‘I Just Knew He Wasn’t Going To Scam Me’: Long Island Grandmother Helps Catch Alleged Scammer


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‘I Just Knew He Wasn’t Going To Scam Me’: Long Island Grandmother Helps Catch Alleged Scammer

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‘I Just Knew He Wasn’t Going To Scam Me’: Long Island Grandmother Helps Catch Alleged Scammer

SEAFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork)  — A grandmother outsmarted some would-be thieves on Long Island.

Police say they intended to scam her out of thousands of dollars, but she wasn’t having it.

The quick thinking of a 73-year-old  Seaford  grandmother — who only wants her first name used, Jean — is being credited for taking down an alleged predator.

“I knew he was a real scammer. I just knew he wasn’t going to scam me,” Jean told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon.

The former 911 dispatcher says Thursday morning, she received a call from someone claiming to be one of her grandsons.

The caller said he had been arrested for drunk driving and was in jail.

“He starts calling me ‘grandma,’ and then I’m like, I don’t have a grandson that drives, so I knew it was a scam,” Jean said.

Jean says she immediately knew the call was a hoax but decided to play along for fun.

After several calls back and forth, a person claiming to be her grandson’s lawyer told her he needed $8,000 for bail.

“I told him I had the money in the house, and I figured, he’s not going to fall for that. Well, he fell for that hook, line and sinker,” Jean said.

In the meantime, Jean also called police.

When a man pretending to be a bail bondsman arrived to collect the cash, she handed him an envelope filled with paper towels.

Waiting officers then pounced and took 28-year-old Joshua Estrella Gomez, from Mineola, into custody.

Police say Gomez was arrested and charged with attempted grand larceny in the third degree. He was issued a desk appearance ticket and will be arraigned on Feb 3.

Police says elder scams like this one are rampant.

Officers are asking the community to be on alert.

“Speak to your families. Speak to your neighbors. Visit those that are vulnerable. Let them know, don’t listen to these scams,” Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said. “These individuals sit at home and have nothing else to do but think of a way to take advantage of our elderly.”

Jean is also asking people to watch out.

“I feel like gotcha, and I feel like, like you say, so many people fall for this and you only hear about it on the other end after they’ve lost $8,000,” she said.

She hopes her story will serve as a cautionary tale for others and is glad no one was hurt in the process.

While everything turned out OK for Jean, police say if you suspect a scammer, be sure to call the police first before arranging a rendezvous.

CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon contributed to this report.


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Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

Now THERE is a smart woman.  Being older does NOT necessarily mean being stupid.

Junior Participates
2  shona1    5 months ago

Go granny ..good on her.. but unfortunately she is in the minority...to many elderly folk get caught...

I don't even answer my land line now got sick to death of bloody Indian scammers. If people need me they have to ring on my mobile.

I have to admit I did keep one scammer on the line for half an hour. Offering a cruise holiday from the States...blah blah ..do I have a valid credit card, five star accommodation etc...

In the end I said if I can't take my cat I am not going and hung up...never heard from them again...

Professor Principal
3  Kavika     5 months ago

I've received scam calls with them claiming to be my grandson.... 

Like shona I've pretty much quit answering my landline phone because of the number of scam calls per day.

Professor Principal
3.1  devangelical  replied to  Kavika @3    5 months ago

I haven't had a landline for over 16 years, but I still get bullshit calls. my blocked list is massive.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
3.1.1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  devangelical @3.1    5 months ago

I had a landline up until I left Canada 15 1/2 years ago - never since.

Professor Expert
3.1.2  Tacos!  replied to  devangelical @3.1    5 months ago

Unfortunately, they never seem to call from the same number twice.

Professor Expert
4  Tacos!    5 months ago

These are the worst people in the world. I wish there was more we could do to stop them.

Hal A. Lujah
Professor Expert
5  Hal A. Lujah    5 months ago

If they didn’t even know if she had a grandson old enough to drive, then how is the caller supposed to convince the lady he is her grandson?  Dumbest scam ever.  I’d be like “well, maybe jail will give you some time to think about what you’ve done - see you next Christmas.”

Junior Participates
5.1  shona1  replied to  Hal A. Lujah @5    5 months ago

Evening Hal...the last time I answered the scammers I decided to have some fun.. I got in first before they could get a word in..

Said how was the weather in Mumbai??

What is the toilet paper situation like over there?

Have you been vaccinated??

Aren't you mob meant to be in quarantine??

What are you doing at work spreading the virus..that is bloody inconsiderate and you should be reported...

Do they fine you over there and how much is it?? Hope it's mega $$...

That was the end of conversation.. don't know why....

Hal A. Lujah
Professor Expert
5.1.1  Hal A. Lujah  replied to  shona1 @5.1    5 months ago

To me the short and sweet version is best.  Something like:

”Did you call your sister Kathy?”

”She’s not answering her phone.”

”You don’t have a sister.  Bye now.”

Greg Jones
Professor Guide
6  Greg Jones    5 months ago


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