An important message for my old friends on here from Randy


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By:  randy  •  4 years ago  •  29 comments

An important message for my old friends on here from Randy

I just want my old friends on here to know that my wife of 26 years, Joan Luise, passed away peacefully in her sleep last night of heart disease after being home for the past 5 months on Hospice Care.


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Professor Principal
1  JohnRussell    4 years ago

Sorry to hear that Randy. I remember how many times you spoke here so lovingly of your wife. You must have had a very special relationship. May she sleep well through eternity. 

Perrie Halpern R.A.
Professor Principal
2  Perrie Halpern R.A.    4 years ago

Hi Randy,

I am so sorry to hear about Joan, my old friend. I know how much you loved her and there are not enough words to express how badly I feel for you. Be well my friend.. and we, your friends are here for you always.  

Professor Expert
3  sandy-2021492    4 years ago

I'm so sorry for your loss, Randy.  I hope time can bring you peace, and that you can soon look back to the time you had with her and take joy from those memories.

Senior Guide
4  XXJefferson51    4 years ago

My most sincere condolences regarding the loss of your wife.  

Split Personality
Professor Guide
5  Split Personality    4 years ago

Sincerest condolences old friend.  I hope time will heal the pain and leave only good memories.

Sophomore Participates
6  author  Randy    4 years ago

Thank you all. She had been on Fentanyl patches the past few days so she was in no pain. Last night when I checked on her she was sleeping and this morning she looked just the same so like the Hospice nurse who came here this morning said she must have just slipped away with no suffering, so at least I have that to be thankful for.  Even though I have known for months that it was coming this morning I have been swinging back and forth between numbness and complete grief. I have been talking to her kids and her Rabbi on the phone all morning and they have all been wonderful too.

Masters Quiet
7  PJ    4 years ago

Dearest Randy - I am so sorry to hear about your wife's passing.  I cannot even begin to understand what you are going through right now, but I would like to offer my prayers and condolences to you and your family.

pat wilson
Professor Participates
8  pat wilson    4 years ago

So sorry to hear this Randy. I hope you come back to NT. Take care, we're thinking of you.

Professor Silent
9  TTGA    4 years ago

I'm so sorry to hear about that Randy.

Even though I have known for months that it was coming this morning I have been swinging back and forth between numbness and complete grief.

It always seems to work that way.  Even when you know that it's imminent, it's still a surprise and a shock. Best of good wishes to you.

lady in black
Professor Quiet
10  lady in black    4 years ago

Randy, so sorry to hear about your wife.  😢

Freshman Silent
12  Neetu2    4 years ago

I am very sorry to hear that, Randy. There are few words for the void I know she leaves behind, but I wish you strength to fill it with beautiful memories of her. 

Masters Quiet
13  Enoch    4 years ago

Dear Friend Randy: When and as needed and wanted, I am but a site private note, and private emails away anytime.



Thrawn 31
Professor Guide
14  Thrawn 31    4 years ago

My sympathies. 

charger 383
Professor Silent
15  charger 383    4 years ago

Sorry to hear this news

Larry Hampton
Professor Participates
16  Larry Hampton    4 years ago

Randy, I’m so very sorry and can’t put that into the right words. You are loved here and I have your back however you need it.

Professor Participates
17  1stwarrior    4 years ago

Randy, my Mariner, We know that Joan is in peace now - no more pain, no more worries.  Hopefully our outpouring of strength and support will help you stay focused and on the right path.

We love you man - and we mean it - Semper Fi - always loyal and faithful.

Freshman Silent
18  KatPen    4 years ago

So sorry to hear of your loss, Randy.  Warm thoughts for comfort.  

Raven Wing
Professor Participates
19  Raven Wing    4 years ago

Dear Friend Randy,

It is with heartfelt sorrow to hear that your beloved wife and life's partner has walked on. But, it is a true Blessing that she was able to do so peacefully. 

May she find peace as she moves on to the next steps of her own eternal journey. While her human form will no longer be by your side, her loving Spirit will be with you. 

nv-wa-do-hi-ya-dv (Peace)

Sophomore Participates
20  author  Randy    4 years ago

Thanks again to all of you for your love and support. It's so nice to be able to come back after so long and to still feel such warmth. After taking care of Joan pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I am sort of lost as to what to do with myself, so I have found myself just wandering around the house, except into her room. I still haven't been able to go back into there since the Forest Lawn people left this morning.

Since she is getting a traditional Orthodox Jewish Funeral, at her request, she won't be embalmed and she requested no visitations or viewings, so there is a good chance that when they took her this morning it was going to be the last time I ever saw her again (though Rabbi Kreiman said that I might be able to request to see her again when I go to the Funeral Home tomorrow) and they were really wonderful about letting me sit with her as long as I wanted to say goodbye. I did have a very long conversation with one of her sons this afternoon who was upset because Joan had refused to tell any of her family or friends that she was sick, for her own reasons that I never understood, so it was left up to me to break the news to all of them today, which was really hard.

Tomorrow I have to go to Forest Lawn and approve the Obituary and set the funeral date and that's not going to be good, because after talking to all of her family members who all live back East, it looks like the only people who are going to be there are the Rabbi and myself because none of them seem to have the funds to come out here for it. And that's just plain heartbreaking to me. Having no one else there but me is just going to be crushing. They all kept asking why she didn't want to be transported back East and be buried in the Family Plot (apparently they have one with several empty plots) and I didn't have an answer. She just didn't.

Larry Hampton
Professor Participates
20.1  Larry Hampton  replied to  Randy @20    4 years ago

Sounds like an awful lot to bear right now Randy. I’m sending much good Karma, vibes, and peace for you in the following days buddy. 

Freshman Silent
20.2  Neetu2  replied to  Randy @20    4 years ago

Maybe you were the most valuable to her, Randy. If she didn't want to be buried in the Family Plot, she must have good reasons. Just be there for her as she wanted. I know it's hard, but just be all there for her as she wished. 

Professor Principal
21  Kavika     4 years ago

I'm so sorry to hear that Joan has walked on. My deepest condolences to you my friend.

Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
Professor Guide
22  Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom    4 years ago

Oh Randy, I am so sorry.  I was just thinking about you a few days ago.  Please know that you are very much loved on NT, and we're here for you.

PS:  You have been missed.

Citizen Kane-473667
Professor Participates
23  Citizen Kane-473667    4 years ago

I know the pain of losing a loved one. Allow me to offer my Condolences.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
24  Trout Giggles    4 years ago

My deepest condolences

Professor Quiet
25  sixpick    4 years ago

Randy, I'm sorry to hear of your loss.  There's nothing I can think of saying I feel can relieve your pain.  I wish I could.  The only thing I can say is I'm sorry this has come to pass.  Take care of yourself and know many of us will be thinking of you.

Junior Silent
26  Uptownchick    4 years ago

Randy, I'm so very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, I know that pain all too well. My thoughts are and will be with you. Please reach out if you need someone...you have many friends here that love you, me included. When I lost my husband five years ago, this place and these people were an unending source of comfort and support that I will never forget and always treasure.


Freshman Silent
27  CM    4 years ago

Dear Randy: I am so sorry to hear about your wife's passing, stay strong and just take one day at a time..Blessings CM..


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