The New Jane Austen Society

The New Jane Austen Society

This group is dedicated to the works of Jane Austen who wrote the following novels (dates of publication in brackets)

Sense and Sensibility (1811)

Pride and Prejudice  (1813)

Emma  (1815)

Persuasion  (1817 posthumously)

Northanger Abbey  (1817 posthumously)

What is expected are articles and comments about her novels, her life and the society of the time, the movies adapted from her novels, your experiences relating to her and her novels and their movie adaptations, and in fact anything else relevant.

The CoC and Terms of Service must be complied with.

Anything posted about current politics or religion not relevant to the topics above will be deleted. 


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Images of Jane

Images of Jane

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  0 Comments  •  11 months ago
Buzz of the Orient

Was Jane Austen’s mysterious death at the age of 41 due to arsenic poisoning?

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  1 Comments  •  4 years ago
Buzz of the Orient last wrote: Maybe Mr. Wickham did it.