GOLDSTEIN: Obama the hypocrite endorses Trudeau

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 GOLDSTEIN: Obama the hypocrite endorses Trudeau

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 GOLDSTEIN: Obama the hypocrite endorses Trudeau

By Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun, October 17 2019


In this file photo taken on June 29, 2016 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama exit the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill following the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa. (CHRIS ROUSSAKIS/AFP via Getty Images)

If former U.S. president Barack Obama is such a big fan of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — as he indicated Wednesday in a tweet to his 109 million followers — why didn’t he support Trudeau when it counted, by approving the Keystone XL pipeline?

Obama tweeted: “I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President. He’s a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbours to the north support him for another term.”

Trudeau, retweeted Obama, adding: “Thanks my friend, we’re working hard to keep our progress going.”

Thanks my friend, we’re working hard to keep our progress going.
— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau)   October 16, 2019

Within hours, the Liberals were using Obama’s tweet for fundraising.

Let’s forget about the propriety of a former U.S. president trying to influence the outcome of a tight Canadian election at the eleventh hour.

Let’s ignore America’s first black president saying nothing about Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

The reality is Obama’s and Trudeau’s much-publicized “bromance” didn’t do us any good because Obama was Canada’s enemy on energy policy.

Obama’s seven years of dithering on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to transport Alberta bitumen to refineries on the US Gulf Coast, before vetoing it in 2015, damaged the Canadian economy because it contributed to our lack of pipeline capacity, which means our oil has to be sold at huge discounts.

Obama vetoed Keystone XL even though it was supported by Trudeau and former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, and was essentially green-lighted by Obama’s state department in 2014.

The former U.S. president’s hypocrisy was breathtaking.

While Obama refused to approve Keystone as a sop to Canadian and US anti-pipeline protesters and so he could boast about that refusal during the 2015 Paris climate accord negotiations, he was simultaneously boasting to Americans that he had turned the US into an energy superpower.

Here’s what Obama said in a speech to US pipeline workers in Cushing, Oklahoma on March 22, 2012:

“Now, under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years … Over the last three years, I’ve directed my administration to open up millions of acres for gas and oil exploration across 23 different states.

“We’re opening up more than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high.

“We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some.

“So we are drilling all over the place — right now … In fact, the problem in a place like Cushing is that we’re actually producing so much oil and gas in places like North Dakota and Colorado that we don’t have enough pipeline capacity to transport all of it to where it needs to go — both to refineries, and then, eventually, all across the country and around the world.

“There’s a bottleneck right here because we can’t get enough of the oil to our refineries fast enough. And if we could, then we would be able to increase our oil supplies at a time when they’re needed as much as possible.”

Got that? While Obama was adding “enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the earth and then some” and noting the US needed even more capacity to meet its domestic and international demands, he froze out Canada on the one pipeline his “bro” Justin Trudeau asked him to approve.

Some friend of Trudeau. Some friend of Canada.


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Buzz of the Orient
1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient    7 months ago

Hopefully my fellow Canadians will recognize that to have been a desperate measure to assist a fellow liberal in trouble.  Personally, I hope they consider it "The Kiss of Death". 

Heartland American
1.1  Heartland American  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @1    7 months ago

I hope so too.  Obama is familiar with interference in elections in other countries as well as using other countries to interfere in our own.  

2  bbl-1    7 months ago

Got a better one.

Steingold;  The Trump allowed moneychanger faux christians to lay their hands on him to sweep away evil spirits.

Buzz of the Orient
2.1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  bbl-1 @2    7 months ago

Oh, I understand, you prefer a LIBERAL news site.  Is this okay - it doesn't mention how Trudeau fucked Canada in a way that made my pension have a lower conversion rate and less buying power - really appreciated that.  

“In fact, some people may feel this is an unwarranted foreign intrusion in Canada’s election,” Wiseman said.


2.1.1  devangelical  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @2.1    7 months ago

tough shit. tell the chinese to stop manipulating their currency value.

Buzz of the Orient
2.1.2  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  devangelical @2.1.1    7 months ago

As the hippie at the commune asked Billy in the movie Easy Rider: "Who sent you?"

Where is that "IGNORE" button when we really want it.

2.1.3  bbl-1  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @2.1.2    7 months ago

Truth sucks, doesn't it?

3  Krishna    7 months ago

Well, after all Goldstein is an  Enemy Of The State!

He's the actual head of "The Brotherhood".

And let's not forget that it was he who wrote   The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism .

3.1  Krishna  replied to  Krishna @3    7 months ago

Sorry Buzz, I couldn't resist...but some of this really made me think of 1984...

Buzz of the Orient
3.1.1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Krishna @3.1    7 months ago

I didn't respond to your comment because I couldn't open the links, so it didn't mean anything to me.

3.1.2  devangelical  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @3.1.1    7 months ago
I couldn't open the links



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