Let’s talk about fruit


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By:  kathleen  •  last year  •  79 comments

Let’s talk about fruit
What fruit would you pick if you only could pick one for life.

If you could only pick one fruit to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I know this is a hard question, because there are so many that are delicious.

Please be civil... thank you..


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1  author  Kathleen    last year

If you could only pick one fruit to eat for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

I would pick a peach.

Freedom Warrior
1.2  Freedom Warrior  replied to  Kathleen @1    last year

Bean Beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot.  The more you toot the better you feel, so let's have beans for every meal.

1.2.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Freedom Warrior @1.2    last year


2  Kavika     last year

Avacado and durian.

2.1  Sunshine  replied to  Kavika @2    last year

Do you have an Avacado tree?  My daughter who lives Florida too has huge Avacados growing this year from hers.

2.1.1  Kavika   replied to  Sunshine @2.1    last year

No I don't have an avacado tree and I do live in Florida. 

I perfer the California or Mexican avacado's. They are smaller and have more fiber in them than the Florida avacado. IMO, a bit tastier as well. 

Raven Wing
2.1.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @2.1.1    last year
I perfer the California or Mexican avacado's. They are smaller and have more fiber in them than the Florida avacado. IMO, a bit tastier as well. 

I agree. I was staying with a Friend in Ft Myers FL for a month and tried some of their avacados and I found that although they are larger they are less flavorful and not as firm as the ones we have here in So Calif and from Mexico. When I made guacamole they turned a bit soupy after a short while. 

But, when in Rome.......(smile)

2.1.3  author  Kathleen  replied to  Kavika @2.1.1    last year

You can make lots of things with those..

3  JohnRussell    last year

Fresh soft juicy peach cannot be beat. 

I have also come to love grapefruit. 

3.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  JohnRussell @3    last year

Yep, they are so good. I have to put sugar on my grapefruits. I spoon them out.

4  Ender    last year

I would pick either watermelon or bananas.

4.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Ender @4    last year

Try salt in watermelon, it is really good.

4.1.1  Snuffy  replied to  Kathleen @4.1    last year

Oh yeah,  salt on the watermelon is really good. It brings out an amazing flavor. You should also try your watermelon grilled. The direct flame will caramelize the sugars and almost bring out a meat subflavor in the watermelon.

4.1.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  Snuffy @4.1.1    last year

Oh wow.. never heard of that one. I was told you could add feta cheese and some spices with it cut up and that is good too. I don’t remember what was all in it.

pat wilson
4.1.3  pat wilson  replied to  Kathleen @4.1.2    last year

A drizzle of balsamic vinegar over that, nice.

Vic Eldred
5  Vic Eldred    last year

Put me down for grapes.

5.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Vic Eldred @5    last year

Red or green?

Vic Eldred
5.1.1  Vic Eldred  replied to  Kathleen @5.1    last year

I prefer green

Release The Kraken
6  Release The Kraken    last year

Stand alone fruits are so lonely.

7  Sunshine    last year


7.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Sunshine @7    last year

My daughters favorite.  : )

Raven Wing
8  Raven Wing    last year

Bananas - not so much for their taste, but, for their important nutritional value

Buzz of the Orient
8.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Raven Wing @8    last year

I also think of bananas as a kind of comfort food.  I eat at least one a day.

Raven Wing
8.1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @8.1    last year

As we age our bodies tend to deal with food a bit differently, and potassium is a must have nutrient. That was brought home quite drastically when my Mother collapsed and went into spasms one morning. When I called 911 the responders said she was in bad shape and rushed her to the hospital. The diagnosis was that she was very low in potassium and she was told to eat a banana everyday as they are very high in potassium. 

While I like many other types of fruit, if I could have only one kind I would pick bananas to maintain the necessary potassium level. While there are supplements that can do that, there is nothing that works as well as bananas.

8.1.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  Raven Wing @8.1.1    last year

I am glad your mom was okay after that.

you are thinking smart. They help to bind too.

