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By:  john-russell  •  2 weeks ago  •  25 comments

Seen On Family Facebook

One of my nephews put this up on his Facebook page.  I would say our country is as divided as it has ever been outside of the civil war period.  I see no reason that will change in the foreseeable future.  I dont think my nephew wrote this, although I am not sure. It sounds like something that is being passed around.


Now you understand why there was never any action against the Clintons or Obama, how they destroyed emails and evidence and phones and servers, how they spied and wiretapped, how they lied to FISA, had conversations on the tarmac, sent emails to cover their asses after key meetings, how Comey and Brennan and Clapper never were brought to any justice, how the FBI and CIA lied, how the Steele Dossier was passed along, how phones got factory reset, how leak after leak to an accomplice media went unchecked, why George Soros is always in the shadows, why Romney and Paul and Bush and McCain were all involved, why they screamed Russia and pushed a sham impeachment, why no one ever goes to jail, why no one is ever charged, why nothing ever happens. Why there was no wrongdoing in the FISA warrants, why the Durham report was delayed. Why Hunter will walk scott free. Why the FBI sat on the laptop. Why the Biden’s connection to China was overlooked as was unleashed the perfect weapon, a virus that could be weaponized politically to bring down the greatest ever economy and usher in unverifiable mail in voting. Why the media is 24/7 propaganda and lies, why up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right. Why social media silences the First Amendment and speaks over the President of the United States. This has been the plan by the Deep State all along. They didn’t expect Trump to win in 2016. He messed up their plans. Delayed it a little. They weren’t about to let it happen again. Covid was weaponized, Governors helped shut down their states, the media helped shame and kill the economy, and the super lucky unverifiable mail in ballots were just the trick to make sure the career politician allegedly with hands in Chinese payrolls that couldn’t finish a sentence or collect a crowd, miraculously became the most popular vote recipient of all time. You have just witnessed a coup, the overthrow of the US free election system, the end of our constitutional republic, and the merge of capitalism into the slide toward socialism. What will happen next? Expect the borders to open up. Increased immigration. Expect agencies like CBP and INS and Homeland Security to be muzzled or even deleted. Law enforcement will see continued defunding. The electoral college will be gone. History erased. Two Supreme Court Justices might be removed. The Supreme Court will be packed. Your 2nd Amendment will be attacked. If you have a manufacturing job or oil industry job, get ready. If you run a business, brace for impact. Maybe you’ll be on the hook for slavery reparations, or have your suburbs turned into Section 8 housing. Your taxes are gonna go up, and businesses will pay more. I could go on and on. There is no real recovery from this. The elections from here on will be decided by New York City, Chicago, and California. The Republic will be dead. Mob rule and appeasement will run rampant. The candidate who offers the most from the Treasury will get the most votes. But the votes voted won’t matter, just the ones received and counted. That precedent has been set. “Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, ‘Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?’” Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Ladies and gentlemen, you will now lose your Republic. You turned from worship. You turned from family. You turned from country. You embraced degeneracy culture. You celebrated and looked to fools. You worshipped yourselves selfishly as you took for granted what men died to give you. You disregarded history and all it teaches. On your watch, America just died a little. It’s likely she’ll never be the same again. Some of you have no idea what you’ve done. Sadly, some of you do.


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1  author  JohnRussell    2 weeks ago

There have been tens of millions of Americans, like my nephews, that have had their ability to comprehend and understand the news ruined by right wing media disinformation over the past 30 years. It is not only a tragedy, it is tremendously dangerous to our nation. 

1.1  devangelical  replied to  JohnRussell @1    2 weeks ago

invite him over for dinner. slip outside with his car keys, pop the hood, and destroy his brake fluid reservoir when he's in the can. mickey his drink with 10 hits of LSD 30 minutes before he leaves. /s

1.1.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  devangelical @1.1    2 weeks ago

when you read something like this, which is pretty standard for the types of things that are passed around on conservative social media these days, we can see the toxic effect of right wing media on the minds of millions of people. 

my nephew is not a crazy, to my knowledge he is not a right wing activist and i am pretty sure he is not in any organized anti government or white supremacist groups, although i suspect he probably donates a little money to trump and other conservative fund raising outfits. 

My nephew is a fairly run of the mill right winger in america today, who believes and transmits an astonishing amount of false information. 

1.1.2  devangelical  replied to  JohnRussell @1.1.1    2 weeks ago

anyone stupid enough to believe fascist bullshit is basically a mobile sack of organic fertilizer waiting to be applied to barren soil. they would rat you out in a heartbeat.

Bob Nelson
1.1.3  Bob Nelson  replied to  JohnRussell @1.1.1    2 weeks ago

Personally, I don't make much distinction between those who fly the flags and those who "just" hold the crazy ideas.

Since the sack of Congress, I distinguish between traitors who remain faithful to a traitor, and prodigals who abandon the traitor.

Paula Bartholomew
1.2  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  JohnRussell @1    2 weeks ago

I'm sorry, but your nephew is a can short of a six pack.

Thrawn 31
1.3  Thrawn 31  replied to  JohnRussell @1    one week ago
Politicians who thought they stood to gain from doing so made some gestures to the effect of honoring Trump’s bleary and incoherent orders, at least until it was time for them to hide with their peers from the people who’d broken in to do whatever it was they thought Trump wanted them to do. Trump’s people set up a literal gallows outside and brought rifles and zip ties inside with them, but then they were stuck there, chanting and desecrating and posting it all online to advance their own individual stories. Finally they were just milling aimlessly around the grandest building in the country, the place where government ostensibly lives, like video game characters waiting to be raptured up to the next level, or onto the quest after this one.

