Joe Rogan Moderating A Presidential Debate Is Trending On Twitter


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By:  john-russell  •  one week ago  •  7 comments

Joe Rogan Moderating A Presidential Debate Is Trending On Twitter

Joe Rogan's podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is the most listened to podcast in the country. I believe his You Tube channel is the most popular of all the political channels on You Tube. It is accurate to say that there are millions of people who have seen or heard his show at least once. 

Rogan is, as far as I can tell, since I have only watched part of his show a few times, a libertarian who presents himself as somewhat of a moderate. His demeanor is calm and somewhat bemused by the to and fro of partisan politics. Sometimes he criticizes the left and sometimes but less often, he criticizes the "alt right". He has given airtime and thus credibility to various controversial right wing heroes like Candace Owens , Jordan Peterson and even Alex Jones. Much less so he has liberals on. 

Now, Joe Rogan has offered to moderate a "four hour" debate between Trump and Biden, which evidently would have little structure. 


The concept is now trending on twitter. 

Such a debate would be a free for all designed to let Trump act like a maniac and lie for 3 hours and 59 minutes. 

Of course it's not going to happen, but Rogan has given the Trump forces a "reason" to proclaim that Biden is afraid. 

I don't think our country's agenda should be set by libertarian internet stars. 


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1  author  JohnRussell    one week ago

Let's have Rick Wilson host the debate and a bank of fact checkers will be sitting off to the side ready to intervene when needed. 

1.1  Tacos!  replied to  JohnRussell @1    one week ago

a bank of fact checkers will be sitting off to the side ready to intervene when needed. 

They're not needed. That's what the other candidate is for. If our candidates can't fact check the other guy or simply outdo him with the truth, then we need better candidates.

MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)
1.1.1  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)  replied to  Tacos! @1.1    one week ago


Sparty On
2  Sparty On    one week ago

Love me some Joe Rogan.

Liked him in NewsRadio as well ....

Release The Kraken
3  Release The Kraken    one week ago

Joe Rogan supported Bernie, he does amazing interviews and is fair to all political perspectives on his show. He does demand they explain their positions.

This would be amazing. Both candidates would have to explain the foundation on which their position stands on. We won't get answers from the other moderators.

I'll forgive Joe for being an Eddie Bravo blackbelt at 9th planet Jiu Jitsu.

Sparty On
3.1  Sparty On  replied to  Release The Kraken @3    one week ago
Joe Rogan supported Bernie,

No one is perfect, still like the guy.

4  Tacos!    one week ago

I just want moderators that actually moderate. Really all I need is someone to enforce the time limits and control who is talking so we don't get into ridiculous interruptions and slap fights.

What I get sick of, is moderators who take part in the debate or ask questions clearly crafted to go after a particular candidate. It's not the moderator's job to argue with the candidate or fact check them. That's the job of the other candidate.

And then if I can have my cake and eat it too, I'd like substantive questions on important issues that are neutral enough to be fair. Save the tabloid stuff for well . . . the tabloids.


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