8.1.3  TTGA  replied to  Raven Wing @8.1.1    last year
potassium is a must have nutrient

That works both ways Raven.  Too little potassium can lead to convulsions, too much leads to congestive heart failure.  That's what killed my mother.  The potassium level in her blood went up and the doctors couldn't get it down.

Raven Wing
8.1.4  Raven Wing  replied to  TTGA @8.1.3    last year
That works both ways Raven. 

True. Too much of a good thing can be as bad as too little. That is why I have blood tests on a regular basis in order to make sure that the potassium and other necessary elements are at a good balance. I don't eat a banana everyday, but, at least once a week, in addition to other food that provide potassium, in order to maintain a good balance.

8.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  Raven Wing @8    last year

They are very good for you.  

lady in black
9  lady in black    last year


10  TTGA    last year

Apples.  Specifically, Granny Smith apples.  They have just the right blend of sweetness/tartness for me.  They also make really good pies.

10.1  Freefaller  replied to  TTGA @10    last year
They also make really good pies

Love Granny Smiths, you may want to try stuffing a couple pork chops with some chopped up grannies mmmmm mmmmm good.

10.1.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Freefaller @10.1    last year

I would like to try that.

10.1.2  Snuffy  replied to  Freefaller @10.1    last year

You should also try a softer apple like a McIntosh. It pairs nicely with some chopped up sweet onion and jalapeno stuffed into chicken breasts.

10.1.3  TTGA  replied to  Kathleen @10.1.1    last year


Great idea about the fruit.

Not too much time (grandson want's popcorn) but you sound like you enjoy cooking and food in general.  Have you ever thought of starting a food group to collect everyone's favorite recipes?  We used to have one that was full of good recipes but it got deleted by mistake.  If you or anyone else is interested in starting one, let me know on PN and I'll help explain the format that seems to work best.

10.1.4  author  Kathleen  replied to  TTGA @10.1.3    last year

That would be great. I do enjoy cooking.

It would be nice to have a NT Cookbook.

Perhaps we should call it The Newstalkers Cookbook. 

Everyone can post their favorite family recipes.

PN me and tomorrow or next day we can start a group. ( or whenever is convenient for you)

Raven Wing
10.1.5  Raven Wing  replied to  Kathleen @10.1.4    last year

Count me in for that one. I love to cook and have a wide variety of recipes from different cuisines. Some that were passed down from my Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers. Old fashioned maybe, but, still delicious.

Plus, I really like to learn new recipes have a change of pace now and then. 

Sounds like fun! jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

10.1.6  author  Kathleen  replied to  Raven Wing @10.1.5    last year

Sure thing, we can all do this together. : )

10.1.7  TTGA  replied to  Kathleen @10.1.4    last year

Far Out!!  Tomorrow should be good.  I'll have grandkids here but they don't get in my way when I'm on the computer.  See avatar.  We've got the younger three.  Kaylie, the oldest, is now 13 and doesn't need a babysitter (at least to hear her tell it).  Actually, she has a summer job with a local farmer.  She and a number of her classmates are spending the summer making an intimate acquaintance with hoes and weeds.  The farmer actually has a tiller on his tractor that would do the job but he figures it will give the kids some spending money and teach them about hard work.

10.1.8  author  Kathleen  replied to  TTGA @10.1.7    last year

That sounds great and you have plenty of good company with you.. : )

10.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  TTGA @10    last year

Granny Smith apples are nice and tart.  Good flavor.

10.2.1  TTGA  replied to  Kathleen @10.2    last year

Good with either salt or dipped into caramel sauce.

charger 383
11  charger 383    last year


Buzz of the Orient
11.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  charger 383 @11    last year

I'm with Charger on this - oranges.  Here they are grown and fresh. My favourite juice as well, which used to be grapefruit juice, but it interferes with certain medications.

11.1.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @11.1    last year

Fresh squeezed orange juice is so good.