That statement is from a different article and talking about the events at the Capitol, but I think it captures people such as you nephew and the current political right generally perfectly. Their politicians are just looking to enrich and empower themselves and so they go along with this garbage in pursuit of that goal. As for their supporters, well they don't really know what they want or what they are all about. They are angry and loud and want to take power in Washington to do.... something. No one really knows, we have seen this several times lately in congress. Conservatives take the reigns of power and then proceed to not do much of anything because they don't have any agreed upon agenda beyond just taking power. 

I would ask your nephew what he actually wants right leaning politicians to do when in office. Not what they and he are against, but what they actually want to accomplish legislatively. I am certain you will either not get a coherent answer, or you will get multiple answers that conflict with each other. 

1.3.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Thrawn 31 @1.3    one week ago
I would ask your nephew what he actually wants right leaning politicians to do when in office. Not what they and he are against, but what they actually want to accomplish legislatively.

People like that are much more against something than they are for something. 

Thrawn 31
1.3.2  Thrawn 31  replied to  JohnRussell @1.3.1    one week ago

Being against something is easy, but it doesn't actually do anything. I like to think of it like making dinner, I can tell my wife that no I don't feel like pasta but if I just stop there we are sitting there with our thumbs up our ass  and there is still no food on the table. You have to actually be FOR something, and if a person cannot tell me what they are for then I cannot take them or their opinions seriously. 

Bob Nelson
2  Bob Nelson    2 weeks ago

We have seen - are still seeing here on NT - that these people will not back off. Their minds are irremediably set.

They must be crushed at the polls, crushed at the polls, crushed at the polls, ... until they are broke and broken.

2.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Bob Nelson @2    2 weeks ago

i agree. 

3  Kavika     2 weeks ago

Crazy traitors

4  Ender    2 weeks ago

The deep state thing I expected. It is when they have to throw in the racist crap, it shows their true thoughts and intentions.

Their white privilege is threatened.

4.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Ender @4    2 weeks ago

If there is one overwhelming "truth" that I have gleaned from years of following the "news" and observing and reading about what is happening and has happened in America, it is that many ( I can't put an exact percentage on it) whites have a subconscious (or conscious) fear of becoming a minority group in the United States. This is something that has been written about extensively. There is even a pop culture expression for it "fear of a black (or brown) planet''. 

This fear became accelerated when Barack Obama became the first truly viable non white candidate for president of the United States, and then he won. This basic fact brought us the Tea Party and birtherism , and the spread of white supremacy and "white nationalist" beliefs in the United States. Obama's ascension went along with the demographic analysis which showed that white birth rates were declining to the extent that non whites would become the numerical majority in the US within just a few decades. (Non whites are already the majority among those 19 and younger.) 

This has put some people over the edge. It has made them more right wing, more nationalistic, and more prone to fall for a Donald Trump. Trump ran on this stuff, although it remained a subtext of his appeal and not its open forefront. But it is there and it is the beating heart of the political right wing. 

Bob Nelson
4.1.1  Bob Nelson  replied to  JohnRussell @4.1    2 weeks ago
This has put some people over the edge. It has made them more right wing, more nationalistic, and more prone to fall for a Donald Trump. Trump ran on this stuff, although it remained a subtext of his appeal and not its open forefront. But it is there and it is the beating heart of the political right wing. 


5  MalamuteMan    2 weeks ago

Very interesting... and coincidentally... I too have a nephew who is spouting some of the same rhetoric... It is as though we are living on two completely different planets. He tells me I have been duped by the "lame stream media." He sees my thinking the same way I see his... completely deluded. 

5.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  MalamuteMan @5    2 weeks ago

Mainstream media is not progressive, it is corporate. To my knowledge there is no mainstream media that has editorially endorsed universal single payer health care, a wealth tax, or the green new deal. 

5.1.1  MalamuteMan  replied to  JohnRussell @5.1    2 weeks ago
Mainstream media is not progressive, it is corporate.

Sure... but my nephew sees anything that is not his world view as liberal.

Thrawn 31
5.1.2  Thrawn 31  replied to  MalamuteMan @5.1.1    one week ago

If you aren't with him you are against him eh? 

6  sandy-2021492    2 weeks ago

My sister-in-law posts similar crap.  I think she's about to drive my brother crazy.  My mom told me that he stayed later at Thanksgiving dinner than she did, so he could talk politics with my parents without it becoming an argument.

Thrawn 31
7  Thrawn 31    one week ago

Oh my god I couldn't get past the first paragraph. Seriously, the writing style is garbage, it is just a string of run on sentences and random statements that don't appear to be leading to anything. 

MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)
8  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)    one week ago

Even I don't buy into most of the crap spewed by your nephew that you posted here. jrSmiley_82_smiley_image.gif

Thrawn 31
8.1  Thrawn 31  replied to  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka) @8    one week ago

Because most of it is insane. As I said, I couldn't even read beyond the first paragraph because not only was it so poorly structured that it was actually kinda making me angry reading it, but it was just a bunch of "who gives a shit" gripes and nonsense conspiracy theories just strung together.

MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)
8.1.1  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)  replied to  Thrawn 31 @8.1    one week ago
As I said, I couldn't even read beyond the first paragraph because not only was it so poorly structured that it was actually kinda making me angry reading it

Agreed; however, I'm so used to reading terrible "paragraph" structure and grammar, I have found a way to not get frustrated by it.

9  freepress    one week ago

Years of right wing indoctrination on Fox and social media has totally warped a lot of minds. Reality and the truthful knowledge of the fact that the majority of Americans vote Democrat by the popular vote. The media has wasted years of time feeding and fueling the narrative that only Republicans can save the economy. Not true, Bush oversaw the worst economy and Trump's failure to lead on COVID tanked the economy once again. Democrats want to help everyone with policies that favor the people and not free tax giveaways to the elites that Republicans cozy up to for donations while lying to their own base.


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