need to know about your site. It's the welcome mat here. Not so for the time being where I am coming from.........but I'll leave them alone and all. They have their place. But this is just a great big and positive bonus in my life..........THANK YOU and everyone BIG TIME.

link   Feddy    8 years ago

Yes I did! Can you tell I love purple? lol I thought the green went well with the purple. I'm glad you like it. I was hoping it looked ok. Grin.gif

link   changeeverything    8 years ago

hello perrie, my name is steve. i live in a resort village in nm.just thought i would say hello.

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    8 years ago

Hi Perrie, I would like to thank you so very much for your assistance to me thru Fed Up in order to get on this site. I am SO VERY HAPPY to be here, that you have no idea. My avatar in NV is a red rose, however I couldn't make it fit and didn't know how to make it fit, so for now it is a beloved past grey and white kitty cat. She did fit. I'm not surprised, as she was so special. So are you for starting this site, and I already see many friendly faces/avatars here. Thank you once again. I read all the terms of agreement and I'll follow everything. If I inadvertently step out of line, simply correct me. Send me an email or whatever is the protocol here. I'm here to have good discourse and to meet and greet old and new friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH PERRIE!!

Queenie of the Castle
link   Queenie of the Castle    8 years ago
Perrie, I have tried everything, but need your help. for whatever reason, I am unable to send e-mails, friend requests, and invitations to my private group. Is there any way you can help me? I can see the "buttons" to send these things, but when I click on them, nothing happens. HELP!
bitemore Gfotwo
link   bitemore Gfotwo    8 years ago

Hi, Perrie: Yep, I have a new avatar because, for some reason, the old one didn't show up here (part of it did, but not the hamster). So, I picked my favorite photo of Cocoa Bean, and will have to share her (and her siblings') 17.gif story here as soon as I have the time.

link   chelli    8 years ago

Hi Perrie!

Long time, but gosh, I can see you've been busy :) Great job on the new site. I'm looking forward to learning it better and playing here!

link   Feddy    8 years ago

Hi Perrie! It's good to see you too.

link   Dowser    8 years ago

Perrie! I'm so glad to see you!!!Grin.gif

link   TTGA    8 years ago


Got my avatar up. It's always one picture or another of my grandkids. totally cute but that boy has no fear and is adventurous. I don't think he'll stop taking risks until he falls off something and breaks an arm or something. I also changed my screen name to TTGA, the initials from my NV screen name. Over here, just go on using Rock though

link   Worldcurmudgeon    8 years ago

Hello Perrie, Good to hear from you again. I look forward to reading and posting interesting information and 'stuff'.



link   njmick    8 years ago

Thanks for the warm welcome, and Ill do my best to make you proud of me .

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

Hi Perrie,

Tonight is closing night (Doubt), so maybe I will have time to post that article (thoughtful Christian) next week... I do start on Frost/Nixon right away, but I am hoping my time commitment is MUCH smaller (as it is now, I am only in the first minute of scene 1).

I think of you often... I hope you are well!!!

[Mal leans against his Perrie friend with a big Malamute hug...]

link   MalamuteMan    8 years ago

[Mal goes flying through NT... on his way to rehearsal...]

Hi Perrie... Miss you!!! I hope all is well...

red shadow
link   red shadow    8 years ago

"Will do. For now I need to relearn the system and stay active at least 3 days a week"

At 11:29pm on March 27, 2012, Perrie Halpern said


I see you decided to just sign up. If you need any help, please let me know!

link   aRTieA    8 years ago

I learned what you did a while ago.

Not sure what this refers to....

link   Soovivers    8 years ago

Yes Perrie - that is one of my photos. I bought a new and improved camera. Now I'm learning how to take new and hopefully improved pictures. This is one from my front porch at sunset. I'll upload some here - thanks dear Perrie.

link   jmcalifornia    8 years ago

Thank you kindly, Perrie. It's my pleasure to be here.

link   Pedro    8 years ago

Thanks. Just playing around with it. Got some things figured out though.

link   Soovivers    8 years ago

Hi Perrie - me again - just so ya know I'm still around...

link   Al-316    8 years ago

Perrie, I am not ready to join any clubs yet, nor am I ready for a little slapping, gentle or otherwise. So I will keep my evil side under control.

link   Al-316    8 years ago

Perrie, thanks for adding me as a friend. You are my first. You may recognise me from Newsvine.