11.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  charger 383 @11    last year

They are on my top three.

12  Snuffy    last year

This is a really tough choice as there are so many really good fruits that I enjoy all the time. And some good dietary suggestions above also.  But if I really had to pick only one fruit that I would be allowed to eat for the rest of my days I think it would be blackberries.

but turning my back on any other fruit????   Kathleen, I think you're being really mean here.   ;)

12.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Snuffy @12    last year

I know....jrSmiley_4_smiley_image.png   I knew it would be hard.

Blackberries are my favorite berries of all.

I hate blueberries.

Buzz of the Orient
12.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kathleen @12.1    last year

If we're talking berries, then raspberries for me.

Raven Wing
12.1.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Kathleen @12.1    last year
I hate blueberries.

Same here. I just don't like the taste of them any way their are fixed or raw.

I can't eat apples as I am allergic to them.  Apple juice is a no-no for me as well.

Raven Wing
12.1.3  Raven Wing  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @12.1.1    last year
then raspberries for me.

Yes, those and blackberries as well. Red raspberries are sooo good made into a smoothies.

13  Enoch    last year

Honeycrisp Apple.

So much can be done with them.

By themselves, also very savory.

Great topic.

So many fruits, so little time.



13.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Enoch @13    last year

Thank you Enoch..  : )

I will have to try them.

13.1.1  Enoch  replied to  Kathleen @13.1    last year

Dear Kathleen: Most welcome dear friend.


Paula Bartholomew
14  Paula Bartholomew    last year


14.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @14    last year

So refreshing

Raven Wing
14.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @14    last year

Me too. I remember when we lived in Ft Worth TX there was a watermelon stand just a few blocks from our house in the summer, and they had the most delicious long, stripped yellow watermelons. There were sweeter and meatier than the regular melons. They were brought in from the Rio Grande Valley. 

I can still taste them! jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

14.2.1  Enoch  replied to  Raven Wing @14.2    last year

Dear Sister Raven Wing: Growing up we used to have watermelon eating contests in summer camps.

Sticky, but a major yum!

Enoch Wiping My Mouth.

Raven Wing
14.2.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Enoch @14.2.1    last year

Dear Brother Enoch,

When my Friends would come over in the summer we would also have watermelon eating contests. There would be 5 or 6 of us all sitting around scoffing down watermelon and spitting seeds. Which was another contest to see who could spit their seeds the farthest. 

As you say, quite messy and big mess to clean up, with all the seeds all over the place. But, it was worth it. jrSmiley_79_smiley_image.gif

15  MrFrost    last year
Let’s Talk About Fruit


15.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  MrFrost @15    last year

I know how hard it is for some to be civil. This makes YOU look bad, not me.

15.2  luther28  replied to  MrFrost @15    last year

Yes She is, She's a peach of a girl.

15.2.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  luther28 @15.2    last year

: )

16  luther28    last year

I would have to go with bananas.

Taste good and good for you.

17  Kavika     last year

Am I the only one that picked Durian as a favorite fruit. 

Know as the ''King of Fruits'' it taste is remarkable. The down side is that the smell from the durian is terrible at best. It is a fruit from SE Asia and is banned in many resturants there because of the smell not the taste. 


17.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Kavika @17    last year

What does it smell like? 

17.1.1  r.t..b...  replied to  Kathleen @17.1    last year
What does it smell like? 

Dirty socks...but if you can get passed it, it is not bad. 

17.1.2  author  Kathleen  replied to  r.t..b... @17.1.1    last year

LOL.. I might have trouble with that..

17.1.3  Kavika   replied to  Kathleen @17.1    last year

Here is a link to a good article on durian. It includes the taste and the smell...

BTW there is durian coffee.


17.1.4  author  Kathleen  replied to  Kavika @17.1.3    last year

Thank you..

It Is ME
18  It Is ME    last year

Plums. If it's running down your chin when you bite into it, it's a GREAT Plum.


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