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@Perrie Halpern R.A., 12/18/22 09:15:27PM
Thanks for the Hannuaka wishes. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year!
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@Trout Giggles, 05/18/18 08:48:32AM
He said he was surprised you had any friends at all
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@Tessylo, 01/25/18 08:37:32AM
'Did you bother to read this?'
Why would anyone bother to read that nonsense?
This remark was meant for badfish not you! That nonsense about Obama and the gay prostitute.

Hey epistte - I was referring to badfish in troutgiggles seed about Obama and the gay prostitute. I pretty much agree with everything you say.
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@igknorantzrulz, 01/17/18 08:22:36PM
hope you don't mind me signing your guest book.
I've only been on Newsvine and here. I tried Minds, this weekend as well, but I'm computer illiterate and like a pediatrician, have very little patience, but, like a Fungus, i'll grow on you, cause I'm a Fungi. Sorry, you've probably heard all my stupid plays on words before.
At first glance, I thought that was a toilet, with a bug smashed on \the seat cover.
Does your moniker refer to cognitive knowledge, or are you an entomologist
no reply required, I know that is an extremely inquisitive question, but I'm going stir crazy stuck in bed for a damn week now
no reply required you enjoy your evening didn't mean to Smart Bug You