Perrie Halpern


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@epistte, 12/18/22 07:15:33PM
Happy hanukkah.
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@MalamuteMan, 01/01/21 09:50:37PM
I was just looking at "Remembering Those We Lost In 2020"
You are a gem, Perrie!
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@FLYNAVY1, 08/20/18 10:41:59AM
Hi Perrie....

I'm sure as you notice, I keep dropping by from time to time to check the weather. I trust you are well, and that your efforts at keeping the lid on things here hasn't caused a psychotic episode yet. You have a level of patience that Job would envy! Best regards to you as always....

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@Ed-NavDoc, 04/19/18 07:54:32PM
Hi Perrie. My apologies for not getting back to you yesterday as I was ill both then and today. I have tried to get you today but you were offline when I checked. Please get back to me when you are available to talk about that mod position. I will check periodically for word from you. I hope you have a good evening.
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@Chris in VA, 01/14/18 09:50:18AM
Hi Perrie!

Chris in VA (Do you remember me?) from NV days. I had to step away for a while. Hope all is well.

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@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 12/25/17 10:51:01PM
It's quite now, the house is silent. The grandchildren sleep, the relatives long gone, dishes done, wrapping paper cleaned up, the laughter, the tears, all wiped cleaned as we lean toward a New Year!
So, how dysfunctional was your Christmas?
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@Trout Giggles, 12/13/17 09:32:34AM
Is anyone having problems posting comments. Have I been "let go"? LOL!
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@Coral Atlas, 10/12/15 04:48:45PM
Coral Atlas
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@sixpick, 10/12/15 12:59:42AM
Great Job Perrie here today on Sunday October 12, 2015 for me. The Newstalkers!!!
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@Nigel Dogberry, 10/11/15 11:23:32AM
Hi, Perrie. Well done and here we are. Good job.