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Sunny and 75 F - and the Blossoms Are Blooming

Sunny and 75 F - and the Blossoms Are Blooming

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  17 comments  •  23 hours ago
Sunny and 75 F - and the Blossoms Are Blooming The nicest Spring day yet, so with camera in hand we went a-wandering. 1.   The trees are bursting into colour. 2.   The trees that bear white blossoms are beauties as well. 3.   A closer look at those. 4.   Those on the ground compete with those in the trees. 5....
Mar 19 10:03pm @9 Sexy Crocus © A. Mac/A.G.
Mar 19 11:12am @6 © A. Mac/A.G. Other "Plant" Forms  A. Mac/A.G.
To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question?

To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question?

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  80 comments  •  4 days ago
To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question? It's that time again, artists, photographers, lovers of the arts.  Thursday/Friday SHOWTIME!!!  Show us your talent.  And even if you have no artwork to post, come and see and comment on what you find here.  For me, it's time to have a little editing fun:
Mar 17 8:07pm @19 One more for sanity's and serenity's sake. The Big Thompson River, Colorado Rocky Mountains © A. Mac/A.G.
Mar 17 10:34am @18.1 Texturally, it has a Howard Pyle/N.C. Wyeth feeling.
Mar 15 9:57pm @17.1.1 Many thanks, charger.
Mar 15 9:37pm @17 This afternoon, my wife and I did a short walk in the woods (very soothing), then went to a supermarket.  Nothing beats "normal". Good night all. Osprey … not actually getting ready to fly,...
Mar 15 11:44am @14 © A. Mac/A.G.
Mar 14 9:40pm @4.4 Magnificent!
Mar 14 9:38pm @7.1.3 Color corrected.
Mar 14 9:36pm @6.1.5 Hey! That's my neighborhood!
Mar 14 9:35pm @10.1 The image had a typo in the caption below it; now corrected. © A. Mac/A.G. The bird is a Downy Woodpecker; her posture while sitting on the feeder looked "centurion-like" to...
Mar 14 8:36pm @10 The image had a typo in the caption below it; I'm in the process of correcting it and will repost it with the information about the bird.
Mar 14 7:57pm @6
Your Opportunity to Post a Photo - It's Thursday/Friday Creative Arts Time

Your Opportunity to Post a Photo - It's Thursday/Friday Creative Arts Time

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  123 comments  •  one week ago
Your Opportunity to Post a Photo - It's Thursday/Friday Creative Arts Time The Chongqing Flower
Mar 11 10:52pm @21 Some reflection … literal and figurative. © A. Mac/A.G. Good night and peace to all.
Mar 10 10:55pm @19 Seems like an appropriate moment to post these. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.
Mar 09 9:53pm @9.5 RW, I find your two images to be extraordinary in their subject portrayal, powerful compositions, intense, meaningful color choices and coordinations, unique content and sheer power! We are...
Mar 09 12:00pm @10.1.5 I can both sympathize and empathize, MUVA; I wish you the best.
Mar 09 10:01am @10.1.1 Glad to view such a successful discussion; it may certainly have to do with the group message, and, it may also be that the many political rants I have posted over time ... have turned people away....
Mar 08 11:36am @10 Stopping in today just to stay connected albeit minimally. It's good to see participation and dialogue here. I never appreciated "normalcy in one's life" as I do today.
When SH*T Happens … and it Will … What is Our "NORMAL & MUNDANE," comes Under Intense Scrutiny

When SH*T Happens … and it Will … What is Our "NORMAL & MUNDANE," comes Under Intense Scrutiny

By: A. Macarthur  •  73 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Roughly one week ago, my wife was diagnosed with a form of cancer … and, among other reactions and behaviors on my part, both rational and irrational, I went missing from TheNewstalkers, and, in addition, considered other actions that would have no bearing on her diagnosis. Of course, my realistic and first priority is to be supportive of my wife's day-to-day, mundane, spousal and...
Mar 06 11:11am @31.1 Thank you Gary; good wishes from good people like yourself have an inherently positive, emotional effect. At some point in my wife’s treatment, I will likely take up Enoch on his offer of support....
Mar 05 5:14pm @1.1.10 I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's passing; I cared for my mother-in-law prior to her passing. Thank you again for your kindness and information.
Mar 05 3:12pm @30 A bit of good news regarding the co-pay; $10,000 will be covered through a grant program and it covers the $5,000 "donut hole." Depending on what cost and possible co-pay may exist beyond the...
Mar 05 1:21pm @29.1 Pat, I think I have been posting comments back-and-forth with you as long as with anyone currently here on NT. So, I do hope that your move and any transition is seamless and, as uneventful as...
Mar 05 7:15am @1.1.8 Thank you for that well-explained information Jack_TX. Yesterday, hospital staff took all of the information as it applies to our Medicare and Supplemental insurance and, thankfully, they are...
Mar 04 10:16pm @26.1.5 Thank you my friend ... you happen to be the only NT member who actually met and knows my wife ... and we just had a very positive conversation based on the Red Road ...  I hope one day we can meet...
Mar 04 9:20pm @26.1.3 Today’s second opinion concurred with the original biopsy result and treatments begin in the next two weeks. Fortunately my wife has great confidence in her doctor and the hospital facilities are...
Mar 03 9:22pm @26.1 Thank you, Cal; I had forgotten about the Cancer Group … so much changes in a moment and what was either "irrelevant," or tangentially so, comes like a meteor on your house out-of-nowhere. You...
Mar 02 12:48pm @25 Today, my wife is with our daughter and grandkids, working with them in a musical theater production put on by my daughter's Junior Theater company. In conjunction with that, my wife generally...
Mar 01 10:47pm @20.1 "..." Completely on the mark, Bob; and your assessment, is, in itself, a further centering.  My thanks to you.
Mar 01 9:05pm @19.1 Thank you Nona, I may take you up on your kind offer.
Mar 01 9:03pm @1.1.3 When empathy and sincerity accompany expressions of sympathy and support, in the realm of friendship, that is the grand slam. I have shared this thread with my wife and, it’s own way, it is...
Mar 01 7:44pm @17 Earlier this evening, Kavika phoned me to remind me of the so-called Medicare "Donut Hole," which, essentially puts a "deductible" type limit on drug co-payments; my wife called our Medicare...
Mar 01 6:38pm @16.1 I thank you, and, I thank Levi (to whom I will soon send a picture of a train/trolley or something of similar fascination.
Mar 01 6:17pm @15.1 1stwarrior, I have often pondered in the course of our intense political debates, how we might have functioned as a duo on the same side of the bargaining table. And here we are. Thank you, my...
Mar 01 6:12pm @14.1 Vic, I will fight for her as always when necessary, and I cannot tell you adequately how much your words mean to me. I thank you profusely.
Mar 01 6:10pm @12.1 Whatever kind words you offer, overt or implied are golden at a time like this; I offer you my sincere thanks.
Mar 01 5:19pm @1.1 My wife and I were just apprised that her chemo medication has a co-pay of $2000 per month! We are awaiting further information regarding whether or not this is the last word …  So let's see …...
Mar 01 5:11pm @11.1 Thank you, Sean … I greatly appreciate your kindness.
Mar 01 2:38pm @7.1.1 A gesture of kindness, and, the well-wishes from a good person, is a gift to all. I sincerely thank you.
Mar 01 1:56pm @7 Every word of kindness, especially from friends (and those yet to become friends), is a comfort.  Sincere thanks to each of you.
Mar 01 1:55pm @5.1 "..." "..."
Mar 01 1:23pm @1 Hello … I have missed everyone … even those with whom I have never agreed.