Arch-Man enticed me to join your group. Family matters have me swamped at the moment, so I will be contributing very little for the next month or so.

I look forward to being more active. Al

link   MalamuteMan    9 years ago

Mal wags a Merry Christmas and HappyHanukkahto his Perrie friend...

[wag wag wag... frantically wagging...]

link   Soovivers    9 years ago

Hi Perrriieeeeee. So good to see ya and the others.

link   Soovivers    9 years ago

Ohhh Perrie - I just come and go but I am generally logged onto your site. Good job on it!

Joseph Adorno Comic Book Rehab
link   Joseph Adorno Comic Book Rehab    9 years ago

Terrifc site! :)

link   Curtis    9 years ago

Oh...and I will change colors of the "Check spelling" button soon to match the buttons in the text editor-I had originally had the spell check made just for my site-then configuring it to sharewas a last minute idea-in the future the ads will match all sites better

link   Curtis    9 years ago

Great you got the spell check to work?

I hate to share my site because its nothing fancy but serves a purpose for us..its located at

link   Curtis    9 years ago

Thank you! he is actually 6 now and a handful!

Holly Kuehn
link   Holly Kuehn    9 years ago

I lost all the pictures I had of my foxes =-(. I will have to search for a new one. I used the tarantula just cuz it was handy at the time!

Larry Hampton
link   Larry Hampton    9 years ago

Google Images..."zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance". You'll also see pictures on that page of Robert Persig and his son Chris who is central to his 1st book. The kid got robbed and killed on a street out on the West Coastsomewhere,just a few short years later.

Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    9 years ago

Too bad we can't load more than one photo. We could put a series of them on our page on grouply.

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    9 years ago

I don't like the term "Teabagger" although the Tea Party markets shirts and other items using the term ... can't have it both ways but I understand the reason some take offense.

I can find lots of derogatory terms to accurately pin on the Tea Party, "Teavangelicals" being my personal favorite, but that has a singular meaning not used elsewhere to pure purely ugly.

First Amendment rights do not extend into infinity; for example, libel and slander can have legal implications and sanctions as do fraud, defamation and perjury. In the real world, you can't always say without consequences, whatever you please and hope every time to be protected by the First Amendment.

But let's have consistency; the Tea Party is highly critical of OWS, loves to call the participants all sorts of derogatory things as they exercise their First Amendment rights.

I'll conclude with this ...

"Live by the sword ... ", call someone a derogatory and don't get bent out of shape if one gets tossed back on you.

link   Gene    9 years ago

Perrie, I bought a house north of Tampa, plan to stray forever. No more moves, I hope. I will past some stuff over the weekend,

link   Gene    9 years ago

Perrie. I am fine but have been very busy. I plan to comment here a few times a week and sone seed and write. I will check out all the info here. It looks good.


link   Sara    9 years ago
Perrie, I just changed the picture because I wasn't sure if the "I smell carrots, did you fart" comment really reflected who I am or what I am all about.....*laughs*Anyway, the photo now is my Nakia.....such soulful eyes I've never seen before.....
link   Sara    9 years ago
Oh Perrie, I'm sorry about the bunny and kitty photo...obviously I have nothing between "bunny" and "Hibiscus" in my picture folder, damn alphabetical listings!!! You probably know I wouldn't have picked a "I smell carrots, did you fart?" as my profile picture if I had been fully awake! *blushes and laughs*.....I'll have to change it later though...on my way to work...and not sure if I am having trouble or not, but when I change pages, it goes black for a good 30 seconds before connecting me...I'll see how it works in the morning! Thanks for letting me know you moved...and I look forward to some good conversation here and on the phone with you! *smiles*
link   Global777    9 years ago

Hi Beautiful!

I've always had a weakness for pretty Ladies. If numbnuts steps on your toes again, just holler and I'll come a runnin'. ;-)

Take care...

Shel F
link   Shel F    9 years ago

Does she spell it the same way? You'd be surprised how many people think my middle name is pronounced Reen as opposed to the proper pronunciation.

Shel F
link   Shel F    9 years ago

Sizzlin'....not. : )