Oklahoma! (Satire)


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By:   Comedy Central

Oklahoma! (Satire)
Oklahoma...where the crowd turnout was really lame!

Hat tip: sandy-2021492  

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T


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1  seeder  Krishna    2 weeks ago
Oklahoma...where the crowd turnout was really lame!
And the empty seats
Were there to great.
A man's who's probably insane!
Paula Bartholomew
1.1  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Krishna @1    2 weeks ago

Great or greet?

1.1.1  seeder  Krishna  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @1.1    2 weeks ago

Oooops-- typo!

(Thanks for pointing that out :-)

1.2  Adam_Selene  replied to  Krishna @1    2 weeks ago


Ok - try your hand at some other songs from Oklahoma.

How about the " Surley with the fringe on top "

2  seeder  Krishna    2 weeks ago

This morning, sources close to the White House say Trump is furious that his much-hyped campaign re-boot went bust!

Actually, when I first heard "sources close to the White House" I had thought they were going to repeat some of a previous days news-- that several of his staff had actually tested positive for the Virus!!! (Not surprising actually, considering that Trump himself still stupidly refuses to wear a mask). 

Could it be that possibly he's an asymptomatic "super-spreader" who's  inadvertently spreading the Corona Virus amongst his staff, amongst his family and amongst top Republican Congress-persons with whom he meets with regularly? jrSmiley_5_smiley_image.png

2.1  FLYNAVY1  replied to  Krishna @2    2 weeks ago

Covid Conman.....? It sings!

2.1.1  Adam_Selene  replied to  FLYNAVY1 @2.1    2 weeks ago

Covid Conman ?   Wasn't that the song done by the Chordettes back in '54?

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb


"Covid Conman... sell me your dream

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumbbbb

On how that "covid" will never be seen

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumbbbb

[Then something about bleach and Lysol etc]

Where is Randy Rainbow when you need him...

2.1.2  FLYNAVY1  replied to  Adam_Selene @2.1.1    2 weeks ago

Nicely done...!

Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
3  Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom    2 weeks ago


4  FLYNAVY1    2 weeks ago


5  Tessylo    2 weeks ago

Love, Love, Love Stephen Colbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a genius!!!!!!!!!!

6  Tessylo    2 weeks ago

I'm just waiting for sparty now to say that he's a no talent asshat.

When ever I mention my love of John Oliver, or Trevor Noah, and that they're so bright and so clever and and oh so funny, that's been the reaction.  

7  Kavika     2 weeks ago


8  seeder  Krishna    2 weeks ago

On perhaps a more serious note, here's some some very perceptive analysis by Stephen Colbert. interspersed with some really, really funny lines! (The guy is definitely a genius).


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