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@Eat The Press - Do Not Read It; The Content is Worthless! We Are the Real Fake News, not the real news our FAKE PRESIDENT whines about!, 12/22/17 01:09:43PM
You know your are getting old, Mac, when a police officer pull you over for speeding and you ask, " How fast was I going"?

"Six miles per hour on the Freeway. Please, pick it up, Old Fellow"
@Neetu2, 07/14/17 12:06:01AM
Thank you, Mac, for everything you do to make my poetry beautiful with the images you give me all the time. The collaboration is always a joy for me and I am grateful to have a talented photographer and friend like you to support what I do.
@pat wilson, 10/20/15 08:28:57PM
Beautiful as ever, AMac !

Pat Wilson
@Al-316, 10/13/15 05:44:15AM
Thanks for the warm greeting, my friend. I am glad you are here, too.
@Nowhere Man, 10/12/15 07:07:38PM
I guest?
@A. Macarthur, 10/12/15 06:27:43PM
Can one be one's own guest?