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New Fantasy Digital Painting

By A. Macarthur, 2012-07-09
Moon photographed in Wyoming ... landscape photographed in the Grand Canyon ... compositing done in Photoshop (Layers).
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Got Milk

By A. Macarthur, 2012-07-08
Keeping abreast of the goings-on in my back yard.
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If the PPACA is repealed, the President and Democrats in Congress should immediately re-introduce H.R. 676 FAQ ... U.S. Representative Jon Conyer's Universal Health Care Legislation. And before going any further, here is that piece of legislation, one that unfortunately was not put on the table by President Obama. What is H.R. 676/Universal Health Care? H.R. 676, also called the United States National Health Insurance Act, is a bill to create a single-payer, publicly-financed, privately-delivered universal health care program that would cover all Americans without charging co-pays or deductibles. It guarantees access to the highest quality and most affordable health care services regardless of employment, ability to pay or pre-existing health...
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Not that it matters, but for all its right-wing detractors who likely have no clue about what it offers or, IT'S ACTUAL NAME which is NOT "Obamacare," for those interested in knowing something about that which they oppose (don't ya' just hate those little f'n details?) ... it's ACTUAL NAME Is THE PATIENT PROTECTION AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT (PPACA). How many didn't know that? Raise your hands ... come on ... let's see the hands. And for those who oppose it, but, who (prior to, and possibly even after this article) can not cite one actual provision of the Act, allow me to impart some information that Mitt, Newt, Rick, Rush et al ... could not fit on your bumper-sticker of a miseducation. PPACA includes numerous provisions that began to take effect in 2010 and will...
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