Might Trump not run in 2024?

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By:    Conn Carroll

Might Trump not run in 2024?
Trump is in no rush to start paying his own legal bills, especially when it is becoming increasingly likely that those bills are about to go way up.

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Might Trump not run in 2024?

I f you would have asked me last week if former President Donald Trump were going to run again in 2024, I would have placed the odds at 99%. After all, when he   says things   like, “I’ve already made that decision,” it sounds like a done deal.

But after a couple recent conversations with people in D.C. familiar with Trumpworld, now, I am not so sure.

Jeremy Stahl touches on some of the reasons people are saying Trump might not run   here . “My second reason for thinking Trump won’t run is that there are numerous financial incentives in the other direction — including one big one tied to Trump’s legal woes,” Stahl writes.

“That is: The Republican National Committee continues to pay his sizable   legal fees   and   has said   it will only do so if he is not a candidate for president, as it ‘has to stay neutral’ in any contested Republican primary. You see, paying for a candidate’s legal bills would break that neutrality. And there’s another financial incentive for Trump to hold off on declaring his candidacy, which is that if he becomes an official candidate for president, he   loses control   of all but $5,000 of the more than $100 million war chest he has stockpiled in the Save America PAC.”

These both echo what I am hearing. Trump is in no rush to start paying his own legal bills, especially when   it is becoming increasingly likely   that those bills are about to go way up.

And while Trump has been a proven fundraiser in the past,   he appears to be slipping recently . All the more reason to retain access to the $100 million in his PAC.

I’m not convinced Trump won’t run in 2024. But I’m a lot closer to 50%-50% now than I was a week ago.


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Professor Principal
1  seeder  JohnRussell    2 months ago

Trump allegedly has 3 billion dollars of personal wealth. With that , he could put 100 million away for a rainy day in his old age and still have enough left to pay his own legal bills and not have to steal from his PAC.  I think that would go against his nature though. He is a natural born con man and cheat. 

He doesnt need to leave it to his kids either, unless he wants to be nice to Tiffany. The other three are already rich (or so they say). 

Professor Quiet
1.1  cjcold  replied to  JohnRussell @1    2 months ago

I hope he does run. It would insure a democratic win.

Professor Quiet
1.1.1  bbl-1  replied to  cjcold @1.1    2 months ago

Hedge that bet.  Orban is here.  He knows how it is done.  The American autocrats are taking notes.

Junior Participates
2  GregTx    2 months ago


Professor Quiet
3  bbl-1    2 months ago

I don't believe the Trump will run again.  He's on the grift.  Besides, although the Trumpian base is solid/apparently unmoving, the GOP base is fracturing and in some areas shrinking. 

Professor Principal
3.1  Tessylo  replied to  bbl-1 @3    2 months ago

That's all that it's ever been about wirh him.  Fucking over someone else for their money.  Only a sucker would contribute a penny to this alleged billionaire

Professor Principal
4  JBB    2 months ago

Trump cannot and would not win, so he will not run...

Mark in Wyoming
Professor Silent
4.1  Mark in Wyoming   replied to  JBB @4    2 months ago

isnt that what was said in 2015? what happened then ?

Professor Quiet
4.1.1  bbl-1  replied to  Mark in Wyoming @4.1    2 months ago

Nobody questioned anything in 2016.  Votes were never audited.  The losing candidate conceded and it was over.

Greg Jones
Professor Guide
4.1.2  Greg Jones  replied to  bbl-1 @4.1.1    2 months ago

"losing candidate conceded and it was over."

Yes she did, and then proceeded to claim otherwise

Professor Quiet
4.1.3  bbl-1  replied to  Greg Jones @4.1.2    2 months ago

False.  Why lie?  Is that really necessary.

Mark in Wyoming
Professor Silent
4.1.4  Mark in Wyoming   replied to  bbl-1 @4.1.1    2 months ago
Nobody questioned anything in 2016.

i didnt mention 2016 , my response to the statement that trump could not and would not win so wouldnt run  was being said also in 2015, the year i mentioned when all the presumptive candidates were making their announcements of their intent to run in the primaries , and i did hear it said long before the primary was held in aug of 16.

  the only one that brought up the 2016 election was you in response to my statement about 2015, pre primary and general election  situation and the belief that trumps run for office was a joke because the public thought it was a joke/publicity stunt initially.

As for what happened on election night in 16 , i will say i will never play drinking games again by choosing to take a shot every time the talking heads have to announce that the presumptive loser has won a state election .

I chose trump to drink to if he won a state , and the talking heads on TV looking like they were taking a great big bite out of a shit sandwich when they had to report the results state by state .

And i did it here on this site that night .

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
5  Buzz of the Orient    2 months ago

Why would he run in 2024?  Isn't he convinced that he won in 2020 and is still the REAL POTUS, so actually running in 2024 would be contrary to the two term limit, would it not?  It would be an admission to his base that his insisting that he won in 2020 has been nothing but a deliberate lie (to add to the thousands of them).  


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