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Become a public server

By:  Coral Atlas  •  Public Service  •  5 years ago  •  5 comments

Become a public server

A public server is a human public service volunteer.

What are public services?

Scientific and technological research, self education, volunteering and the development and enhancement of tools.

Public Servers volunteer their services in automated areas that benefit from some human intervention.

Public services that cannot be autonomously performed by robots, AI and automation requires some human interventions by individuals acting as public servers.

Public Servers earn credits as volunteers that can be used to augment extra travel anywhere on the planet.



jrBlog - desc
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Freshman Silent
link       5 years ago

hi CA welcome to nt

Great post and  a " call to duty "

Like Volunteer firefighters it is a service with pride and joy, good call


Release The Kraken
PhD Principal
link   Release The Kraken    5 years ago

I'm thinking you do some volunteer work and then you go to the travel center where they moonbeam teleport you to the destination.

Dean Moriarty
Professor Quiet
link   Dean Moriarty    5 years ago

I'm all for volunteering to do good. It sure beats being forced into service against your will. It also reminds me of one of my favorite Jefferson Airplane songs. 

Dean Moriarty
Professor Quiet
link   Dean Moriarty  replied to  Dean Moriarty   5 years ago

Grace looks like she's trippin balls. 

Masters Participates
link   PJ    5 years ago

Thanks for posting.  It does remind me that I've been lax in my endeavors to volunteer.  I need to recommit.